Olena Zelenská writes to Russian mothers: Your sons are killing our children. why are you silent?

“Ask any mother what is most precious to her in the world, and I’m sure you’ll hear the same answer: children. But this terrible war means death for children, ”Olena begins her message not only for Russian mothers. Read the full text:

“Death” and “children” – these two words contradict each other. As a mother, I know it’s impossible to say that means broken hearts, broken families, and broken destinies.

I must tell the world of Alice of Ochtyrka. She didn’t live to be eight. She was killed while bombing her town with her grandfather, who covered her with his own body. I’m going to tell you about Kirill from Mariupol, 18 months, whose parents took him to hospital under fire – but where doctors could do nothing to save him.

About Polina from Kyiv, killed by shelling in the streets with his parents and brother. Arsenian, about 14 years old, shot in the head. under the fort the ambulance did not reach him and he was bleeding. There are other children I can tell you about. Six-year-old Sofika and her one-and-a-half-month-old brother whom the occupants shot down with their mother, grandmother and grandfather in an attempt to leave Nova Kachovka near the Dnieper in a car.

136 Ukrainian children killed

These names should not become mere statistics. Behind the unknown characters hide the cruelly cut short lives of the children. At least 38 children were killed when I first reported on this. Now, as I write, I have in front of me a photo of 11-year-old gymnast Kateryna Dyachenko. Her house collapsed during the bombardments, making her the 135th (child victim already 136 years old, editor’s note) Ukrainian child killed by Russia and its war of aggression. In Lviv, 109 empty strollers have been laid out in the middle of a quiet square in honor of the children killed by Putin. It was a terrible sight.

109 prams in Lviv for 109 children killed. 109 prams in Lviv for 109 children killed. | Reuters

They asked me if I was crying in this war. yes i am crying. I recently saw a grave in the courtyard of an ordinary residential complex. There was a handmade tombstone on it: ‘Mother. Son.’ They both sacrificed their lives. In this way, the neighbors bury the dead during the constant shelling in our towns of Mariupol, Bucha and Hostomel.

At the beginning of the war, we understood that Russia is killing civilians. The fact that Russia is doing this in such a cynical and conscious way is shocking. It is now safer for our children to be born in air shelters than in hospitals. After all, Russia bombards motherhood. You have probably seen photos of the bombed maternity hospital in Mariupol and the bleeding women who were victims of this attack. Russia it was cynical enough to call it wrong, just for a stunt, because there was a famous blogger in the photo. But she came to give birth there. And she gave birth. But in a ruined hospital.

The rage of Russian troops in kyiv: They shot a schoolgirl and her parents!  Siblings fight for their lives

15,000 children born during the war

Since the start of the war, 15,000 Ukrainian children have been born. Imagine – 15,000 children don’t know what peace is. And instead of a calm sky, he sees the concrete ceiling of a dark cellar. I was recently moved by a photo of my mother taken in kyiv. When the rocket hit her home, she covered her newborn daughter and she protected her from the wreckage of her body.. The woman cut by shrapnel was rightly called the Madonna of kyiv in the media.

There are other children who, in addition to facing the horrors of this war, also suffer from serious illnesses. Bomb shelters have become oncology facilities for children with cancer. Some of our little patients only had the last two or three doses of chemotherapy at the start of the war. Everything has been suspended – and their prognosis is now uncertain.

Following my request for help, Ukraine is evacuating children with incurable diseases or other serious conditions to a safe place in Western Europe. They must win their own victory if we, the parents, win the common victory for them. Half of Ukrainian children have been “internationally displaced” because of the war. NewYou will see many of these children in your country – children with adult eyes because they have seen death.

The wives of Klitschko and Zelenský became the faces of the nation: strong Ukrainian women heroines of the war

Russian mothers, why are you silent?

If you see such children and mothers whose fathers stay here to defend the country, please help them recover again. Show them that there are safe places and decent people in the world: people who don’t enjoy someone else’s pain. What’s going on in Ukraine it’s not just Putin’s crime. He just shouts orders and his soldiers are sent to death – Thousands of young boys and men: sons and fathers. Their own will was not strong enough.

I asked Russian mothers: How do you feel when your sons kill our children? Throwing bombs at them, crushing them with mortars? No mother would want her child to be the murderer of other children. Not even for the generous rewards promised by Putin.

But so far I have only heard the silence of Russian mothers. Are they scared or indifferent? I don’t even want to imagine it because I don’t know what’s worse. When people in Russia say that their troops do no harm to the civilian population, I ask you to show them pictures of the children they stole from us. Show them the faces of Ukrainians who are just beginning to breathe and are cruelly denied the chance to grow up. How many more children have to die to persuade Russian troops to stop shooting? How many more children do Russian soldiers have to kill before their mothers defend themselves against this war?

The aim of this initiative is to unite as many people as possible in the Czech Republic, in an optimistic vision around the world, to make five liters of artificial blood made of water, cocoa and food coloring. (5 parts red, one part green) poured any RF property all over the world, drawing the attention of every victim of an aggressive and senseless war against Ukraine and its nation,” the group said. telecommunications, calling” all those who have the bit of courage and courage, find a moment and go with a bucket of this mixture to the Russian Embassy or to a building, boat, apartment belonging to the Russian Federation and show their resistance.

A new curfew will apply in Kyiv from tonight until Monday morning. This was announced on the social network Telegram by the mayor of the Ukrainian capital Vitaly Klitschko. The reason for this measure is, as in previous cases, the expected Russian attacks.

Ukrainian Defense and Foreign Ministers met with their American counterparts in Warsaw today. Ukrainian Defense Minister Oleksiy Reznikov shared this on Twitter. US President Joe Biden also met with two Ukrainian ministers, AFP reported.

We discuss topical issues and political and defense cooperation between Ukraine and the United States,Reznikov commented on the photo on the social network. In addition to himself, she captures, among others, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmytra Kulebu, his American counterpart Antony Blinken and US Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

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I ask you to remember and repeat this terrible truth: Russian assailants kill Ukrainian children. Tell Russian mothers – to find out why their sons are sent to Ukraine. Show these faces to Russian women – and remind them that their husbands, brothers, compatriots kill Ukrainian children – children like theirs.

Remind them that silence makes them complicit in this murder.

The woman protected foreign children

As a mother, I try to inspire my children. As the first lady of Ukraine, I hope to inspire the children of my country. But I am the one who inspires me from the children and mothers of Ukraine. Let me tell you: they are amazing. At one point, volunteers from the Ukrainian town of Beregovo – on the border with Hungary – helped a runaway from Mariupol cross the border to safety. Her name was Svitlana and she was a teacher. After weeks of constant shelling in his basement At home, this exhausted woman had at least four children. Only one of them was his. The second child was his sister’s son. Her sister ran out of the house in search of water and did not return. The third child belonged to neighbors who were killed. The fourth was an orphan Svitlana picked up on the street as she ran to the evacuation buses. Thanks to Svitlana, four Ukrainian children live. She’s the real mother – and I bow to her.

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