What do you have to do with it? Mach asked for barrels from Orlík. It was a shock

Ludvik Cerny. It is the name of the most brutal executioner of the Eagle murders, the famous case of the 1990s, commemorated by the Czech television series of the same name. His fate was also poisoned by the stories of interesting personalities in Czech football, whether in Liberec or Prague…

In Czech detective series, this is an iron rule – as it was in Iron Sparta. You must have noticed long ago that there is always a Spartan flag, a poster or, for example, an ashtray with the emblem of the Letna club in the offices of high-determination and low-paid investigators.

As in the 1990s. In them, however, Slavia also did not suffer – although, as they say. The police commando is barely preparing for Karel Kopáč – and the leader of the eagle killers, unaware of anything, watches the shooting in the red-white match with Freiburg in the 1st round of the UEFA Cup on TV . We are in September 1995.

“I remembered it immediately,” says Zdeněk Kudela, a former Slavic secretary. “Šmicer, Bejbl, Kristofík…”

Other memories, however, make the blood clot in the veins. The series depicts the investigation of a gang that dumped its victims into sealed barrels with lye from the Žďák Bridge to the bottom of the Orlická Dam. The most brutal criminal was Ludvík Černý, carrying two telling nicknames.

One was Patient: because of his behavior, when, among other things, he cut his legs after shooting the victims and shouted: But I am a quartet! The second was infantile: Mimísek. It was because of his innocent childish face, which, like his exemplary family life, contrasted with the horrific murders for which he was – as the only one of the group – sentenced to life imprisonment.

Frenkie’s Execution

However, not for the one that was “only” attributed to him, because men did not prove it to him. It is a black solitary action: in Liberec in June 1993, he must shoot the Kosovar Albanian Afrima Kryezio, nicknamed Frenkie. He used a Skoprion submachine gun wrapped in a plastic bag so no one could find ammo. The execution took place in the center of town.

At that time, coach Vlastimil Petržela was already working in Liberec in Slavia. “I lived the crazy time I saw in the 1990s. I remember everything,” he says. Including Frenkie. “He lived two floors below my wife with my girlfriend. I saw him once. A tall Albanian, he started wearing a black leather coat,” he says.

Petržela got acquainted with businessmen from Liberec who supported the local Slavs. They respected him, for example, he could go to lunch for free in their restaurants. But he also saw fear. Scared of Frenkie. “I lived it with them. Frenkie approached and started blackmailing them, terrified. When they were talking about football, everyone put a gun in front of them. Slowly, I was afraid to come in. Someone ‘one would hurry him,’ he turns around. ‘Everyone got together, he must have been very scared.’

But just now. Frenkie was found after you ceased to live. “So I learned that at noon, this bastard was rolling with his Bavarian, and the guy shot him with a submachine gun. And it was probably Black, “he says. “Everyone was suddenly relieved .”

The BMW case

Former Spartan boss Petr Mach also came across Černý. He reported to the police that they had stolen his luxury BMW, which he parked at Ruzyně airport. Like his long-fingered right hand and important contacts for Miloš Moravec. Together with him and former ODS interior minister and club board member Petr Čermák, they went on vacation to Portugal. Mach received a three million dollar insurance policy, but in 1998 he was charged with having his car stolen.

The cars were taken to Ukraine, but at the border they stopped Moravcovo, and he was right behind the wheel – Black. Otherwise, the driver of Mercedes-Benz Bohemia Prague. “Criminals forced me to testify against Mach and Moravec,” he said in court. However, the owner of Sparta repeatedly ordered the whole event. However, he pointed to Moravka, whom he described as a close acquaintance who lent him his car. But Moravec refused everything.

“I have nothing to do with Black,” Mach said. According to his words, he was always afraid that his name from the mouth of Černý et al. he was not heard in court. Strength. “They brought these people there, and to be honest, I had such a small soul,” he says. “You don’t know if they promised him a radio radio, and he says, ‘Yes, I know him.’ But it didn’t happen, they told the truth that they had never seen me in my life.”

He was later given five years for failing BMW, although he maintained it was not his owner (he served two and a half years). However, it wasn’t just a stolen car. The criminals even attacked Mach because of the Eagle murders themselves. Jan Štoček, the head of the Eagle Murders investigation alias Major Plíšek from the 90s, played by Martin Finger, allegedly hit him during the interrogation.

“He started showing me pictures of these barns, these barrels, and he was like, ‘What do you have to do with that?'” Mach describes.

” You are crazy ! he says. “It was a shock to me.”

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