Fiala na Babiše: You serve the Czechs against the Ukrainians. And the thing that fell

After the first 100 days as Prime Minister, Prime Minister Petr Fiala (ODS) expressed hope that the war could be over as soon as possible. But it also warns citizens with a blast.


Is Petr Fiala doing well as Prime Minister?

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“But we will face the consequences of war not only this year, but also the next. I have no better news. The beatings we all see here are terrible. We may have only seen them in images of the Second World War. It’s terrible, it will have terrible consequences for Europe. I don’t think we all realize it yet. Even I, who had warned against Russia for a long time, I don’t could not have imagined such terrible things would happen,” Fiala said in a serious voice.

At the moment, according to him, it is necessary to move towards the end of the war, that is, to support Ukraine with all its strength, both economically and with arms supplies, as well as by actions against Russia. “This terrible war in Ukraine cannot overtake Putin,” Fiala said.

According to the Czech Prime Minister, the Russian President must see that he has no choice but to sit down at the negotiating table and negotiate peace. According to the Prime Minister, the West is there to save Ukraine. About nothing else. Six weeks ago these people lived as normally as the Czechs, Moravians and Silesians do today, but then the Russians bombed their homes, forced them to quit their jobs and fight for the freedom of their country. .

According to Fiala, we are working for Ukrainians to use a whole range of weapons, but they must be weapons that Ukrainians know, that they can handle immediately and, if necessary, that they can also repair in the event of damage. According to Fiala, there could also be tank deliveries.

“It’s also being worked on, but I can’t go into more detail. We are at war. The war is next to us. The alliance is trying to provide tanks and other resources. The effort is just obvious, because the Ukrainians are also fighting for us, and I think we all know that. They need enough technology to defend themselves because they face a huge Russian superiority. Vladimir Putin does not s I was not expecting two things. With the determination of the Ukrainians to defend themselves, and with the unity of the West”, remarked the Czech Prime Minister.

So far, the Czech Republic has provided Ukraine with military assistance of around 2 billion crowns. “I cannot confirm any specific amount, but we will continue to deliver. I emphasize again that Ukraine is also fighting for us. The illusion that if Putin conquers Ukraine he will stop, is actually not that an illusion, because he wouldn’t stop, he would continue, because he has this vision of restoring spheres of influence, and that is something that is unacceptable to us,” he said. -He underlines. Wallflower.

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In general, Fiala confirmed that the Czech Foreign Ministry summoned a Russian ambassador to Prague because of Russia’s treatment of Czech diplomats in Moscow. “And I’ll leave the rest of the information to the State Department.”

Fiala also paid attention to the government’s efforts to extend the state of emergency until the end of May.

“This is an unprecedented wave of migration, with 300,000 people coming to the Czech Republic in a single month. This is a huge number. We are basing ourselves on documents from the Ministry of the Interior and we have estimated that we need a state of emergency by the end of May. And that’s actually fair. We could go to the House and ask for an extension of just 30 days, but we already know that wouldn’t be enough Also, we are not using the state of emergency to curb Czech citizens, as has happened in the past. Czech citizens will not be affected by this state of emergency. We need him to deal with the wave of refugees,” said the Prime Minister.

He thanked with all his breath all the people involved in the management of such a large wave of refugees. “It works in an exemplary way,” said Petr Fiala, adding that up to three percent of the population could come in numbers to the Czech Republic. “We are not asking for any quota from the EU. If these people want to stay here, let them stay here. But we are asking the EU for financial help and then for these humanitarian bases,” Fiala said.

They are also trying to negotiate that other EU funds be used to deal with the consequences of the war, but according to Fiala it is a long-distance race.

Fiala: Babiš tries to pit Czech citizens against Ukrainian refugees, and I refuse

He then vehemently rejected comments by former Prime Minister Andrej Babiš (ANO), who accused the five-party coalition government of doing nothing for Czech citizens. Fiala immediately counterattacked.

“It’s an absurd statement by Andrej Babiš, because we are dealing with the wave of refugees and we are also dealing with Czech citizens, because if we don’t pay attention… then imagine what happens The former prime minister knows what he is saying, he is trying to pit Czech citizens against Ukrainian refugees, Ukrainian refugees against Czech citizens, and I refuse,” Fiala said.

“Moreover, he is not right, because we are also taking measures for Czech citizens. He has not prepared any programs to help entrepreneurs. We put the money into it – 3-5 billion crowns. And more and more things. We did things that led to lower fuel prices,” Fiala continued, shooting.

Among other things, there was a debate in the EU about energy price caps, but after a long debate it came to the conclusion that this was not the best solution, because such a measure would end up being paid for by the middle class again.

“I lead the government, we have to agree on the government, we help people and we want to continue to help. And when we agree on that, we will come before the citizens and tell them everything clearly and intelligibly. This means that there is no chaos in front of us, something was said in the morning and something else in the afternoon, “Fiala remotely swept away the Babiš practice of the previous YES government and CSSD.

Generally speaking, he recalled that in the first 100 days his government had to deal with covid, deal with the collapse of a major energy supplier, deal with the Russian invasion of Ukraine and to the wave of refugees caused by this Russian invasion. There is also considerable inflation, which, according to the Prime Minister, is caused, among other things, by the unprecedented indebtedness of the Czech Republic, which was launched by the leader of the ANO movement, Andrej Babiš, when he was Prime Minister. In this sense, the first 100 days of the reign of Petr Fiala are very special.

He also underlined that, contrary to the past, Czechia today plays an important role within the EU in dealing with the consequences of Russian aggression against Ukraine. “We are leading the way to a large extent,” said Petr Fiala.

He also added that Czechia is also freezing the assets of Russian oligarchs in the Czech Republic. Hundreds of millions of crowns of Russian oligarchs would have been frozen. And now we have to decide how to proceed in this matter, how to change the Czech legislation.

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