The Russian cockroaches in the Czech Republic have a problem: their hero Putin kills children and women. And he was sober

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Miloš Zeman, who had fraternized with Putin for years, made one of the biggest revolutions in post-November Czech political history in connection with the war in Ukraine, and Russian propaganda used the Czech president as a Trojan horse in the disintegration of the West. . Zeman did not care, on the contrary, he always warmed up under the boiler. He called the sanctions against Russia unnecessary and Ukraine was a country where the spirit of pro-Nazi Banderas was rampant. But when a Kremlin criminal attacked Ukraine, Zeman suddenly called him crazy. However, the president’s Eastern thinking (pro-Russian and pro-China) has not gone away. Only Zeman left the mass murderer.

Former President Vaclav Klaus explains his point of view in an even more complicated way. He was also wrong about Putin, he condemns the war, but there is still a certain but… Like Klausian, numbering, impossible. A comment from the recent past: In May 2014, less than two months after the Russian occupation of Ukrainian Crimea, Klaus arrived at the Russian Embassy in Prague to celebrate National Day. Even Zeman didn’t come then, but Klaus, as a legendary chimerical warrior, showed up. It was as trustworthy as when he stood on the barricade of the Prague uprising in 1945 as a four-year-old.

Change of pro-Russian front

The brutal conflict in Ukraine crippled other Russian cockroaches in the Czech Republic for some time. But just for a moment. The non-parliamentary CSSD and KSCM have helped spread pro-Russian propaganda for years (of course, not all members). After the initial timidity at the start of the war, the Communists quickly jumped on the pro-Russian wave again. This affection for dictatorial regimes is simply pathological to them. The new generations haven’t changed that either. President Kateřina Konečná could tell.

Tomio Okamura and his pro-Russian SPD have chosen a different tactic. After the invasion of Ukraine, the party pushed the Czech equivalent of sleepy Joe (US President Biden), MP Jaroslav Bašta, to the fore for a week or two. At this moment, with all his strength, he occupied an acceptable position. The SPD at first seemed determined (as if they were actually supporting the purple government in this area) and then started telling Orbanov that the weapons destined for Ukraine did not. The circus duo Okamura and Radim Fiala then concluded that it was time to join their disinformants. And the question of refugees arises. This will gradually cause an anti-Ukrainian mood in part of the public and help Russia in a propagandistic way. If we add SPD deputy Jaroslav Foldyna, who could easily change his seat in the Prague Chamber of Deputies (where the Czech Chamber of Deputies sits) for Okhotny Rad Street in Moscow, where the State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation based, we know what we are doing.

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Following an agreement between the Czech secret services (i.e. the state) and those responsible for Internet traffic, disinformation sites spreading lies and manipulations in favor of the Kremlin have also been blocked. We can talk about censorship, which does not belong to a free society. On the other hand, some sites spread Russian war propaganda and published such nonsensical reports about Russia that there were legitimate doubts about the IQ level of the authors of such information. Other previously clearly pro-Russian sites, such as Parliamentary Letters, have softened their rhetoric a bit in the event of a Ukrainian conflict.

However, in addition to politics and the media, we have been able to record pro-Russian views among some people in Czech academic or artistic circles for years. Many of these pro-Russian trolls now watch in horror what their “hero” Putin is doing in Mariupol and elsewhere in Ukraine, where young children and their grandmothers are being murdered.

Therefore, the co-responsibility of the pro-Russian Czech front in Putin’s rampage continues to exist. Every dictator always needs minions at home and abroad to carry out his mad plans. It is his base through which he expands his perverted notions of the world order. In fact nothing new – they did Hitler, Stalin, Mao Zedong or the Cambodian Hannibal Lecter alias Pol Pot.

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The fault is the fault

In the face of the horrors of war in Ukraine, many Czechs are now trying to downplay or outright reject their cooperation and support for Putin’s Russian regime. For some, we view it as a belated, and perhaps sincere, admission. The fact that Putin’s propaganda has always used and abused it before, but this is indisputable and cannot be taken back. An example is songwriter Jaromír Nohavica. He received a medal from Putin four years after the occupation of Crimea. Unless he finds it weird, his business. A strong free society can withstand such excesses. Today, Nohavica affirms that he does not support Putin, but with his attitude the summer relativized the evil. It cannot be modified. You can’t press delete…

Let us recall at the end why Radek Vondráček of the ANO movement of Babiš was not recently elected vice-president of the Chamber of Deputies. Among other things, he has been criticized by the current government for meeting with senior Russian officials in Moscow in 2018, who were (and still are) on US and EU sanctions lists.

In October 2018 (four and a half years after the Russian occupation of Ukrainian Crimea), Vondráček met in Moscow with the head of the State Duma, Vyacheslav Volodin, and the speaker of the Upper House of the Russian Parliament, Valentina Matvijenkova. Both still hold Putin, they both refer to Ukrainians as Nazis, and both are still banned from entering the Czech Republic due to sanctions. Does Vondráček really don’t know or is he playing so stupid?

Radek Vondráček, a prominent representative of the YES movement, poses as an innocent teddy bear in the discussion of his visit to Moscow. But he also served the interests of an angry Russian bear. So the problem of the Russian fifth column in the Czech Republic has not disappeared anywhere. Only in light of the bloody slaughterhouse in Ukraine looks a bit different.

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