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OKTAGON Prime 5, which took place in Šamorín, Slovakia, put on a great show. The main battle was won by former title contenders Bojan Veličkovič and Mate Kertesz, but the tournament offered other big battles as well. What was the gala evening like?


The very first match of the tournament offered a great battle. Michal Plesník stood in a cage with Carlos Graca, the first round, which took place entirely in the posture, sounded better for the first, however, the remaining two rounds for himself and thanks to excellent work on the field won Graca, who won by points.

Roman Paulus and Karol Kutyla fought a balanced battle in the second duel. Virtually the same number of strikes, however, three takedowns in favor of a Polish fighter. In the end, however, the Slovak MMA talent won out on points.

Daniel Toledo and Panagiotis Stroumpoulis showed an unappealing duel for the fans, and it was expected that we could witness an interesting battle of attitude. Toledo won on points.

Silence has been whistled, yet he wants to found a new dynasty. Pukač resigned from his match

The expected balance of forces between Jakub Tichota, who would like to retire the legendary Ivan Buchinger, and the popular Jann Elonen-Kulmala was much more balanced than many expected.

Finn, who many compare thanks to his appearance at Přemek Forejt, managed to dominate much of the game over Tichot in attitude, although the Czech talent was very active from below. All points judges scored the game at 29:28 in favor of Tichota.

After the announcement of the result, Tichota was whistled, of course because of his remarks to Buchinger or Roman Paulus.

Unfortunately, the main duel of the preliminary cards did not end according to the ideas of the Slovak fans. Robert Pukač went up against Christian Jungwirth and didn’t perform badly on the first lap, however, on the second lap the German stepped on the gas and was clearly more active. However, Pukač did not enter the third round, so Jungwirth scored a victory.

In a post-match interview, Pukač revealed that he hadn’t felt well all day since the morning. Although his team tried to persuade him to continue the fight, the fighter himself decided otherwise. Jungwirth therefore achieved an important victory after three defeats.

Main board

David Moon and Mate Sanikidze started the main card with their duel. A balanced duel was expected, however, a relatively dominant performance was presented by Sanikidze, who was better in all respects and earned the points. It won’t be a surprise if he wins a title match in the future, so far he is doing very well.

Matouš Kohout confirmed his role as the favorite in the second match of the main card and dealt with the tournament’s first early break outside of Pukač’s resignation, when he knocked out his opponent in the second round.

Brazilians on a winning wave

Two Brazilian fighters showed up on the main card. After losing to Petr Knížet, Kaik Brito returned to the cage and Andrej Kalašnik came in against him after a sensational win over Christian Jungwirth.

Brito was a pretty big favorite in the match, more or less just a matter of how he would deal with his opponent’s wrestling skills. Ultimately, though, it wasn’t even properly tested. After one minute and nine seconds, it was all over when Kalashnika sent the retreat to the ground. Unfortunately, the referee struck late, so he added at least two more punches to Kalashnikov on the ground.

However, the Brazilian has proven that he really deserves to be the title challenger.

In the next match, a nice Rafael Xavier, challenged by Marcin Lazarz, showed up. The Brazilian was the favorite, but at the start of the first round he got into trouble. Subsequently, he was more active and precise, he pushed his opponent several times, but he could not end the match prematurely.

Xavier therefore won by 30:27 in all three judges. In the match, he proved that he could not only give but also receive blows. Lazarz, however, showed a great performance and definitely decided for another match. Promoter Ondřej Novotný then indicated that Xavier could wait for the title duel.

Ryšavý rectified loss to Keita, Veličkovič booed after win

Karol Ryšavý celebrated his birthday with a win, but it wasn’t easy. He was originally supposed to have a match with František Fodor, but he was unable to participate in the match. Ebrahim Hosseinpour won the match.

Ryšavý was a big favourite, but Hosseinpour showed a great performance and didn’t give Ryšavý anything for free. The Slovak fighter had to show great perseverance, but in the third round he knocked his opponent out by hitting his opponent’s chin with his knee.

Bojan Veličkovič was a heavy favorite in the main duel according to odds and stakes at bookmakers, but Mate Kertesz showed incredible heart and great physical stamina. He showed a famous and dominant performance, however, Veličkovič won on points.

During his match, the Hungarian fighter won the majority of his fans in the Šamorín hall. They even whistled when the Serbian, winner 29:28, was declared winner. Veličkovič himself admitted that he was surprised by his victory and that Kertesz dominated, according to him the decisive factor was the damage.

Kertesz received a standing ovation during the post-match interview. His disappointment with the result was striking. Novotny mentioned that this match could take place again.

Source: MMA Octagon

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