Photo of Fiala and Biden: Experts in body language and handshake etiquette

The leaders of all NATO countries, Prime Minister Petr Fiala, arrived at the summit he briefly met with US President Biden. “We really only managed to say greetings and phrases of courtesy. But the meeting with President Biden was very cordial. President Biden knows very well what the Czech Republic is doing, what role we are playing today’ today in Europe and to help Ukraine.” Fiala commented on the meeting, which took place just a week after the Czech Prime Minister’s trip to Kyiv.

According to body language expert Eliška Landovská, the warm expressions on the faces of the two politicians testify to the friendly atmosphere in which the negotiations took place. “They are 45cm to 120cm apart from each other, which is considered social and can be commonly seen at various gatherings, such as parties and similar places.” describes the attitude of Land, in which the two were photographed.

Non-standard handshake

In the photo, however, the unusual handshake is particularly interesting. “The handshake between the US President and the Czech Prime Minister was very atypical. Usually the hand is served in the usual way that the hands are pressed, which means that the other hand does not come into play, we don’t push up, we don’t press our backs. So an ordinary commercial or political handshake is so simple, it takes a second and we have it behind us,” explained Ladislav Špaček, an expert at the Ladislav label, for Blesk.

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Eliška Landovská was also interested in the handshake method, according to which the grip seems cordial, but in the event of a meeting of the two politicians, it is rather a surprise. “If these two men had been friends for many years, then covering Purple’s right hand with Biden’s left hand would be a real assurance of full support under all circumstances. For people who don’t know each other so well, this is a gesture of kindness.” describes the laws of nonverbal communication Landovská.

Ladislav Špaček was also pleased with Biden’s gesture. “This time, it seems, Joe Biden was overwhelmed with a sort of sympathy for the Czech Prime Minister and shook him with his other hand, which is not usually done. But I interpreted as an expression of an extraordinarily friendly and, let’s say, respectful relationship. I think there is no superiority in it, there is nothing in it, only an unusual cordiality”, judge Špaček.

However, according to an expert at the North Atlantic Alliance summit, where everyone is an ally and everyone tries to unite as much as possible, cordiality is very much in order. “I was pleasantly surprised by his gesture.” Spacek added.

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Pragmatic Biden and Fiala’s inclination

Eliška Landovská also read the faces of the two politicians, when she became interested in the profiles of men. “The straight, distinctive nose of an American civil servant signifies a purposeful, determined man who, if he wants something, can get it done, no matter how long it takes. The forehead is related to intelligence. In this case, it will be above average. A long ear with an ingrown lobe speaks of organizational skills. Reason always triumphs over emotional movements, of which there are few. He is a really very rational and pragmatic person, who is really discouraged from doing it”, Landovska judges.

The Czech Prime Minister has a shorter nose than his American counterpart and a rounded tip, which the body language expert says indicates that penetration and goal achievement are influenced by thinking and consideration of various aspects and possibilities. The shape of his chin covers the beard, which makes it more powerful. “The chin generally expresses willpower, determination and perseverance”, says Landovská.

The neck of the two men also interests him. “In the case of Mr. Fiala, the head is slightly arched, so it creates a mound of affection, which means the ability to create and also maintain interpersonal relationships. Biden’s head does not have this arch Family and friendships definitely don’t play a major role in his life,” judges.

How to shake hands?

The way we shake hands says a lot about us. Historically, the handshake is an expression of the fact that there is no weapon in our hands. We are ready to act in a friendly spirit.

The ideal handshake occurs when both hands are at the same height with a moderate grip. “So-called hand grinders, which make you feel like your fingers and palm are in a vice, belong to dominant and aggressive people.” describes Eliška Landovská.

A shaky fish-style handshake is also uncomfortable. This method is usually a sign of shyness and uncertainty. If the hand is still cold and damp, the overall impression is very negative. “People who raise their hands are elated and often arrogant. On the contrary, those who tend to be submissive tend to have their hands upturned.” adds a specialist in non-verbal communication.

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