Orban? Zdechovsky would fuss, he is deeply ashamed

MEPs Luděk Niedermayer (TOP 09) and Tomáš Zdechovský (KDU-ČSL) met at Czech Television Events and Commentaries. They agreed that the EU needs to further strengthen its ties with Russia. Although it will harm the Europeans themselves. Zdechovský also revealed that he would like to slap himself today for taking Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán as his friend. Today, he says, he disagrees with him when it comes to Ukraine.

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At the very beginning of the show, Niedermayer welcomed the arrival of US President Joe Biden in Poland, on the Ukrainian border. According to him, it is a great symbol of the ongoing transatlantic cooperation between the EU and the United States. “It’s a big symbol,” Niedermayer said. “It is a cooperation of all Western democracies, which resisted Russian aggression in Ukraine with unprecedented force,” he added.

He also noted that Biden’s predecessor, Donald Trump, had questioned EU-US cooperation. He also questioned the direction of the UN and other international organizations. Niedermayer appreciated that the current US administration is acting differently.

However, he lamented that the EU is not yet willing to suspend the flow of oil and gas from Russia to the EU, which helps the Russian Federation financially. Some negotiations are underway, but according to Niedermayer, this is moving too slowly. “It’s too slow and it’s not very clear,” Niedermayer said angrily.

Tomáš Zdechovský expressed the same opinion.

  • Vice President of KDU-ČSL
  • European deputy

“Right now we have to defend the interests that come with Ukraine and Ukraine as a whole. And I know that will hurt Europe. What we are talking about now is a really painful solution and Europe is not there. is not really ready. Yes, we would have to replace these supplies quickly, and these resources are. I would say that there is enough gas today, so just take these simple deliveries from Russia by the way – from Azerbaijan , from Qatar, we are talking about these deliveries from America and so on. It can be replaced. But I see a huge problem here. Germany just does not want. Germany and Hungary. We have not accepted the tougher penalties because of them,” an angry Zdechovský said.

He immediately revealed that he was ashamed to call Viktor Orbán his friend in the past.

“I prefer to be bored. I say this quite realistically. Viktor has turned into a man who does not intervene with me, in the case of the Ukrainian crisis, nothing at all. I am ashamed of the Prime Hungarian minister, who does not supply weapons and is not even willing to send weapons to his territory to protect Ukraine,” said Zdechovsky nad Orban.

When Niedermayer spoke again, he warned that Russia could eventually stop the supply of Russian gas and oil on its own, and according to a TOP 09 member, we must be prepared for this eventuality and take care to fill the gas tanks . And continue to seek ways to reduce energy dependence on Russia. According to Niedermayer, every million euros we don’t send to Russia will help ensure that the Russian invasion of Ukraine ends as soon as possible.

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