“I’m a complete b*b.” Moravec foamed. Fial’s minister won’t put that behind the box

“It’s expensive”, launched Václav Moravec on the serious subject of food prices. And he pointed out that not only are energy prices rising, but also that Ukraine is being talked about as the grain of Europe. And now Russia is attacking this grain.

“Czech agriculture is at the highest level,” Nekula began. According to him, EU agriculture ministers discussed the situation and agreed that the EU would spend up to 12 million euros to support agriculture, Czechia should receive around 270 million crowns and An additional 549 million could be added to national resources.

According to Doležal, this is a welcome help, but it is not enough. “We have generated billions of billions in recent years, so this 810 million is a welcome help, but it is not enough.

Nekula reacted by saying that farmers will now receive 35 billion crowns, then every year it will be 5 billion more.

Warm without compromise: the government has not done anything yet

But then Teplý spoke up. “I’ve been making dairy for 46 years and I won’t get drunk on a croissant and promises. The government hasn’t done anything yet. I’ll tell you so people understand. I paid 17 million for the gas and electricity last year I paid 52 million in January this year How can I hide it in the margins Now comes the price of diesel I warn here that it is about to fall. And I did not come here to sew a member of the government, a decent member of the government. But I do not envy his situation here at all. I would now like the minister to find the courage and the punch on the table that the politicians must abandon and the citizens must secure. … When you call in the corridors of the material reserves of the state, there is an echo. Perhaps the minister has better information, but that there is no point in saying that the situation is good, if it is not good d u everything,” Teplý began.

Doležal agreed with Teplý, noting that wheat volumes for next year were running out, also due to him buying Poland. According to him, the government must intervene and keep in mind that we are not 100% self-sufficient in the production of pork, in the production of vegetables, fruits, etc. According to Doležal, it can happen that more than one cow farmer goes bankrupt and then there is nothing left to make butter.

Nekula offered a slightly different perspective. “We are members of the EU and cannot act against the European Union. We have a huge overproduction of grain, so we cannot act against them and prevent them from selling their grain,” Minister Nekula said. “We live and work in the European common market and in this market we will have to face this situation”, added the minister.

  • Minister of Agriculture

He also pointed out that the government is trying to maintain stocks in the state material reserves, but will not do so at the cost of additional pressure on the market.

And there Teplý attacked again “I expect to sell a cube of butter for 65 crowns from the chain. This is an astronomical increase, ”warns the boss of Madeta, adding that when retail chains add their own margins, a cube of butter can cost 80-85 crowns.

“And if I take it according to me, I’m from the village, then my grandmother comes to the store, sees a cube of butter at 85 crowns, then they go to the pump with my father and he says, I’m going to take only ‘half a tank, because we don’t have more. And they won’t go to the cottage,’ Teplý gave an example.

He is angry with the government because, according to him, it wants to give subsidies to these small farmers who do nothing. They only mow the grass once in a while. “Feel free to call me agrobaron, but I say that 96% of large suppliers will ensure food deliveries”, underlined the boss of Madeta.

Nekula promised to help Czech farmers and food producers stay afloat. And he promised to help Czech consumers as well.

And Moravec fired: “I’m a complete Eagle Mountains jerk. So can you tell me what you’ll be discussing in government, what you’ll be insisting on and what priorities you won’t shy away from? this involves, for example, reducing VAT on foodstuffs.

“Reducing VAT will not lower food prices. Let’s not paint it rosy. It will only create another hole in the state budget,” the minister said.

Let’s leave the Green Deal for a long time

When the President of the Agrarian Chamber of the Czech Republic spoke again, he asked about the time to postpone the European Green Deal. “I would say at this point: let’s leave the Green Deal for a long time. It was a plan for peacetime, but now it has to be reconsidered,” Doležal called in the studio.

According to him, another question must be addressed now. “We have to think about whether we want pork, dumplings and zelo for lunch, or just want the dry dumpling here, because the pork just won’t be there,” he warns. According to him, the government should strive to strengthen the food self-sufficiency of the Czech Republic, because now it will have to deal with, for example, the fact that they restrict pig farming in Spain because they have imported cereals from Ukraine to feed them, which is now coming to an end. So, according to Doležal, pork will not be so cheap and good.

The leader of Madeta Green Deal was also torn to pieces. “It’s stupid that has just been born in someone’s head, and someone is afraid to say that some electrification of combines is stupid. Minister, let’s stop making people in Greece have something to eat, and let’s make sure we have full stores because otherwise people will give us a bite,” Teplý said.

Minister Nekula assured that the government would help Czech farmers and food producers, but not take measures that would ultimately harm Czech consumers. He also stressed that the government wants to support small and medium farmers.

And here he came across Teplý. “That’s the tragedy, you know? I hope you will be a minister for a long time and that I will live to see you in Tišnov and solve the food crisis. Family farming does not provide enough milk. I hate to say it, but I have to lean on the big guys. You also don’t pay for the cheese at the sink at home. I had to buy an expensive line for 800 million, and today I will feed the republic if I have milk,” Teplý said in the studio.

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