What the CT reports don’t say. Ivan Vyskocil brought in the Ukrainians. Belgrade, were they other bombs? Gentlemen argue and common people die

SUNDAY MORNING WITH IVAN JUMPED “I will probably never forget the incomprehensible eyes of those children. Even the two trembling dogs and the cat said more than all the news about our interested CT, “Ivan Vyskočil talks about what he saw on the Ukrainian border. But he also talks about how he hates the so- saying double meter. “Belgrade and kyiv? The bombs were no different,” he explains. He also comments on what is happening around the Nohavica concerts, as well as the decision of the National Theater: “We are already setting up.” He is also surprised by the closure of several Internet sites. “A sponge full of democracy and freedom and under the hands of deceptively introduced censorship and criminal law pursuing freedom of opinion, of words,” he says, quoting Jan Werich.

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“I come across my old problem, which has plagued me since school. Someone broke the window and it was just an unfortunate coincidence, and in another case it was a top notch thoughtful scammer. At least that’s how the teachers saw it. I’ve always been bothered by the old ‘what’s allowed John isn’t allowed beef’. And when I was little I wondered why Is that so?” thinks Ivan Vyskočil early Sunday morning and continues.

Belgrade and Kyiv? These bombs were no different…

“I know I’m going to repeat myself now. But the bombing of Belgrade is as reprehensible as the bombing of kyiv. And it was also without the consent of the UN, and it was an aggression against a sovereign state. But nobody “hoisted the Serbian flags here. Why? Because our friends bombed it? But the bombs were no different. They also tore up and killed and hit kindergartens and hospitals,” he says sadly , adding, “Solving problems through war is always wrong, whether you do it or someone else does it. These feuds of lords are carried mainly by ordinary people. And the worst are children, mothers and animals. They have no idea what and why this is happening. They haven’t done anything to anyone and they’re taking the most money. I saw it with my own eyes when I was at the Ukrainian border for war refugees. I will probably never forget the incomprehensible eyes of those children. Even the two shaking dogs and the cat said more than any news from our interested CT. When the beast of war breaks the chain, bad things happen, probably on both sides,” he explains, shrugging his shoulders.


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“It just came to our knowledge at the time. If there was a greater will to act, I’m convinced it shouldn’t have happened. You know, I still remember the Caribbean crisis. At that time, war was only a step away, and through negotiations on both sides, God did not pay for it. That they would then have more common sense on both sides? “, he wonders, adding.

“But let’s leave that to those who are more professional than me, but that won’t let me think about it. But let’s see what’s going on here.”

Do we frame again… Nohavica and Tchaikovsky?

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. Ostrava bard Jarek Nohavica has fallen out of favor and is not allowed to sing anywhere. Of course, the verdict only comes from assholes and filthy guys similar to Prof. Putna. The response to similar jams gives people a simple answer and Nohavic’s concert sells out in ten minutes. I don’t know what happened to my colleagues at the National Theater when they shut up and admit that we are almost reaching the Nuremberg Law in framing. That is to say, a contempt deeply rooted in the past. No, Tchaikovsky had nothing to do with our first step. God, are you crazy?? You’re opening the door to disgusting cultural barbarism! When do we start burning books in the squares?” He grabs his head.

In Moscow, they cut off the Internet for citizens? We have disabled several websites!…

“In the morning I always listen to the Czech radio program ‘Jak to saw’. Moderator Zita Senková invited Miroslav Karas. He is a former journalist from Moscow and Warsaw and I have seen him on TV before Czech at the time of the so-called totáč. Earlier reports of Moscow as the best confectionery. Sure. It didn’t work then. He had to. He now described Moscow as the greatest horror. I thought to myself at again, ‘Of course he has to, again, on the other side. I see!’ But he immediately lost my understanding! He started talking about the lack of free speech and how citizens turn off the internet. Surprisingly, I didn’t hear a thump from his microphone. Shame didn’t seem to reach him. And at that time they shut down several websites. Absolutely against constitutional right and against the declared freedom of speech, which we should have guaranteed here by the Constitution of the Czech Republic since v elours”, Ivan Vyskočil is surprised and continues.

“I don’t know who ordered it. In my opinion, the Austrian Interior Minister should have it under his thumb. I once wrote that I didn’t instinctively trust him. After all the STAN sponsors strange and unexplained, after strange companions like Mr. Polčák, who doesn’t really get involved in the issue of awards I don’t know, I don’t know if this is the CHANGE they were pushing so hard before the election “But somehow the change didn’t work! And our unsalted, unfatty prime minister shut up as usual and scarab dead,” the actor doesn’t get it.

I did not expect such a “change” since the rag revolution. Werich has already said…

“It’s horrible what I’m going to say. But it’s worse than under the Communists. At least they admitted they were the dictatorship of the proletariat (imagine who wants what they want). They have been openly admitted to surveillance and censorship of the press. And this is also what we have not wanted since 1968. But now, the sponge full of democracy and freedom, and under the hands of underground censorship and criminal law pursuing freedom of opinion, expression and Mr. Austrian, are slowly prescribing what we can think I really didn’t expect such a ‘change’ from the rag revolution !”

“The next chapter is how the news from Ukraine comes to us under pressure and continues to push the sawmill. I think the Czechs are quite supportive and really helping. But those on top should remember the days of total. Back then, when they stuffed these progressive thoughts up and down, it got more aversion. That’s what Jan Werich once said, the Lord God give him eternal glory. He said that the media of l era were useless: “Because they persuade the convinced and they piss off!” Attention, gentlemen! “, launches Ivan Vyskočil at the end of the morning this Sunday.

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author: David Hora

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