Great feedback from Survivor. Nikol lost weight to the bone, a surprise awaited Vlad

The return of the Survivor participants to their homes has generated great interest from their fans. Everyone wants to know the answers to the most burning questions. And everyone in raw reality TV has their hands full to answer. In addition, they claimed the most touching moments of the meeting with their loved ones.

All surviving participants have already returned home. On social networks, they share with their fans what their return to normal life is like. The first steps for most of them were aimed at family and, of course, good food, which they lacked on the island.

Back home

Their return home was very moving. Survivor wasn’t just a physical and mental challenge, it also tested many relationships, because not seeing each other for three months isn’t just that. A girlfriend fell around his neck. “We’re coming home and it’s a nice feeling. At the same time, I’m sad that it’s over,” Vlada said immediately after arriving.

Emotional airport video! A girlfriend fell around his neck:

When she arrived, Xénia greeted her brother, whom she considers her best friend. “I’m glad he came,” Xenia said. However, fans were surprised that she was not welcomed by her friend Lukáš, whom she reunited with on the Slovak reality show Farma, where she won.

Fans have speculated that their relationship didn’t break down because of their time on the island. The gossip that started in the reality TV show that Xénia is flirting with Tomáš also contributed to this, and she also admitted that she liked it. Fans seriously suspected that there was something wrong with the relationship.

Xenia Returned From Survivor: Why Didn’t Her Boyfriend Take Her In?

But Xenia clarified everything and shared a photo with her relative on social networks. “Some may have doubted us, but we didn’t think of such a second. Luky had planned a trip abroad when I came back, so my brother came to pick me up and I had to wait a little Luky”, explained one of the Slovak favorites Xénia.

Veronica, who arrived home in Italy, also received a touching welcome. “This is the best day of my life,” she wrote of a moving video, adding that she’s eating now. Veve also spoke up, saying she was also home and alive.

Johy also announced his comeback, remembering his girlfriend Klárka as a whole. Their meeting was very moving. “After less than three months, I survived and finally embraced my most beloved, dexterous, beautiful and amazing Klára, who thought of me and sent me energy” , writes Joha on his instagram.

Support and wave of hate

A pleasant surprise awaited most competitors on social networks. Xénia or Dominika, for example, can pride themselves on having positive feedback. But not everyone received fan support. A wave of hatred erupted against Chile, which had previously entered the MasterChef culinary competition.

However, Chili didn’t react at all to the nasty comments and greeted the fans with a smile. But her parents and opponents have commented. “The wave of salvation is really over the top. Chili and I live in Prague and we have a lot of plans to see each other in Survivor. He’s a great player and above all a fantastic person,” Vlad said.

The players react to what they have experienced. In that short time no one has managed to watch all the episodes, so they often know less than the public, but sometimes more. A few days after arriving, Vláďa was able to watch the competition, he also added a good dose of coconut, which they had to eat every day on the island. He probably hasn’t gotten used to it yet.

The acknowledgments are also supported by Braňo, about whom countless amusing images were created during the contest. He often lost in fights, so people laughed at him. “I’m just a boy from Bratislava who didn’t give up and fought with his heart. I tried to do the right things, although I didn’t always succeed,” he said. -he writes on his instagram.

Weight loss and the yo-yo effect

They all lost a bit on the island. This can be seen in Nicol, also known by the Instagram nickname Shopaholic Nicol, who admitted to losing five kilos. And so he only has 43 kilograms left. “I think I will find myself mentally and physically for a few more months. But I don’t regret my participation. I’m starting to get nervous, my back is still in the woods, but the most demanding was the psyche competition” , she confided in a long post on Instagram of Nikol.

Dominika also lost weight, but she quickly gained weight due to the yo-yo effect. “Right now I have the most pounds I have ever had. When I had a normal meal, I was running and eating everything. The body reacted catastrophically, I was extremely hydrated. My legs were swollen and my intestines didn’t know what to do,” says Dominika.

Each survivor’s body reacted to the change in its own way. Maybe that’s why Vláďa is always on the coconut, so that the yo-yo effect does not happen, which also happened, for example, in Tomáš, that the spectators, after having gained a few kilograms, hardly knew.

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