Appropriate insulation ensures sound comfort

You will particularly appreciate the silence of the quiet zone: in the bedroom, the office, the children’s room. In addition to insulation, keep in mind the right choice of quality windows with sufficient soundproofing, as well as the choice of roofing.

Better values ​​are usually achieved by heavier bent roofs, which are worse. But these are often the only option when rebuilding an older house or cottage, as the farm is not loaded.

Acoustic attenuation is therefore based on the choice of appropriate thermal insulation and plasterboard ceilings.

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SDK panels offer high quality sound insulation and a custom designed acoustic solution.

Blue acoustic plasterboards are currently on the market, some of which may have the latest noise attenuation in some design solutions up to 73 dB.

The boards themselves are 1.25 cm thick. They are most often used in the form of a sandwich, where a profile and insulation are inserted between two panels, or the original wall and the cantilevered plasterboard wall.

Insulation in the attic
Proper insulation dampens outside noise that enters the attic from the outside. When designing the attic, it is necessary to pay attention to the correct thickness and type of insulating material. Not all materials that have good thermal insulation properties have good acoustic properties. A detail that is often overlooked in attic conversions is also the insulation of the gable, followed by insufficient insulation of the partitions and walls, which often consist only of plasterboard. Even the best insulation won’t work 100 percent if the builder hasn’t adhered to the composition or details of the insulation work required by the builder and the standard, such as corner insulation and transitions between structures.

The plasterboard, combined with the mineral insulation, is a flexible construction that works in the same way as car shock absorbers: it absorbs acoustic energy. Partitions sized in this way are considered ideal for quiet areas indoors, for example, in the bedroom.

The cantilever wall serves to improve the values ​​of the existing walls and can significantly improve the acoustic conditions by a few centimeters.

Brick against plasterboard

Plasterboard walls aren’t great just because of their soundproofing properties. Compared to conventional masonry, the advantage of prefabricated partitions is low weight, easy assembly without wet processes, high fire resistance and high variability.

In addition, the acoustic comfort can be increased by a few centimeters of wall thickness or the type of acoustic panel used.

Blue Akustik plasterboard effectively absorbs ordinary noise from the interior. It is 1.25 cm thick.

Photo: Knauf

It is possible to find SDK panels on the market which, in addition to acoustic properties, offer high strength and rigidity, surface hardness and fire resistance.

Blown insulation also absorbs sound
Acoustically, the building structure can also be improved by blown insulation. It is suitable for partition filling, between two membranes or between two plates. It is unique that it fills all voids, details, corners, holes, for example, in the attic, directly under the roof. When tapping on materials filled with blown insulation, you hear nothing.

Natural materials

Cellulose, wood fiber insulation materials, hemp and sheep’s wool are some of the healthy materials that insulate well.

Hemp is a naturally renewable raw material and due to the high proportion of silica it is less susceptible to attack by insects, rodents or other pests. Insulating properties are also positive, one of the disadvantages of the material is that it is easily flammable.

Wolf acoustic panels perfectly soundproof any room, they are suitable for walls, ceilings and floors.

Photo: Ciur

They also guarantee a positive effect on the room climate wood fiber insulation materials. These materials have excellent fire protection properties and are fire resistant.

If the fiberboard catches fire, it will not burn as quickly as polystyrene and will not sink, making it easier to fight the fire.

It has mold resistance and the ability to bind harmful substances natural sheep wool, which is suitable as insulation of cavities in the roof. To make the material resistant to pests, additional substances are added to the wool.

Cellulose, made from recycled paper, is also a suitable natural insulator.


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