Designer pieces for toddlers and teens

Cheerful colors, playful design, quality natural materials and above all creativity and functionality. This is how they could be characterized Czech brands children’s clothing and accessories that we rebuild. And they all have one thing in common: moms founded them.

Moms know best…

If you can’t find baby clothes in your regular clothes that you would like, you will just create your own. In this way, many brands were founded smart moms. And to make sure their fashion pieces are quality and comfortable, they test them in their own branches.

They usually sell the products at various design markets and festivals, where customers can see and try everything and also get to know the designers themselves. Of course, you can also choose from online stores, where you’ll find beautiful, high-quality pieces, from cotton spikes to fun sweatshirts to practical raincoats and also more and more softshell clothing in bad weather.


Looking for cute and practical pieces for your baby? You can find them, for example, at this brand that has been sewing in the Jizera mountains since 2015. It was founded by Karolína Masopustová when she was a kindergarten. FOR sewing machine it was brought by her mother and she offers hand-sewn pieces in the form of bodysuits, onesies, pajamas and sets for newborns, which are full of happy and loving prints and inscriptions.

Photo: company archives

General foxes, sizes 62 to 86, 850 CZK. Norwegian pattern overall, in sizes 62-86, 850 CZK. The two pieces of RicPic

Photo: company archives

Little love newborn set, 540 CZK. Flowering deer fleece slippers, 450 CZK. All RicPic


The brand name is an anagram of the names and surnames of Lucie Vaňková family members. Her business started by accident when she bought a sewing machine and made a few pieces for herself and for the kids. Later she started sewing for her friends and is now offering her wares for the third year design markets and on the online store. Her mother helps her with everything. It also focuses on growing clothes that grow with kids, as they have expander knits on the sleeves and pants. The playful design is a matter of course.

Photo: company archives

Teddy bear sweatshirt in cotton and elastane, in sizes 62 to 128, from 450 CZK. Sweatshirt with handles in different colors made of cotton and elastane, in sizes 74 to 134, from 550 CZK. The two Kavalu

Photo: company archives

Children’s hooded dress with a hood made of cotton and elastane, in sizes 74 to 158, from 650 CZK. Coloring skirts made of light cotton, in sizes 0-8 years, from 300 CZK. All Kavalu

Shark in the park

The author’s collection with hand-painted originals, which are then printed on fabric, is created under the guidance of skillful designer Barbora Zajíčková. It all started with children’s fashion, but its range has also extended to adults, so you can buy your favorite sets for mothers with children or match the whole family in the popular matchy matchy style. Except original prints the designer also draws the cuts herself.

Photo: company archives

Cotton dress consisting of thin sweatpants with an author print with a fleece interior finish, for children from 2 to 14 years old, from 990 CZK. Leggings with planets in thin sweatshirt with elastane, for children from 0.5 to 14 years, from 550 CZK. All the sharks in the park

Photo: company archives

Cotton hat with coral print scarf, for children up to 3 years old, 350 CZK per piece. Hooded cotton sweatshirt with sweatshirt with fleece inside finish, for children from 2 to 8 years old, 1350 CZK. All the sharks in the park


The brand, founded by mother of two daughters Eva Moravcová, is an attractive choice for parents who want to save money and solve the problem that children grow up fast because of clothes. She invented softshell grow clothes that are durable and will last for many seasons. Thanks to the extension cuffs on the sleeves, pants and waist, the clothes can be enlarged and lengthened by up to six centimeters. T-shirts, sweatshirts and jackets also have an elongated back, so they will certainly not look at them with a bare back.

Photo: company archives

Growing softshell jackets with reflective elements. Football in sizes 110 to 152, 990 CZK. Black-orange in sizes 134 to 158, 1100 CZK. All Chiaro

Photo: company archives

Growth leggings with dragonfly pattern, in sizes 116-158, 450 CZK. Cultivation set with car motif, in sizes 80-140, 850 CZK

it’s only raining

Quality waterproof jackets and pants, colorful boots and also rain hats, which not only last something, but also look good. These are all bad weather essentials. Kids love puddles straight away, so it’s good to have quality, durable clothing and accessories on hand. For example, the one proposed by a Czech brand with the appropriate name, supported by the sisters Marie Křížková and Klára Pilíková. And what else? You can also find the design from them waterproof coats for adults.

Photo: company archives

Faire Child waterproof pants in four colors, for children from 1 to 4 years old, 2,200 CZK. Waterproof jacket in different colors to order, in sizes 92 to 164, 2590 CZK. Everything is pouring out

Photo: company archives

Boots with various patterns, in sizes 23-31, 990 CZK. Rain hat in different colors and sizes to order, 590 CZK. Everything is pouring out

Jitka Chmelikova

This mother of two studied industrial clothing and her two children and nature are her inexhaustible inspiration to create playful accessories. It mainly produces cute children’s handbags, bags, backpacks, bags and wallets in the design of various animals. He sews from quality natural materials such as linen and cotton, and complements them with leather and washable paper.

Photo: company archives

Round linen handbag Cirkula Jelínek, 590 CZK. Vakoš Kočička drawstring backpack, 690 CZK. All Jitka Chmelikova

Photo: company archives

From left to right: Linen Case Capsule Fox, 420 CZK. Linen box in the shape of a rocket, 390 CZK. All Jitka Chmelikova

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