How do they understand problems in the company of ladies with a silver spoon in their mouths? Comment by Štěpán Cháb


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The description: President of the Chamber of Deputies Markéta Pekarová Adamová

Speaker of the Chamber of Deputies Markéta Pekarová Adamová uttered a very thoughtless phrase during a clash with former finance minister Alena Schillerová on CNN Prima News. “You know, I don’t think governments should take care of people.” In response to the fact that the government should take care not only of the Ukrainians fleeing us, but also of the natives. Well, they have to help themselves.

“I think we have to set ourselves a goal, and that is to defeat dictator Putin. And we will only succeed if we act in unison. Like states, but also within a state, if we don’t we don’t separate, if we don’t look through our fingers at refugees, if we don’t look through our fingers at people who just want to save their lives,” rules Pekarova Adamova and rubbed her tired eyes in empathy. Schiller did not object to helping refugees, she just pointed out that the inhabitants of our republic also deserved attention and help.

“You know, I don’t think governments should take care of people. They have to make sure the country is safe. That’s the first condition for us to be better. And second, I think the state should create the conditions in which people can help themselves. I am convinced that no one needs to lead by the hand. We have helped those who really need it, for example, we have extended housing benefit . »

But, but, Mrs. Pekar Adam. But that is exactly what the government is not doing. It is clear that very wild times are rushing our way, full of worrying prices for everyday goods. Let’s give it some fertilizer. Their price, among many others, she is out sixfold. That means hellishly, yes, food prices will literally go up like hellishly. I don’t know, if piano tuner prices skyrocket, we’ll survive that year as a cool company. But they threaten to drive up the prices of goods that one has to buy daily. If he does not buy, he is hungry. This will start our society to crumble. The poor know poverty, the middle class poverty. Hunger acquires concrete contours.

You are happy to find excuses to help the company increase your housing allowance. Oh, how awful. But this is not enough. Due to the looming price tsunami, more and more subscribers will make a small contribution. And that is exactly what the government should try to prevent with swift and vigorous action. And don’t play war with Russia. And with that comes the issue of security. What is a person who has a starving child at home and in the office will only give him a thousand more a month? What would steal something? Because her baby will be hungry. And thousands of these people can gradually be added.

That’s bullshit ? Can the state manage these few hundred? Sociologist Lucie Trlifajová from the Institute of Sociology of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic in an interview with Právo she saidthat up to a third of society is threatened. It’s been so crowded that being in government, I’m starting to be afraid, because this anger is going to fall on my head. I would certainly be far from giving the prince’s advice and shouting – we have to fight Putin. In the same interview, sociologist Lucie Trlifajová said that in the last six months newly launched executions have increased by 40% compared to last year. Alarming information that we will traditionally ignore? They are not human in execution.

I get the right-wing mantra – help yourself, don’t wait forever for the state to wipe your ass. And only self-confident and financially strong citizens can lead the whole society to prosperity without state aid. But here we have such a small disappointment – if a post-Pido-Putin crisis of literally biblical proportions rushes upon society, I dare suggest we should put aside the lessons of the economics textbook and start screaming – save our souls. A crisis of biblical proportions? Am I exaggerating a bit? I hope, but the whole multiple crisis comes to us in the spirit of globalization. It will not strike a little and only somewhere, but it will travel all over the planet. And it’s good to start carrying sandbags. Not caring whether a third of Czech society lives in poverty or not. The main conclusion is that a third of the company will lose confidence and financial strength. And this will inevitably affect the whole state and its prosperity. Self-confidence and economically strong people will begin to flee from the republic, and we will make our republic Ukraine.

I would like to see in the behavior of the government a plan, a vision. So far it seems the government has turned a blind eye and it has been said – we will survive one way or another. I don’t know, the previous presidency of the European Council was in the ODS government, and in the middle of it came distrust and the resignation of the whole government. I don’t want to make it a tradition. And who will the starving people vote for? Well, those who give princely advice really aren’t. At such times, the Adolfs are elected. Wouldn’t it be nice to try to avoid it? I would be for. Certainly for.

It is very pleasant when Prime Minister Fiala, to change with Václav Moravec on Czech television, Brands drawing attention to the problems of the population’s domestic team for inciting hatred towards refugees. She’s such a beautiful mouse, full of mischief. We all love each other very much, Prime Minister, but we know from the news that our stomachs will start to turn and the whole society will be battered. Including an enclave of refugees from Ukraine, who also expect to go to a prosperous society, not a hospice that will soon be ruled by passions. Because of hunger, it is a hatchery of passion. Of course, not the lovers, but the Revolutionary Guards. Dear government hypocrites, you know, if you don’t fight for the Czech people, for their life and happiness, you are just administrators with union instructions who cannot do politics. He doesn’t shake his head in politics, he fights in politics. And you just nodded, don’t fight. You are silent where you should speak, you speak where you should be silent. And thus paving the way for your revolutionary successors.

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