Jamila Stehlikova finished with colleagues from Moscow. It was too much

27.03.2022 18:23 | From the nets

The war in Ukraine breaks the Czech-Russian friendship between the peoples. The doctor and former minister Džamila Stehlíková knows something about it. On her twitter, she confided that due to opposing views on the Russian invasion of the neighboring state, she had to meet up with her colleagues from the Moscow medical faculty.

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The description: Dzamila Stehlikova

Dr. Stehlíková said she received dismissive behavior from friends in Moscow when she offered to help them during the war. “I wanted to help my ex-colleagues from Moscow. They didn’t want to, they spoke to me with protection and hatred,” Stehlíková announced on his twitter.

The reason is their incompatible attitudes towards the operation of invading troops in Ukraine. “They approve of the war. When I think of my Ukrainian colleagues and friends who escaped from Odessa and Kharkov…”, she added.

Such a conflict of opinion put an end to all his contacts with colleagues from Moscow. “Let my colleagues at my alma mater, the Korsakov Clinic, not be mad at me. It’s over,” he says.

More specifically, they are colleagues from the ranks of doctors. “University professors, psychiatrists (with whom we celebrated thesis defenses) became stunned and apparently joined the ‘Z’. The higher the academic is in the hierarchy, the more militant he is. I don’t want not name it, but the highest official told me it was probably a provocation,” Stehlíková explained.

As the reactions show, she’s not the only one going through a similar experience.

“I also ended a few friendships. I never want to see them again, the sad thing is that they are Czechs – pro-Kremlin svi…”, wrote Ivet Mino, a contributor to the discussion.

The idea that doctors are politically neutral took over during the war. “And I always thought, or at least hoped, that doctors and other hospital staff and the like would be politically neutral and look at the situation from a distance, helping both sides and doing their job. At least I believe that in many if not most cases it has worked in the past. Sad,” wrote commentator Tomáš Rytíř.

No wonder, because Russia is a country ruled by fear, thinks another debater. “Nowadays, he can control even those who recently spoke (and thought) differently,” he says.

“On the other hand, I know several young people from the Volga universities, and they, on the contrary, are full of hope that the Russian colossus will crumble,” another user noted. “They say they are not alone. But they are afraid of bloodshed.”

Stehlíková also left for the castle in mid-March because of Russia, which had enjoyed considerable favor with President Miloš Zeman in the past. Although Zeman now opposes Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine, Stehlíková cannot forget his pro-Russian rhetoric and attitudes during the war.

Zeman condemned Russia’s aggression, saying Russian President Putin was a “madman” to isolate and called for the toughest measures and sanctions. Doctor Stehlíková obviously doesn’t believe it.

“It was Milos Zeman who raised Putin’s lies to the norm. It was Zeman who brought the Russian custom to the Czech Republic to humiliate the citizens of his own state. It was Zeman who made the Castle a ship Russian warships in the heart of Europe. It is still there. Russian warships, go … “, wrote Stehlíková, against whom Hrad filed a lawsuit for his statements about the health of President Miloš Zeman.

It is possible that anti-Russian sanctions will affect people around the castle, underlined the chairman of the parliamentary security committee, Pavel Žáček (ODS). “I wouldn’t mind at all if the government’s measures affected the property of some people around the castle, which would obviously belong to Putin’s party,” Žáček said. “We can increase the number of people on the sanctions lists based on our own findings,” he said as he considered expanding the list of people to whom EU member states would freeze sanctions. assets or prevent entry into their territory under anti-Russian sanctions. .

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