The beautiful actress pays her husband time in StarDance. She’s already been promoted to queen, but talking about kids? It will make her angry


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The description: Veronika Khek Kubarova and Krause

HOT CHAIR Sixteen years have passed like a twig wave since the public first noticed a charming young actress with comedic talent on screen. Raftáci is always green, but for Veronika Khek Kubařová it has long been replaced by a long series of film roles. This year, six, four romantic comedies and two fairy tales are destined for cinemas. After winning the StarDance, dancing became a part of her life along with her husband, her dog, and hiking.

At the start of the Jan Kraus Show interview, like many times before, Veronica’s unusual surname, which she adopted after her husband, was brought up. Jan Kraus struggled with the pronunciation and the actress laughed: “It’s like a conversationalist,” she admitted. “Looks like someone peeked.…I knew it would be complicated with the name, but I felt like it was his and mine. – But it certainly wasn’t not my intention to be exotic because of the name,” she adds. offered her husband the chance to accept Cubar’s name, which he declined.

Veronika Khek Kubarova and Krause

To be clear: an exotic surname does not signal any foreigners. “Well, he’s not black. He’s white, Czech as a log. The surname would be of Germanic origin. My husband told me that his family probably came to see him during the Thirty Years’ War. But of course I’ve been the butt of many forums since the wedding. Friends make various parody sounds about it, like it’s actually sneezing. Or it sounds Swedish, like the name of the IKEA table. It’s mispronounced. But I wanted to have both names, because my sister and I are the last two daughters of Kubař, I don’t want our family to die from horsetail. And at the same time, I wanted to be my husband. And when today’s weather offers that possibility…I know it sounds a little weird, but now it’s just me,” the actress shared a while ago with her double surname in an interview for However, Jan Kraus was much more interested in how the 10th year StarDance winner with her husband had and still has during a demanding competition.

Pot-to-pot contact

“It’s hard for this relationship, because you’re sticking with someone else for six months, and that’s pretty sharp! Inside those bends, there has to be – as they say – a contact, that is to say pan to pan”, explains the talented dancer, and with a laugh, she admits that she had gotten so used to it that she tended to stick to everyone. “Then I started to get used to the pan, as soon as I approached somebody, ‘so I met my friend at Kavka and I stayed with him and he backed off, what the hell What are you doing? What are you doing? And I’m sorry, I’m sorry, we’re trying now! So I was physically used to staying together. But it’s gone! I’m back to normal.” According to her, she is still in contact with her dance partner and they have become friends. “Dancing is a beautiful thing”, Veronika dreamily recalls, who continues to dance. He and Jan Kraus then noticed that something could be known on the second, and Veronica liked the moderator’s analogy that he always perceived the woman as a guitar, which he gently but firmly gripped to finally create a chord of harmony They say it’s meant to be like that.

Veronika Khek Kubarova and Krause

Partner Snacks

As contestants dance on StarDance through to the finals, they spend training and competing for six intense months of their lives. Fortunately, Veronica’s husband understood: “He is a director and he is used to the fact that an actor lives several lives. He says that the actor has a body of trade, that it is his working tool “, the artist praises her husband, but adds in a breath that these six months have been very demanding for both him and the girlfriend and later wife of his dance partner. However, they were extremely tolerant and even prepared snacks for the contestants. Jan Kraus admits he probably wouldn’t be able to, but Veronika laughs, “Couldn’t you peel a carrot?” So her snacks were obviously healthy, while her partner carried a bun full of “work”.

Repayment schedule for a loan from a husband

“Our two partners had a hard time,” repeats the actress. She then self-critically admits that she was not a good wife at the time of the contest. “But I knew that one day it had to happen, that I had to give him back what he gave me.” But now her debts to her husband are almost paid off. “I have a repayment schedule, so it’s up to him,” Veronika concludes. “I understood that it was a great generosity for him to give me this experience. I was a big fan of this competition and I really wanted to be there; and the fact that he gave me such a course is very important of her and I really appreciate that.” But she didn’t reveal how the repayment schedule works.

Veronika Khek Kubarova and Krause

How to become a queen on horseback

Veronika Khek Kubařová plays the queen in the newly released film The Secret of the Old Bambita 2. Doesn’t she feel too young at thirty-four? “On the contrary,” she assured the reader in an interview on Aktuálně.cz. “I was very flattered to be a queen at my age. Worse, she had to ride a horse and look royally dignified. It was snowing and in this terrible winter a scene awaited me, in which I come out of the water and wash me in the mud. And the very next day, the filmmakers put me on horseback in the open-air museum and said to me, “You’re going to the chalet over there. Even the staff didn’t expect to see me.” such a drone in the saddle, so at some point the royal crown flew out of me, but it went well and I was proud of myself for surviving.”

Aren’t there a lot of romantic comedies?

“As a viewer, I like both artifacts and so-called mainstream films, which people go to the cinema the most. That’s why I like to play in romantic comedies. If this genre is not close to some of my colleagues and that they suffer during filming, so it’s normal that they avoid it. On the other hand, it doesn’t annoy me, on the contrary, it fills me with joy. be my job differently than others, but from my point of view the most important things that actors encounter at work are While filming The Secret of the Old Bambitka 2, I may have had the opportunity to acting with Ondřej Vetchý. I was really looking forward to filming with him, because he is one of the few actors whose intense masculine charisma is felt in front of the camera. And I don’t care if Ondra and I make a family film little by little. budget, a romantic comedy, an endless series or a fairy tale.” Ondřej Vetchý will see her in another romantic comedy ic this year, where she also meets another star, Aňa Geislerová. The movie is called President, but it’s definitely not about politics, it’s mostly about the right to love.

Veronika Khek Kubarova and Krause

He mainly runs a dog at home

What does an artistic marriage of a director and an actress look like? “It just came to our knowledge at that time. But somehow reasonably. We both like the work a lot, but at the same time we’re not done. We both have a lot of “other hobbies and interests that fulfill us. My husband lives a lot of sport, I am with him. We have a dog, so we like nature walks, travel, cross-country skiing in winter. Sometimes my husband signs us up for a beach volleyball tournament. However, he is about seven levels ahead of me, so I come home full of bruises. But we enjoy it and we never get divorced because of it,” explains Veronika in his face-to-face interview.When asked who directs whom in his home, he answers with a smile that the dog is probably the director in their home.

Indecent question

But then moderator Rene Kekely casually asks if Veronika and her husband aren’t going to have any more children. This is a question that the actress does not tolerate and will leave the host. “I’m ready for this question, so you probably won’t like me very much because I have a thoughtful answer. You know what? It seems to me that I have now asked you if you have regular bowel movements. Or some women if she has regular periods. Just for something intimate that isn’t usually discussed in public. I understand that it tempts people to like a person. That they were interested in their life. But for me, everything it has such personal and intimate rhythms that I don’t want to talk about it. I don’t share my bed linen with people and it’s the same, it’s a question of inner intimacy. In general, it seems to me that for most women such questions are insensitive and rude, ”he concludes the debate on the subject once and for all.

Hitting in the lives of celebrities is a waste of an aggressive boulevard. We prefer to see how beautiful Veronica Khek Kubařová is in films and in interviews, and how she manages to transform herself from characters in romantic comedies into characters with serious and deep stage experience. She is charming, funny, she has a temperament and a joy to work and to live. He wishes her to live her life with a smile in the years to come.

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