Coach Vítkovic Holaň on young people, fans and a story with Bitten: he will realize what I say

Holaň after the Vítkovice season: Success is a dream that attracts me. Why bet on the Eurojackpot?

The captain signed a three-year contract at Vítkovice last year, but it can happen. “He can come and say: I’m done! But I would like to keep them,” says Miloš Holaň.

“Poly has never been a captain, but he has an aura of experience around him. There’s no problem training or wrestling. When they hit the ice, they’re bombs and I think no one will dare to do anything”, Holaň is convinced of this.

The Pole is also a plus because he is from Ostrava. “Who else will claim the music in the cabin, who will seal it? Who has the name and the experience? Poly and Kržel,” Holaň asks and answers at the same time.

Quarterfinals of the Hockey Extra League playoffs - Match 4: HC Vítkovice Ridera - HC Oceláři Třinec, on March 24, 2022 in Ostrava.  Fans

Quarter-final finished! The Vítkovice Derby with Třinec ended in a fan battle with heavily dressed people

Although Krenželok will turn 39 in June, the coach believes he could last the whole season. “Or more, I don’t want to hurt him.” But last year it seemed to end, and he would be my assistant. And he flew away. He scored sixteen goals. Who has it? He has a clear argument.

“Nobody expected that. We talked before the season that if he scores ten goals, it will be great. And look, sixteen. Besides, it was valid on the power play and in impairment. Yes, I thinks he could let go, adapt to the new hockey, because he likes fried cauliflower, tartare, potatoes, but no one will push him out the door,” laughs Miloš Holaň.

“Anyway, these players should stay and train others because these guys will end one day and the cabin will need a new leader in the future. We have long negotiations and persuasions ahead of us,” realizes the Vítkovice inverter manager.

Lukáš Krenželok from Vítkovice (second from left).

Vítkovický Krenželok: We’re sorry that we didn’t decide the game. But good season


Pilsen is often mentioned in connection with youth. However, even in Vítkovice, future generations have an opportunity. The last few months have been proof of that. “Petr Fridrich surprised me, but I expected more from him in terms of productivity. He was supposed to be in the second five, he didn’t make it, he calmed down in the fourth and jumped again. He should be the ‘boss’ here next season,” he said.

“It will be his third season in the extra league, maybe he will get an invitation to a wider national team now, because the coach asked about him. He can be the one we will cultivate here for the future. future as Vítkovičák, if he doesn’t run away from us. But it’s up to us and the management to leave the boy here”, Holaň knows.

Quarterfinals of the Hockey Extra League playoffs - Match 4: HC Vítkovice Ridera - HC Oceláři Třinec, on March 24, 2022 in Ostrava.

They fought, but Vítkovice did not extend the streak. After the bend, the Steelmakers are in the semi-finals

“For example, Bernovský told me not to count on him, that he would be at Šumperk from the start of the season. I didn’t know him, I didn’t train him, but I I let it show and I surprised him”, admits the coach.

Lednický also convinced Holaně, but he must keep his health. “And he will get the space again, but he should be a notch higher, just like Frigo (Fridrich),” thinks head coach Vítkovic.

At one point he wasn’t afraid to send the youngsters off at key moments in the game. For example, in the fourth power play quarterfinal “And they messed something up? They didn’t spoil each other. On the contrary,” Holaň notes. “They don’t think about hockey as much as older players. Good to have them here. I want them to play next season, but they have to earn it and fight. They have potential, they are honest, I work very well with them. Overall, it’s a great success that so many young people are getting involved,” he says.

David Viktora as the head of the Ostrava crime center Jiří Tomek, who is also an avid hockey fan Vítkovice.

The boss of Shadows in the Mist is a fan of Vítkovice: I want a poem not only about Baník


On the other hand, Tomáš Machů, whom Holaň believed, went abroad. “The skating limited him. He and the agent decided, without discussing, to leave. It disappointed me a little, ”admits Holaň, who immediately points to 17-year-old Matěj Prčík.

“He’s strange in a way, so phlegmatic, he doesn’t say much, but he has potential in him”, thinks the coach, according to whom it is no coincidence that he is in the national team of the under 18 and the scouts are touring. around him. “I’m afraid he’ll run away. That’s what I’m saying,” he agrees, adding that he can decide soon after the Under-18 World Cup. to draft and if she doesn’t, she will want to try the junior abroad, which is a shame, because I think he will play with us next year,” added Miloš Holaň.

Quarter-finals of the Hockey Extra League playoffs - Match 2: HC Oceláři Třinec - HC Vítkovice Ridera, on March 20, 2022 in Třinec.  Goalkeeper Vitkovic Ales Stezka

Goalkeeper Vítkovic Trail: I’m proud of the boys. I believe we can still catch it

Lukáš Kovář pleasantly drew him from quarterback in the play-offs, and Patrik Koch missed a number of games, not because of a health problem, but because of disciplinary sanctions. “He’s a fighter who will last all season and won’t die out. But it’s three stoppages, two stoppages, one stoppage. At the same time, the performances are standard, I’m happy that we have it here, but the faults” Sholaň shrugs.

“He apologizes a hundred times to me, thanks me for telling him, and the result is always the same,” he continues.

He has more similar “self-developed” in the team. “So cover them up. I’m going to a psychologist and not them,” laughs Holan.

Quarter-finals of the Hockey Extra League qualifiers - Match 3: HC Vítkovice Ridera - HC Oceláři Třinec, on March 23, 2022 in Ostrava.

Derby Vítkovic with Oceláři in Ostrava attracted 7435 spectators. It was a choreography, find yourself


Attackers should remain machine gunner Dominik Lakatoš, as well as Rostislav Marosz, Petr Chlán or Rastislav Dej. The question mark, in addition to Krenželok, hangs over Roberts Bukarts or the Canadian Samuel Bitten. What is missing from a more stable staff? Budget!

“Look at Pardubice. A new owner comes in, pulls a package and points any player. It’s not just that I choose the best from each team, it’s just bloated with money. There must also be some workers, not just stars. Rather a good mix. Let there be a shooter, a boy who will take him down,” suggests Miloš Holaň.

Quarterfinals of the Hockey Extra League playoffs - Match 4: HC Vítkovice Ridera - HC Oceláři Třinec, on March 24, 2022 in Ostrava.  Fans

The last time the extra league was held in Ostrava, 7525 people cheered for the rivals, watch

“Maybe I want Bitten. He’ll do what I tell him on the ice, even if he’s a bit of a rapper,” he explains and adds a story. “He said to me, ‘Coach, whatever you want, I’ll do it.’ And then what about the third rotation asking me, ‘Can I fight? Can I fight?’ (I can go wash up, I can go wash up) I tell him to wait. In the fourth game he had a push with Kundrátek, the line held him up, it was a commercial, the referee came to the substitute with him. And Sam tells me the referee doesn’t speak English.’ Tell him why he’s coming after me.’ So I ask. And the ref thinks he’s still fighting. And he said, ‘But I’m nervous if you don’t tell me.’

In the Poruba Premier League, where he spent most of the season, he would have scored goals, they didn’t come. Holaň gave him a clear role in the playoffs: goaltender David Krejčí. He did it. “I couldn’t find anyone else,” says Holan, also adding a story here.

“It’s good when you need to defend the star from an opponent and you’re ready to do it. He just can’t do it, like the guy from Zvolen made me so that Pálffy was out- game with him. Pálffy was cheating, Dubec was always with him. Get out, call him… Why? Pálffy, he showed me”, says Holaň with a smile.

Quarter-finals of the Hockey Extra League playoffs - Match 2: HC Oceláři Třinec - HC Vítkovice Ridera, on March 20, 2022 in Třinec.  Fans.

Twice almost 5 thousand, great scenery. Derby Ocelářů a Vítkovice fired, find yourself


According to him, building a successful team is not easy but he believes he will build the team and in May he will have it at the start of the preparations. “I know I’m not going to affect him, but I would like to keep more players. I had such an intention last year, but some signed before the end of the season. For example, a good line Kalus , Flick, Mallet, but Mallet had already signed it,” he says.

“It’s a pity that it cannot be maintained and only completed, a pyramid built and say in three years: we have the opportunity to succeed here”, notes Miloš Holaň.

Vítkovice coach Miloš Holaň (right) immediately after winning 3:1 and advancing to the quarter-finals.  Next to him is my colleague Radek Philipp.

Coach Holaň after the promotion: huge success for Vítkovice. I wouldn’t lie about player health

He realizes that it is not easy to raise funds for hockey. “The reality is you’ve got money, you can afford players and you’re generally successful. We’re happy for our sponsors that we have. I won’t say we’re a bullet,” he smiles at the end. , referring to the words of the coach of Olomouc Zdeněk Moták after the evaluation of the preliminary round.

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