Barefoot against Canada. One World Festival starts in Polička

Two years ago, the covid-19 pandemic hit the planet and One World. Things that shook the world of human rights and which the festival cannot and does not want to ignore remain in the shadow of this unexpected event. This is why the motto for this year is the Way of freedom, but also of non-freedom. This year, the festival reflects the deterioration of the human rights situation in the world and again attracts attention. Efforts to promote human rights and help where necessary in every way possible (if not impossible) are always difficult and do not yield results overnight. Exactly opposite. Whereas 20 years ago (the festival celebrates 24 years since its founding this year, its organizer People in Need turns 30), the situation seemed that the fragmented world was slowly but surely moving towards a better world, today today he has a far optimistic outlook.

The central graphics of the festival, which is at the controls of Studio Matyáš Trnka, uses as a leitmotif singing, confusion, agitation, cries and barefoot flight in front of armed canadas. The color red emphasizes the importance of not looking away from similar situations and ignoring the suppression of human rights. But the animations also bring hope that there are still more “good” barefooters than Canadian oppressors.

Pontopolis seeks to connect global issues (ecology, human rights, minority politics, etc.) with local issues and bring them closer to the people of Polička. This year, you can expect three screening evenings and six documentaries. During the last week of March (March 28 – April 1, 2022), primary and secondary schools in Polička will have the opportunity to visit the One World in Schools festival, which are human rights documentaries tailored to the age of young viewers. We hope that in both cases (the public and the schools) we can continue the pre-Pecid tradition, when the festival was popular and sought after by the Polish public. Because as we all know, covid-19 has given culture a nice face.


Thursday, March 31, 2022 at 6 p.m., Pontopolis Recreation Center, Riegrova 52, admission 70 CZK all evening

The North Drift

Steffen Krones / Germany / 2022 / 92 mins

How did a bottle of beer made in Germany end up in unspoiled nature beyond the Arctic Circle?

The Dresden filmmaker and his friends build unique buoys equipped with a GPS locator and observe how the European river system is connected to the ocean. Originally a one-man event based on the horror that European trash clogs even the most remote corners of the planet, Steffen manages to create a science project involving engineers, oceanographers and the public.

The film is followed by a debate with Soňa Jonášová from the Institute of Circular Economy, which focuses on reducing waste and extending the life of products.

Thursday 31. 03. 2022 at 8.30 p.m., Pontopolis leisure center, Riegrova 52, entrance 70 CZK for the whole evening

The concert is over / You have a job

Shannon Walsh / Canada, France / 2021/88 min.

The Uber driver in the United States, a bicycle food delivery man in China, an audio transcriptionist from Nigeria or a British hour husband – despite all the differences, they have one thing in common. Their professional life is managed by mobile phone applications.

The personalized economy was born at the beginning of the millennium with the development of the Internet. Today, it’s worth around $5 trillion worldwide and it’s estimated to grow to more than 500 million people by 2025. While platforms like Uber, Amazon, or Deliveroo are wealthy, their workers often earn their life. There are no laws protecting them as ordinary employees, so they live in constant uncertainty, exposed to the whims of customers, under constant surveillance by apps, and remain invisible to most companies.

Friday 01. 04. 2022 at 6:00 p.m., Pontopolis Recreation Center, Riegrova 52, admission 70 CZK for the whole evening

Leave the beginnings behind

Linda Kallistová Jablonská / Czech Republic / 2021/97 mins

When does life begin? For four young girls, this is the moment when they walk through the doors of the educational institution in Počátky. They all have big plans and none of them want to repeat the mistakes of their parents.

Looking for a job, own accommodation, lots of cigarettes. Denisa, Adéla, Kristýna and Pavla encounter the reality of everyday life, separated until now by the walls of the institute and the care of the educators. Over the years, they encounter unknown obstacles on their way through a maze of real challenges, alternating dead ends and trying again to complete their studies and find a firm place in society.

The film is followed by a discussion with the director of Polička Children’s Home, Bc. Miroslava Přiklopilová and other personalities from the field of social assistance

Friday 01. 04. 2022 at 21:00, Pontopolis Recreation Center, Riegrova 52, admission 70 CZK for the whole evening

Every minute

Erika Hníková / Czech Republic, Slovakia / 2021/80 min.

Almost everyone has an opinion on what a good education should and shouldn’t look like. The film, which follows a well-intentioned but also uncompromising effort to create the perfect young man, is a surprisingly provocative contribution to the discussion.

An elaborate educational method called kameveda should raise a perfect man from little Miška. The goal is to systematically use every second of his childhood and thus develop all his talents. The young couple of loving parents are determined to devote all their energy to this task. It only remains to wonder if the parents are putting their son on the path to happiness and success, or burnout.

Saturday 02. 04. 2022 at 4.30 p.m., Pontopolis leisure center, Riegrova 52, admission 70 CZK for the whole evening

Angels of Sinjar / Angels of Sinjar

Hanna Polak / Germany, Poland, Czech Republic / 2022/109 min.

Hanifa is trying to free her three sisters, who were captured by the so-called Islamic State eight years ago in Sinjar, Iraq. To this day, they are missing, like many other Yazidis.

The so-called In 2014, an Islamic State attempted to exterminate Yazidis, members of an ethno-religious group living in the Sinjar region of northwestern Iraq. The men were murdered by terrorists and captured many women and girls to serve as, among other things, sex slaves. Hanifa and her two sisters suffer from lifelong trauma, but they don’t just want to be victims of genocide; Hanifa is determined not to give up until she frees the other three sisters.

Saturday 02. 04. 2022 at 19:00, Pontopolis leisure center, Riegrova 52, entrance 70 CZK for the whole evening

Children of the mist

Diễm Ha Lệ / Vietnam / 2021/92 min

In a film by a fledgling Vietnamese filmmaker, a young Hmong girl refuses to submit to traditional bride kidnapping, which deprives local girls of the ability to decide their lives.

Thirteen-year-old Di is reaching an age where she wants to have fun without restraint, connect with her peers and experience a sense of freedom. He comes from a Hmong ethnic group who lives in northern Vietnam, produces natural indigo, has his own language and customs. During Lunar New Year celebrations, the ancient tradition of kidnapping teenage girls for marriage comes to life in their culture, even though marriage is illegal before reaching adulthood. Di doesn’t want to be drawn into the same trap as her older sister, who was kidnapped a few years ago, or live in a marriage as hopeless as her mother.

The film is followed by an evening with the local Vietnamese community, which will include a tasting of traditional Vietnamese dishes.

The festival is supported by the Czech Development Agency, the city of Polička and the region of Pardubice.

Eliška Doubková, Senior JS Coordinator in Polička

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