Do you remember the wonderful actress “Abby”? You would hardly know her today –

Actress Pauley Perrette played a very special scientist in the NCIS series who was very intelligent, especially in the field of computers. The actress looks a lot like her series character Abby. In fact, they have a lot in common and Pauley strives to help others. But you will hardly see her in another series or another movie because she has disappeared from the theater world.

Pauley has done enough in his life

The actress has already nailed her craft and is engaged in other activities. After several appearances on television, she preferred to leave the role of the series. Originally, however, she didn’t want to be an actress at all, as she was educated and wanted to work in a completely different field. But in the end, she became a popular series star that any crime lover will remember as Abby. The medical examiner was always very direct and got under the skin not only of the audience, but also of her fellow actors.

Overnight he became known all over the world. There is no one who does not remember a young woman with two tails, while she argues with her superior. She’s been on the NCIS series for 15 long years and it’s no wonder she’s been through a lot. Unfortunately, he also has negative memories related to filming and the series. She confided that she had been stalked by a stalker for several years, and that she had to leave the series under special circumstances.

She has become a strong woman who knows what she wants

Today you can see her in good spirits and ready to fight what is to come. Over the years, she has become a stronger person who already knows how to take life. Although she had it really complicated at one point. She was born in 1969 in Louisiana, but spent her childhood in many places across the United States. She lived in North Carolina, South Carolina or Tennessee, and went to high school in Georgia.

From an early age, Perrette was interested in criminology and the interesting stories in this field. At times, she was also obsessed with having to read crime stories, which eventually led her to participate in the series. When she was younger, she wanted to be an FBI agent or a rock’n’roll band. But in the end, she ended up in another field that made her famous.

She doesn’t like to remember certain moments from her childhood

As for her childhood, she mostly remembers the time when children were murdered. It happened in Atlanta, where she lived. The murders took place between 1979 and 1981. “I was living in Georgia when the infamous child murders took place in Atlanta, I was about the same age as those children and I lived right on the Chattahoochee River .” And that’s where the obsession with criminal cases began.

The actress admitted that she cut and hid all the articles she found in the newspaper. Although she was too young to understand everything, she wanted the result so badly that she felt really stupid. After high school, she moved to New York to continue her education. She then lived off her studies, nothing else interested her. She wanted to use everything she had learned in her life, and on top of that she was a freshman who only brought home A.

Education wasn’t free and Pauley needed the money

She had to have several jobs at the same time to pay for her studies. It was a very difficult period. She tried almost every brigade she came across. You could see her not only behind the bar, but also as a cook on the ship, where only selected cream was collected. But she never put anything in the game because it was not her priority. She just wanted to graduate, but she heard about a girl who made a lot of money advertising.

The actress thought, why not give it a try? Was it a coincidence that she heard the girl? She wanted to win the $3,000 the girl was talking about. And that’s where it all started. She studied sociology, psychology and forensic medicine. She studied human behavior and her knowledge came in handy while filming the series. She knew how people felt, how they thought, and what their next step might be. These are great benefits.

Abby got the role in the new millennium, and she immediately shot her

Perrette has starred in many other shows, but has never been as successful as Abby from NCIS. She appeared there as a medical examiner who starred alongside Mark Harmon or Leroy Jethro Gibbs. Although the first run was not as successful as one might have expected, the series has become increasingly popular with viewers. Eventually it became the #1 series in the United States and Pauley changed his life.

The series eventually won film and TV awards, and it was a huge hit for the actress. It was her first major role and she became a star overnight. The actress herself loved the role and was proud of what she had done. She starred in a total of 354 episodes of this series. But she also did other things during filming. While acting seems like a dream job, it also has its downsides that Pauley chose to talk about.

Her ex-husband watched her every step of the way

Pauley loved his job, but his private life was no longer so successful. She married musician Shivers, but their relationship didn’t go down well. She had to order her ex-husband not to approach her. She was very afraid of him and did not hesitate to call the police. He watched the actress for a long time, not only in person, but also through social networks.

Then she got engaged to cameraman Bosman, but it didn’t work out this time either – in 2008 they broke up.

After that, she had several relationships with women, but finally decided to devote her life only to herself and live in celibacy. There were also a lot of stories about the filming of NCIS. She left the show under special circumstances as she was not comfortable around her co-workers.


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