What the Nohavics did. Paroubek is gone. And the food will be expensive. Fiala should have foreseen

A few days ago, Poland’s proposal for a NATO peacekeeping mission to provide humanitarian aid, seek peace, but also be protected by the armed forces sparked a lively controversy. Russia said Poland was trying to drag the world into World War III. The Polish proposal was not approved even at the NATO summit. What is your opinion?

I wrote publicly that this was a call for Russian intervention. I think Poland wants first and foremost to win western Ukraine, that is, its former provinces of Lviv, etc., and they also want to involve the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Hungarians will certainly not be carried away.


Should NATO send peacekeepers to Ukraine?

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So, as I said, it would be very, very unpleasant. Because then it is possible to apply article five. And we must also perceive the reactions that came from the Russian side. This means that the Russians are then ready to use the most powerful weapons available to them, such as supersonic missiles.

Do you think this leads to a deal in Ukraine, or does it look like it could take weeks, months? (The interview took place on Wednesday evening.)

In my opinion, as I see the military map of the battlefields in Ukraine, it is a matter of weeks, maybe ten days, when the Russian troops, which go north from kyiv and south from Kherson, gather and close a large part of the Ukrainian army in such a large boilers. The Ukrainian army will be more or less cut off from supplies. These things should be seen simply realistically. To paint chimeras about how counterattacks happen, that the Azov regiment is already somewhere in front of Moscow, well, of course, it can be done, but it is unrealistic and does not solve anything. I think the Americans, as the main protectors of Zelenský, should tell Zelenský to try to end the negotiations that are taking place in Turkey quickly. In order to establish peace as soon as possible, normal relations in the Eastern European region. And above all lasting relationships, so that peace no longer lasts for some eight years, but at least a generation, or rather several generations.

A few days ago the media reported that YES Shadow Foreign Minister Jaroslav Bžoch would ask Prime Minister Fiala for an explanation of his trip to Kyiv. The reason for this is that President Zelenský’s adviser reportedly mentioned to the Polish server that the subject of the meeting was the possibility of creating a new alliance alongside NATO, which should directly target Russia and be ready to respond to its possible aggression. Bžoch also pointed out that Prime Minister Fiala did not inform the public or the Parliament of such a thing after his return. However, according to Fiala spokesman Václav Smolek, negotiations on no such thing took place. What do you think about it?

I think Prime Minister Fiala’s trip somewhere, allegedly to Kyiv, but it is also said that he never arrived in Kyiv, so the trip was somewhere in Warsaw, so over time everything turns out where the negotiations took place…then the trip should never have happened. These are useless gestures that solve nothing. And they just move the world to World War II. And we certainly don’t want to go there. We don’t want a world war and we want to end the war in Ukraine.

We want a decent life for our people. So far, everything this government has done, which comes from Washington and, unfortunately, also from Brussels, has a cost. If we supposedly have eleven percent inflation here, in fact I would estimate it at around 15, 16 percent, so bread will cost 60 crowns in a while. And the government is unable to impose a moratorium on wheat exports. The government should be primarily concerned with governing here in this country, and only then in Ukraine. Of course, there are refugees here. You have to take care of them. Take good care of them, they are unfortunate people who got into a conflict they can’t, and so they need help. But this cannot be the only activity of the current Czech government.

And about this new alliance, do you think it would be good for an organization other than NATO to work?

Well, I don’t think so at all. From there we went to NATO, where there is a collective leadership, where it seems that the adventurers do not yet dominate the leadership. So of course they made mistakes. This sharpening of relations with Russia was a mistake. But this is not an unsolvable error. I think the insurmountable mistake is to come into direct conflict with the Russian Federation. Russia never said they would fight outside of Ukraine. And he’ll never tell either.

Back to your warning that bread can cost up to 60 crowns. What about food autonomy?

We are de facto able to produce enough wheat, enough grain for our own consumption. It’s 100% coverage. What happened last season. But if the government doesn’t impose a moratorium on exports, they just won’t ban wheat exports, which if you find my article from about fourteen days ago I recommended it, so there will have a problem. Last year the prices were, say, $400 to $500 a bushel. Our producer prices have been significantly lower and world markets are now at $1,100 to $1,300 a bushel. So many speculators are going to export wheat. And then it will be imported to us more expensively, and our people will pay for it. So I had planned it, and now the Syndicat des Boulangers et Pâtissiers is also talking about it. So if I can foresee it, then the Minister of Agriculture should have foreseen it, and the Prime Minister should have foreseen it, for example. These are not complicated numbers. It just requires a bit of economic thinking.

You talked about the fact that, of course, we have to help the refugees before the war. When you look at it, do we manage it? And we will manage it in the future, I mean economically, housing, affordable health care…

I think it’s difficult to manage. Half a million people, when it comes down to it, is a huge blow to the system. The government should realize this, and instead of Warsaw or Kyiv, Prime Minister Fiala should have rushed to Brussels and asked for money to deal with this humanitarian disaster. And now everything must be done to end the conflict, to stop the various sanctions and counter-sanctions, because this also leads to an economic disaster. It’s not just oil and natural gas. The Russians now want them to be paid in rubles from April 1, which they say is a logical step. Of course, it’s a counter-sanction, so it’s hard to react. Unless the West stops taking oil and gas, which I can’t imagine any official would do. And if he does, the people will win, that’s easy. Because people don’t want to experience winter, they want us to have enough food…and that’s another dimension, the global food crisis.


Do you respect Jaromír Nohavica?

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What could be causing it exactly?

From Russia, 25-30 million tons of wheat are exported annually, from Ukraine ten million tons, some ten-twelve million tons of corn. And now it is a question of putting these cereals in the world, because otherwise there would be a famine in Asia and in Africa and in many countries. So, as I said, the conflict must end quickly, stop fantasizing about NATO expansion to Moscow and the Urals, and to the borders of China. Because otherwise the great powers will simply defend themselves. And we have to start solving the problems of this world, especially our own people, our own nations, our citizens. That is why governments are here. And our government!

The government wants to extend the state of emergency, even up to three months. Do you think another emergency is warranted?

It would be justifiable if the government were capable of it. But the government is unable to name the problems. This basically keeps the country undemocratic because censorship has been introduced. Freedom of expression has been disrupted, so what are you playing in democracy? Some not very important sites were canceled, as if they threatened something. This is just one example of this government’s weakness. It’s outrageous, it’s unbelievable and above all it’s illegal!

Many people were also shocked by the decision of the management of the National Theater Opera, which, in view of the current situation in Ukraine, decided not to perform Tchaikovsky’s opera Slippers next season. He is said to be afraid, so to speak, of “pro-Putin propaganda” due to the plot of this work. What do you think?

So I have no words. It’s a bit like when the councilors of Uherský Brod stopped Jaromír Nohavica’s concert or when the University of Olomouc did not want to rent a hall for its concert. These are just outrageous things. It’s just a demonstration of how some people who have their mouths full of democracy, with forgiveness, are not democrats.

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author: David Hora

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