Did Fiala earn your pensions? He doesn’t tell the truth. Stanjura completely incompetent, he does not understand. The damning analysis of Babiš

28.03.2022 17:32 | From the nets

On his regular show Chow, former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (YES) commented on people on social media about the refugee crisis and noted that he was doing his best for refugees. “I help Ukrainians, but I also help Czechs. And our government mainly helped, but it is your duty to help the people,” Babiš said.

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The description: Andrej Babis

“Saturday I went to Poland to make a video for our Prime Minister. To know how the Polish government is for Polish citizens. He took the train to Kyiv with the Polish Prime Minister for so many hours. Too bad that he did not take it from him Yes, fuel in Poland and at the border there is the highest – just over the border in Poland – the difference is eight crowns, they are cheaper. ‘inland is up to ten crowns,’ Babiš remarked at the start.

He then joined Finance Minister Zbynek Stanjura, whom he called incompetent. “She doesn’t understand that the budget has revenue. So this government gave up 33 billion in revenue, which put it into the EET budget, and we’re back to the good old days of the ODS” you want on invoice or without invoice,” Babiš said.

“Deficit. The Prime Minister says he has a good deficit. But you gave it to him, dear citizens. High inflation brings additional income of 62 billion according to the January macro-forecast, and in April it will be even more – because today, when you pay for more expensive fuel, you give the government to Petr Fiala an additional 800 million per month,” the former prime minister added.

“Pensions. The Prime Minister says he earned your pensions. Well, not at all. He’s not telling the truth. It’s the law. You need to get that pension increase. If the Prime Minister could , he wouldn’t give you the pensions. Why? Look at those discounts. A tiny 1.6 billion cut tariff cuts for pensioners and young people since April 1. Housing benefit, well, that’s a joke. You certainly know how it goes. This dishonesty. You have to go to the employment office, fill out the form and they will give you a few crowns. Jurečka invented this. Hell. And those employees of the employment office have frozen salaries and work even more than before, because of course they also have to take care of Ukrainians,” Babiš also pointed out.

The topic of covid-19 also came to the fore. “So what did you do with covid? Covid over. On the morning of December 17, I was counseled about the health risks, and I dealt with them. We had everything. You destroyed the vaccines, you can’t even sell the vaccines, we have to burn them. Why didn’t you give them to someone? asks the leader of the YES movement.

“And then I learned, Prime Minister, that Babiš wants to fight the Czechs against the refugees (warns Fiala). I consider you an honest person, but I’m beginning to doubt it. Why are you lying? Babiš is doing his better for refugees in the opposition. I was at the border, I was in Velké Kapušany. Our movement, as the only political party, donated ten million to Ukrainian refugees. We delivered two trucks humanitarian aid. My former company provides hundreds of tons of food to people in need. I sent the money to Greater Kapušany. Yes, and I, Andrej Babiš, saved nearly 1,000 Czechs from Volhynia from my taxed money. And I was in the House of Good yesterday and we helped there from the beginning. The very next day when the war broke out, the foundation made a collection, my lady provided 100 beds. And there are already four such houses, and now it turns into Steps of Good. So please don’t say I want to pit the Czechs against the Ukrainians. It’s a lie, it’s a lie. I help Ukrainians, but I also help Czechs. And our government mostly helped, but it’s your duty to help the people,” he said.

He was also very outraged by the statement of the President of the Chamber of Deputies, Markéta Pekarová Adamová, who said on television that the government should not take care of the people. “It’s unbelievable. And who does he have to take care of? I understand that you are taking care of yourselves, that you have increased by four ministers, that you have 90 more people in the government office, etc.… But you you called on people to save. Drive slow, drive slower, step back – your ingenious industry minister – so they don’t drown so much. Now maybe we won’t even shine,” said Babis.

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