Types of clients in Autíčkář.cz services

This article is a masterpiece, so please excuse errors and lyrical composition. It is the author’s attempt to share with others the joy of his work in the field, which we all love so much about Autíčkáři. Where it smells of gasoline, oil and diesel. However, this is not from the perspective of an enthusiastic driver who counts travel times, apex precision, compression ratio and suspension stiffness. I know that members of the Autíčkáře community do basic repairs and maintenance themselves, or they still go to a court mechanic (just like they used to be regular family doctors 🙂

This article is meant to be a relief and not a mockery or insult, so I don’t even mention specific places and names. I write this from an insider’s perspective – as an admissions technician. I was in both unauthorized and authorized PKW and LKW service (which I ended up staying in and don’t want to change anymore) and I love my job and enjoy it. It’s an unsought after profession, sometimes thankless, sometimes scandalous and annoying. He is such a center in the service between the workshop and the customer, and fortunately I am a total phlegmatic. For example for me the best customer is the one who knows the cars at least a little and doesn’t hesitate to come to a technical inspection, where we can get around them in the pit and we can show everything specifically. But it’s one in fifteen. The rest is the set of client types I mention below.

He doesn’t like his car, it’s a wreck:

“Are you kidding, so many flaws and so much money?” Do it somehow. After all, I haven’t even touched the car for fifteen years. “I’m sorry dear customer, but I didn’t break the vehicle for you”

He doesn’t like his car after driving new aftermarket car:

“Well, it wasn’t on my car before (before repair)” “It didn’t creak like that before” “It was better before” Audi A3, Mercedes A, B, C models).

He bought a car from Topstav for a good price in a bazaar, but…:

“Something is wrong with this engine”

On the one hand, there are such strange quarrels on the bodywork, and the color looks completely different to me at all. “

There’s sand and stains all over the cabin and I also smell a weird smell, but otherwise it’s perfectly fine. Could you inspect the car for me? “For the love of God, why didn’t you take the vehicle to a workshop for a pre-purchase inspection???

But he doesn’t know anything about cars:

“And that’s the problem, the leaking brake cylinder, can’t you glue it?

You say the bent connecting rod of the second cylinder, so I can recover it tomorrow morning?

I have oil instead of coolant in the expansion tank, so what’s wrong? »

He just goes around

“I probably got a clutch behind the town on the hill in the column. Then I’ll leave it here for you and we’ll sit down with the family for lunch.” And you want to write the order after the client’s lunch? Eh well, no, I’ll take it after lunch Hang on to the customer, I’ll look in the drawer and just by chance I have a clutch kit for your 20-year-old car And at normal hours it’s 9 hours, but before eating a duck with honey, it will be. Or not.

“What, are you meeting me in a week?” Forget it, I’ll call somewhere else. After he calls the other five services: I’ll leave him here.

He calls the help desk to see if they can bring the customer’s car. I ask the young woman on the phone what the vehicle looks like. Answer: It cannot open the left window. “Then bring it.” In the narrowest place it is about 70 cm. As a girl, she didn’t really talk about that window.

He is only a driver:

“I don’t know anything about this car, I should have just brought it. Does it brake, does it turn or does it light? I’m telling you, I’m just taking it.
“I’ll get the car. What kind? For that tractor, after all. Well, the white one!” (points to the parking lot, where there are about twenty white tractors).
A Bosnian driver with three gold teeth points to a car with the words: Avto-tu-servis-hej?.
Road maintenance driver: “I have to go today. Servo leaking and transmission not working? I’ll get the tray back in the ATV, don’t worry sir.” Driver has shoulders on back and biceps like a normal person’s thigh, but I’m really curious about that. I watch him sneak into the cabin, take off, and try to dial a number. As he tried, the veins swelled, his face was red like cancer, but physics prevailed. After five minutes he resignedly hands me the keys back, and from his breath I think he’s probably going to die somewhere under a tree.
I set a repair date with the driver. For what he wants to do, I need a car at seven in the morning for an electrician and a warranty technician. He said to me again on the phone: “Of course, sir, I’ll put the tractor there at seven o’clock. Nothing all day, I keep it there, info no. It’s seven o’clock in the evening and a laughing driver arrives in the parking lot , happy to have made it to the seventh.He leaves disappointed when he discovers that in the hour left until the end of the working hours, we will not be able to catch the dashboard and the lighting of the trailer.
“Guys, I ordered the plates for you, and you were done in two hours, right?” We have that, sir, but not when you have three axles and discs, and you kind of forgot to tell us. “

“And also change that water in the lights. But when it starts, the water in the lights immediately boils.” He tells me about a Slovak driver of retirement age who wades through the tipper more than the maximum possible wading depth. And it’s no wonder he got water in the lights because of it. I said with a laugh, “Okay, sir, if you have these water-cooled lights, okay.” But next time, drive a maximum of ¾ of the wheel submerged. And his answer is again disarming: Good sir, but my colleague, he even flounders after the handles – note. author: The handle is 2m.

Vehicle safety:

I call the customer: “You could have told me in advance that you have an electric marten fence under the hood. It works great as a mechanical trap. »
The client wonders: “Can’t you start? All you have to do is put the windshield wiper lever in the second position, press the brake pedal and lower the passenger sun visor. We did this with a neighbor instead of an alarm. Do you know? “

See, sometimes I get the pleasure I wanted to share with you. If this blog is not such a proverb, I might try to write experiences from the reverse and dark side, that is, when service fails again.

I know the expression about the best view in the world. Cognacs only say this about the horse’s back. Bikers again from the saddle of their machines. Well, that’s to me, when you step out in the cab of a twenty-ton, you throw six hundred horsepower into a fifteen-liter engine and put the card in the tachograph. ‘Cause I’ll just shout the test drive here and there 🙂

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