More than five billion will be needed to integrate Ukrainian children into schools by August, says Gazdík – ČT24 – Česká televize

Gazdík has previously stated that about 17 billion crowns will be needed for the integration of refugees. According to him, this amount is based on the current average cost per student and on the assumption that 120,000 Ukrainian children would enter Czech schools.

According to the latest estimates, there are about 300,000 refugees in the Czech Republic, about half of whom are children. The Minister warned that it is no longer possible to estimate how the situation will evolve. “Nobody knows what the situation will be in May. In June, there may be only half the refugees, or there may be twice as many,” he said. approved budget of the ministry is 249.6 billion crowns.

The money is used to attend adaptation courses or to teach Czech

“At the moment we know that we need 5.2 billion crowns by the end of August,” he said. According to him, this is money for adaptation courses, teaching assistants and other staff or for teaching Czech to foreigners. To finance the adaptation groups, the ministry wants to use simplified grant applications, known as model grants. The government is expected to discuss this next week.

“At the moment it has to be national money (not European subsidies). It is possible if the European Union reimburses us in the future, but we must react quickly. “The European mechanisms are a bit slower after all,” he said. According to the minister, additional teaching assistants or Ukrainian teachers should be paid from regional reserves.

The minister also wants to use money from abroad for Czech language courses or holiday recreation for refugees. “For example, the Norwegian ambassador offered me help from Norwegian funds in this direction in the order of millions of euros. At the same time, we are negotiating in Brussels, ”said the minister. According to him, the conditions under which the summer language courses for refugees could take place could be clarified in May.

School funding should be adjusted

Gazdík reminded that the ministry will also find out at the end of March the evolution of the number of pupils in the schools. He wants to adapt school funding to statistics. According to him, similar data collection will likely be repeated in May. “We will solve the problem of long-term integration of Ukrainian children into Czech schools in September, May and June depending on the situation that will develop,” he added.

As he announced before the outbreak of war in Ukraine, he would like to discuss the possibility of adding money for non-teachers in education this year. But it is not sure that it will work. “We really inherited the state budget in a failing state and we didn’t save for the bad times in these times of plenty. And we’re not in bad times now, we’re in extremely bad times. bad,” he concluded.

Czechia has already issued 233,000 visas

Czechia has so far granted more than 233,000 visas to people affected by Russian aggression. Nearly three thousand more were added on Saturday. Nearly 127,000 refugees have registered with the Police and Assistance Centers for Foreigners since the start of the war. The Interior Ministry announced it on Twitter on Sunday.

The actual number of Ukrainian refugees residing in the Czech Republic is probably higher. According to Prime Minister Petr Fiala’s (ODS) statement on Tuesday, around three hundred thousand refugees have arrived in the Czech Republic since the start of the war in Ukraine. Almost half of the refugees are children, four-fifths of the adults are women.

The number of visas issued has decreased in recent days. On Monday, the interior issued more than seven thousand visas, on Tuesday and Wednesday about 5 thousand, on Thursday less than four thousand and on Friday about 3600. The number of people registering with the foreign police is also decreasing. More than 1,500 of them reported it on Saturday. According to the latest data from the Ministry of the Interior, more than 35% of children under 15 do not have to declare their stay.

Most of the refugees still remain in Prague, their number is around 57,000, according to statistics from the Ministry of the Interior. The assistance center in Prague, which is common to Prague and the Central Bohemian region, has so far taken care of 56,600 people, more than eight hundred on Saturday, firefighters said on Twitter.

Other centers in Central Bohemia – in Kutná Hora, Mladá Boleslav and Příbram – received 202 people on Saturday, more than 500 last week on the same day, more than 600 two weeks ago. The center was hosted by 83 Ukrainian refugees. Since the start of their operation, the regional assistance centers in Central Bohemia outside Prague have taken care of 17,807 people and accommodated 2,635 of them.

Before the war, refugees received new temporary protection visas. They can stay in the Czech Republic for up to a year. At the same time, they have access to public health insurance, education, the labor market and are entitled to additional support, such as housing. Due to the influx of refugees, the government wants to extend the state of emergency for about two months. It is now valid from March 4 for 30 days. Members will consider the request at a special meeting on Tuesday.

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