Saskia Burešová fights with Kotek. Although we have no “cucumbers”, an affair full of rudeness, stupidity and embarrassment is raging


Photo: Courtesy of Rané Kekely, presenter of Face2Face

The description: Saskia Burešová on Face2Face talk show

WHO IS SPEAKING Saskia Burešová has worked for Czech television for fifty-four years. Unlike Jaroslava Panýrková or Kamila Moučková, she never spoke off the screen against the communist regime, so everything in the halls of television survived, as did her husband, director Petr Obdržálek. TV marriage, TV people. What makes the former host and host of the Kalendárium program so interesting for 29 years that her insulted dignity is making headlines?

She is seventy-five years old, still has beautiful, rich hair, minimal wrinkles, and a resonant, pleasant voice. After all, charm, excellent diction and the ability to learn lyrics quickly brought her to television. She studied acting at DAMU, but instead of the role of Barunka in the television adaptation of Babička, she was cast in a completely different role. The mother of his classmate Jaromír Hanzlík – assistant director at Czechoslovak television – chose Saxony as a suitable and invisible moderator face. The rookie moderator of the then seasoned matador of television entertainment – the comedian and ironic Vladimír Dvořák – was a great support. In 1967, the eminent brunette made her debut with Eduard Hrubeš in the fortnightly for the soldiers’ mailbox, hence the road to the office of the television announcer, the face that viewers saw so often in the screen she almost became a member of our household. She wished us Christmas and New Year, she broadcasts maybe thousands of different shows. The role of the presenters was largely to create the image of Czechoslovak television, which means always looking good, smiling and speaking clearly. In the past, great importance was given to good Czech, and Saskia Burešová has kept it in the calendar to this day.

Endless pages of texts by heart

Today there is a reading device crutch, at the time of Saskie Burešová’s debut there was nothing like it. Everything the advertisers said then had to be memorized. “Even dates and long texts, there were simply no readers at the time.” “It was called taking a wet eye and peeking into the text. We came up with something and always said something, you just had to be witty.” What about today? just came to our knowledge at that time. The facilitator may have also been more relaxed, we were more bound by fear, which (perhaps) was not visible, but we took it nervously. For example, I always had red spots on my neck, even if they weren’t visible, because it covered the makeup,” she revealed in an interview with Czech Radio some time ago. But she still hasn’t gotten rid of the terrifying dreams where she forgets something or can’t find her way to the workshop.

Saskia Burešová on Czech Television PR film for Kalendárium show, photo by Zuzana Páchová. Well, hand on heart. Mrs. Saskia with strong make-up, rich curls and, after all, glasses looks a bit like the so-called Drag Queen (it is usually a man who dresses up as a woman; when styling a female role, certain features (such as makeup) are exaggerated to achieve a significant effect). Drag Queen is often a gay or transgender person, but that’s not a condition…

Fifteen minutes of glory and torment

When the role of Czech television announcer ended, Saskia Burešová started hosting the show Kalendárium, tailor-made for her by her husband, director Petr Obdržálek. Since 1993, Czech viewers have met Saskia Burešová for fifteen minutes on Sunday mornings, and she will bring them a brief overview of the week’s interesting birthdays. An abbreviated overview of jubilees, birthdays and death anniversaries, but also historical milestones is an incredibly carefully curated historical mini-document. It brings to mind figures from history, culture and science and therefore always makes for an interesting excursion into ancient and recent history for loyal viewers. Saskia Burešová is connected to the show as she once was with the announcer’s office. She was never replaced: “I wanted to. On several occasions. For example, if I had a right arm or a broken ankle. You know, during this time, you will have a number of ailments, and I I always begged someone to replace me on television. They said to me, ‘Excluded! You have to continue.’ So I was in front of the camera with a fever, a brace, something also broke in my eye and was covered in blood, so I had to put on sunglasses.” Contrary to the announcer, it’s not a live show, so it’s easier.. She has her loyal viewers, but there are also those who laugh at her a bit, because age and years in the same show simply can’t be denied.When she appeared with her husband at the new premiere of The Phantom of the Opera, they appeared on in an article in the article: “Saskia is linked to television Czech in the same way as the Phantom of the Opera in Paris. Unlike him, however, it’s real … Quality things just don’t look at the public. Saskia has already seen the Phantom of the Opera in 2014, but she liked to remember the famous musical, and he also does not get tired of watching Burešová on the TV screen. They just don’t go out of style. At the time, however, Saskia did not object;

The Kotek case is embarrassing

In some Prima shows, the humor has gotten a bit rough lately, we can’t help but notice that. Especially the celebrities – the contestants of We Love Czech Republic and Incognito sometimes go to the limit of good taste. I saw in Incognito as a celebrity to be guessed by the contestants, Professor MUDr. Roman Prymula and I have been amazed several times. However, the professor apparently has a sense of humor and politely accepted Jakub Prachar and Petra Nesvačilová’s final rude apologies. A few weeks ago, Vojta Kotek broke again in We Love the Czech Republic and told a good story in which an American friend told Saskia Burešová that he was a transhuman. It’s not over, he recorded it for Jakub Prachař and Noid Bárt, and at the expense of the presenter, who is often described as the first lady of Czech television, she joked quite crudely several times during the evening. It’s hard to say how spontaneously she appeared on set and how well the boys wrote themselves into the role.

In the depths of her soul, Saskia Burešová mainly insulted Vojta Kotka. His apologies were in vain, the first lady repeatedly smeared everything in various comments, and they both fed the boulevard a big bite. True, the ragged actor company of men who are no longer inexperienced young men never see it in their mouths, so to speak. However, it is also true that, of course, there are no wrongdoings and they are clearly supported by the creators of these programs. I sincerely believe that Vojta Kotek is not one of the men who would insult a lady of her grandmother’s age unceremoniously. But Saskia Burešová doesn’t take towels either. “It didn’t humiliate me, my mental disorder can’t humiliate me. He didn’t mean it badly, but he’s stupid, it’s about intelligence,” Saskia said of Vojta in a interview with the internet show Face to Face. So they insulted each other and the nation split into two camps: one by the Bureš fans, the other by the Kotks. Perhaps the positive outcome could be that the writers of the shows on Prima hold their noses and don’t budge on the edge of good taste.

How far it can go in a hypercorrect world

Poor Saskia Burešová may have been relieved that she didn’t need such dishonesty at her age, but she didn’t realize that she had given today’s hyper-correct world the opportunity to start a another fight. “Saskia Buresova should, or at least realize, the age for it, she definitely says, commenting on Mr. Kotek’s statement, she says clearly, perhaps unknowingly, because I don’t know her attitude towards trans people to be a trans man is a dishonest thing. Unfortunately, in several other interviews, Ms. Burešová even uses the shameful word transka, and she still doesn’t care. It is sad that this word is used by a woman who has been speaking on Czech public television for several decades,” writes trans woman Lucie Brychtová on Facebook. This saddened the presenter and – again in public – commented: “You know what, I’m not going to talk at all of this subject. You’re very nice, but this really is a witch hunt. It’s horrible. It’s stupid that I have something against trans people,” she said in response to, adding that many of her friends from the LGBT community have called her out and defended her.

This could perhaps be the point behind the controversy, in which celebrities tout strong words such as level of taste, respect for old age, honor, intelligence and pride. Saskia Burešová really doesn’t need to rush anymore, she and Kalendárium will continue to have their admirers. We publicists should then lay our hands on our hearts and recognize that the world has very different concerns at the moment than handling the dispute between an elderly lady and a young man who has forgotten his manners for some time.

I wish good health to the beautiful Mrs. Saskia Burešová and Vojta Kotek a better role than bouncing back in We Love the Czechia.

Entered by: Ela Novakova

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