Shock, the biggest mistake. kyiv arrived and everything collapsed. Prochazkova about Ukraine

On Wednesday they invited journalist Petra Procházková to the Technical University of Liberec. The subject was clear. The War in Ukraine and the Causes of Russian Aggression. Procházková has been involved in these fields for thirty years and since 1992 she has been a correspondent for Lidové noviny in Russia. In recent years, she has often traveled to the now infamous and completely destroyed Mariupol, a port and industrial city on the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. Today is hell on earth. “No one can pick up the dead in the streets. They rest for a day, two, sometimes a week, where they died. There is no one to pick them up, and especially no one to bury them. My cousin is a member of a funeral home. At first they tried to collect the corpses in one place, then they dug a big pit and buried them all there. There is no other option,” Spartak Stěpnov said in Petra Procházková’s text to Deník N, with whom he and his wife became friends during their visits to Mariupol.


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“I often had to find the survivors in a number of bodies, take them out and see if they had a chance. If it wasn’t hopeless, I treated their wounds with what I had. I I’m desperate that I had to leave the city and leave these people there. But I couldn’t join them anymore,” explained Natálie, Spartak’s wife, a nurse. They both left town at the end of last week. No. But Spartak is a wheelchair user, and he decided it was a burden on others when someone had to help him down the stairs as he bombed and rushed into the basement. Thanks to this indisposition, however, they left the city. The reporter told them at the beginning of the debate about them – ethnic Russians who were expelled from their city by the Russians.

I only expected a small war, the attack on kyiv was a shock

Despite her experience with Russia, Petra Procházková, like many others, did not believe what would happen if the Russians invaded all of Ukraine and also attacked kyiv. “Of course, everyone asked me, because I’ve been doing Ukraine and Russia for many years. Hey, is there going to be a war? I told them – she would, but Recently, I suspected that the Russians were up to something, although I took the heavy harassment and concentration of troops around the Ukrainian border as a show of force and great pressure. own term for a little war. It’s a winning little war that’s supposed to bring benefits to the house. You won’t burn out too much, you won’t get that much, but you look like a winning military leader. I thought that the Russians would try to expand the territory of these breakaway republics to all or a substantial part of the administrative regions of Luhansk and Donetsk, because since 2014 they only hold a small part of them,” he said. she warned.

“I thought they were interested in left-bank Ukraine, east of the Dnieper. They historically consider that region to be Belarus and kinda think it belongs to them. They argue that Russian is the main language there. Although not entirely Russian, it is a language between Russian and Ukrainian and the languages ​​of the other nations of the former Soviet Union. Especially Donbass is a mixture of all the nationalities of the former Soviet Union. We thought that the Russians had decided that this left bank Ukraine was theirs and that they would try to occupy it. And always disguised on the separatists that they will claim how they have suddenly acquired tanks and other equipment. I also admitted that they could openly go there saying that they were going to protect the Russian-speaking population. It was my idea the day before the invasion,” he said. she revealed.

“And then I suddenly saw that they were shooting at Kyiv. I was shocked. You have been working in one field for so long and all your ideas suddenly crumble. I wouldn’t wish that on anyone. I wondered why I I hadn’t guessed. Although I wasn’t alone. Even Spartak said that they wouldn’t really believe it, that they thought they would go to their place, but not to kyiv. We were trying to guess the thought of a normal person, we were looking for some logic The attack on the left bank of Ukraine, plus the creation of a corridor south along the coast of Azov to Crimea, seemed to me logical. I don’t think now from a moral point of view, but military, strategic. And from Moscow’s point of view, she has it,” she said.

“It just came to our knowledge at that time. From their point of view, it would still make sense that they attacked military installations, destroyed the airport. But that you were driving tanks in many ways in a territory where they hate you is completely against logic. This direction from Belarus via Chernobyl to kyiv is, in my opinion, the biggest mistake they could have made. kyiv is a huge and dilapidated city. You do not never surround. How could this happen to someone?” she asks. “They made bad decisions. So I didn’t believe he would make them. There are now various reports that Putin is isolated, receiving bad news. It is said that he has been in power for a very long time, more than twenty years, and you’re only surrounded by people who tell you what you want to hear. You’ll even believe your own propaganda. It may have happened to him,” she said.

The first channel is something amazing, primitive propaganda

Petra Procházková also tries to watch Russian television. “The first channel is something amazing. The first day you watch it, say to yourself, are you crazy? What are these fascists talking about? Ukraine is fascist. But not only her. All the West is fascist and they are going to Russia. And this is their great patriotic war. It’s really there. The propaganda there is quite primitive,” she said, adding that it hadn’t been the case before. “At first I laughed about it, then I found out a lot of people out there believe it,” she remarked. Moreover, the situation is deteriorating and freer media like Echo Radio of Moscow have been banned. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. Everyone in the car was listening to this radio in Russia. It was a big news channel that gave the environment another view. Let’s go .Like my favorite TV.It’s also the end,” she said.

Then she talked about the Russian inferiority complex. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. I guess we are also to blame. Maybe we were insensitive, they couldn’t understand them. I don’t know. The feeling of the Russians to our regard is certainly reproachful. They tell us – you have always been elated. It is difficult to negotiate with such people, ”she said, recalling her conversation with the pro-Kremlin political scientist Dmitry Yevstafyev, who bears an eloquent title : you thought we were cockroaches, now you’ll see.

“No one in Russia today will tell you that the Ukrainians belong to Russia, so we decided to take them. The main reason is that they wanted to attack us. They constantly felt threatened. Yes, states very close to joined the North Atlantic Alliance. But would anyone like to attack them? I can have a thousand things against the Americans and the North Atlantic Alliance. But I really don’t think that ‘they want to attack Russia. A large part of the Russians honestly thought so,’ she pointed out.

How to eliminate Putin? And won’t someone worse come after him?

Various questions came to Procházková from the crowded university auditorium. For example, what would happen after the possible elimination of Vladimir Putin, if it would not be counterproductive and if the Russians would not have chosen someone worse. The interviewer mentioned the current Russian Defense Minister, Sergei Shoigu, who, by the way, has been missing for 12 days due to alleged heart problems. “Shoigu wouldn’t be the worst. He’s certainly not a complete jerk. And, for example, Foreign Minister Lavrov is a very educated man from Armenia. If you’re driving something and you don’t jump in time, you won’t jump. That’s the problem with these people. I’m sure Lavrov knows what a huge problem it is, “she thought. And for this elimination? “How to do? It is complicated. Putin, like any longtime leader, is paranoid. Accessing it is very problematic. According to reports, only five people come into physical contact with him, including some of his bodyguards. He is isolated. Two years of covido also helped. They completed the journey of a man in power for twenty-two years to absolute isolation. When you’ve been locked up in the Kremlin for so long, you can’t even buy a ticket or take the metro. You can’t do anything because they’ve done everything for you. How can you eliminate such a person if he only has security around him and no one else is allowed to go to him? she replied.

“I rather think – but I’m wrong to predict – that if anything could happen if Russia continued to lose on the Ukrainian front, if Russian mothers revolted, carrying black bags with their sons’ limbs, I would see a coup. It’s always been the case in Russia. They don’t have a choice, but they’re pretty coupled. At this point, I might not care about a military junta. They have to get rid of the dictator, withdraw from Ukraine, calm the situation. After all, any reasonable soldier must understand that this medieval war that he is waging will not lead to success on the world stage”, underlined Petra Procházková, and the debate of almost two hours has ended.

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author: Oldrich Szaban

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