Dating on Tinder – how to profit and not end up in someone’s cellar?

According to last year’s statistics nearly 60% of Czechs use dating apps. One of the most popular with us is Tinder. It’s being talked about a lot right now about the Netflix documentary premiere Tinder cheater; the story of Shimon Hayut, who, using a false identity on Tinder, fraudulently attracted huge sums of trusting single women. The way to online dating, based on the fact that from a few pictures and a short description you will either throw someone away or conversely if you like swipe left they are certainly not among the safest. And you don’t even have to owe yourself for a fake millionaire.

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When I was gathering stories for an article about ad hoc, non-binding relationships based solely on sex, I heard a lot of men and a lot less of women. But pretty much everyone automatically included Tinder in their replies. There were even so many that I decided to work on the subject by myself. “I think it’s the easiest way to meet new people today,” says T. What is he really looking for on Tinder? “I don’t think of it that way, I usually drive there out of boredom. Of course, if I like someone a lot, I hope there’s a match, but that’s just after a while of dating I think more about what’s going to happen next,” he explains. She first set up Tinder a few years ago when her long-term relationship ended. According to my little poll, it’s the most common reason people try the app: as a post-breakup distraction that builds confidence and, over time, even helps get back into the game.

“I ended my long-term relationship this year, so it happened on its own. I started using Tinder and I’ve set up a lot of dates thanks to it,” says K. Comment does he handle security when he has to meet someone he doesn’t know at all? “Well, I guess I should take care of that more. I think it’s because I don’t want to limit myself, so I ignore the healthy paranoia”, he admits. And she adds that she was especially worried when she came on a date where the man did not arrive alone. “I saw the boy for the first time. His best friend was there with him and they persuaded me to have a threesome. They were both muscular, nobody knew from me where and with whom I was, ”he describes.

Couples are also on Tinder to diversify their sex life. “My ex-boyfriend and I had Tinder installed throughout the relationship. We each used it to flirt without commitment, we did it a little looser overall. A few times it happened that one of us has someone wanting to come in, but it always happened naturally,” says Mr. Certainly no shame — that was the intention that Tinder was originally created. To show you if there’s someone nearby, with whom you have, for example, common interests, which would make a well-traveled or solitary evening more pleasant for you. In the past, the app also offered profiles based on the same Facebook pages, so it was more likely that you matchem you will understand right away.

The Czechs, at least the ones I interviewed, don’t use it that way. Maybe it’s generational, maybe it’s a social bubble issue, but most people I’ve spoken to expect to write for a while before they meet the other side. Some even only meet when they discover that they have knowledge in common or move in the same circles. My friend from Great Britain was very surprised, and currently P., who has lived in the United States for several years, also confirmed this to me. “In America, I experienced a lot of Tinder dates, where the girls were pretty good for my taste. I didn’t want a big conquest, but first I wanted to at least buy a drink and know who I was honored with. But they were absolutely sovereign and often wanted to get to the point. In fact, it was not entirely pleasant for me,” says P.

I wonder if, in a meeting with such quick and clear developments, he addressed security, perhaps also in terms of whether to go to a foreign woman or bring her home. “It was more about the practicality – who lives closer, or if he lives alone or not. ‘Now that we are talking about this, I realize that sometimes I’m probably a little scared to go home me in an unknown girl. But that didn’t stop me. It’s just the price of not staying dry. Anyway, I take it for granted to meet first in a public place,” P thinks, adding that he also met his current girlfriend and the mother of his daughter on Tinder. After all, I also know several longtime couples who met through an app. Three of them have already had a wedding.

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Swiping, matching, then typing for a while before the meeting is obviously standard Tinder procedure in the Czech Republic. But of course, even this does not guarantee absolute security. One of the first insurance policies is make a little more contact with your counterpart, for example on WhatsApp, or you can say directly on the profile on the social network. A good sign is when the user has an Instagram directly linked to their Tinder profile. You don’t click on it, so partial anonymity remains (which is part of the magic), but selecting photos from his feed will give you a bit more insight into what the other party is, and that said a nice opening.

If the person in question has no photos in their profile or only pofider photos, talk to them about it. If they don’t want to send their photos but ask you for them, don’t send them. After some time of intense conversation would it shouldn’t be a problem to call even briefly, calmly to make an appointment. It is a trifle which is the next step towards more credibility and comfort. “When I go on a Tinder date, but maybe somewhere later at night, we agree with my friends that we activate Find My Friends. And I usually take a taxi – in this case, I just try to leave a digital trail behind me if anything happens,” advises L. None of this is a 100% guarantee that you won’t end up in someone’s basement or escarpment, but it is at least something. And if the evening goes well, it’s up to you.

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