Nose: I’m in the prime of my life. And he talks about the NHL and the national team

(BOSTON, from our reporter) Tomáš Nosek played in the NHL for Detroit, Vegas and this season he wears the Bruins jersey with David Pastrňák. In an interview for live from Boston, he recalls his previous engagement, he also talks about the national team, Pardubice and this year.

When he played for Vegas last year, he had the most successful base game in the NHL – he scored 18 points in 38 games.

After moving to Boston, he scored fourteen times, but he has a decent role in weakening or defensive play.

Tomas, how are you feeling after the move?
I’ve been watching the game, but it’s not working very well. But that’s how it is – sometimes it all falls there, other times you don’t even reach an empty goal. It moved me somewhere further. I came here mainly to win, not to collect personal statistics.

Coach Bruce Cassidy gave you a more defensive role in Boston.
I hope he likes my game. I try to do what I have to do. It brings me a lot at the end of the match when we lead. I really appreciate that. I’m getting weak too, maybe he’s happy with me.

“I came here primarily to win, not to collect personal stats.”

Like Thursday night against Tampa, which you beat 3-2.
I thought we were a better team and we deserved it. We played them, we did. The important thing is that we moved in front of them in the table, that’s the only plus.

David Pastrňak

striker, 25 years old

“class=”hasqtip”href=”″>David Pastrňák even scored a hat-trick.
He is a shooter par excellence, he has confirmed this on several occasions. Thanks to him, we won, he scored all the goals. Awesome! We wanted to score another goal for Sichr, but above all that we defended it. (smiling)

You also had a chance when you missed an empty goal…
Well, I haven’t scored a goal for a long time. I’m so sorry, but I won’t do anything about it anymore. The main thing is that we won.

Boston has been doing well lately. Are you targeting playoff form?
Yes, we had a slower start. A lot of new players arrived and it took a while for everything to stabilize. The team has been doing well since January. Let’s hope it lasts – maybe we transfer the form to the playoffs.

You came to Boston this summer. How did you settle in?
I’m used to it, I know the city a little better and I live on the outskirts. There we wanted a house with the family for the sake of the children. We are having a great time, we really like it here.

What is Boston outside of hockey? Do you know where to go for dinner and so on?
We left several times. We found a babysitter so she can take care of the kids and my wife and I can go somewhere sometimes. It’s a beautiful city – more European than Vegas. We really like it here.

“Vegas? It will remain globally written in my memory. My children were born there… Before that, I even got engaged there. »

But it was just warmer in Vegas.
It’s true that I didn’t take off my winter jacket in Vegas. (smiling) IN Boston has four seasons like the Czech Republic. It’s not new to me. Everyone has something in them, it’s everywhere.

How do you remember working in Vegas? You played the final with him, it was a new organization at the time.
Especially the first season was exceptional. It will remain globally written in my memory. My children were born there… Before, I even got engaged there before living there. It is a city of destiny for me and I will keep only the best memories of it.

Was the adaptation in Boston better because the Czechs play here?
Yes, it’s always better. With few exceptions, I was almost alone in Vegas. A few Slovaks or Czechs went there, but it lasted a while. I’m glad there’s a bigger Czech footprint here.

The NHL has become more relaxed this year. It can finally be sold.
It’s great, people are playing hockey again. When the stands were empty last year, it was sad. I don’t know… I think some players perceive it too. Then they don’t put much into it.

“He’s a player who left a huge mark here. Everyone loves him.”

In the Czech Republic, David Krejčí’s possible return to Boston was under consideration. Did you talk about it here too?
Yes, we discussed it with the boys. He is a player who left a huge mark here. Everyone loves him. But it would be complicated – he would have to go through the renunciation (list of unprotected players – editor’s note). In the end, it didn’t work. It’s a shame, but we have to do it without him.

The world championship is approaching. Have you ever considered playing it?
It looks like we will be in the playoffs, so I’m trying to focus on the club’s season. I’ve never been to the World Cup and it’s a big attraction for me. If there was an opportunity and an invitation came in, I would be happy to represent.

It seemed hopeful that you could fight for the Olympics. In the end, the NHL players didn’t go there.
I am really sorry. We won’t lie to each other. For me, probably the first and last chance to go to the Olympics. I’m in my prime now. I don’t know where I will be playing in four years and how it will be. I probably had the best luck this year, it’s a shame.

“We won’t lie to each other. For me, probably the first and last chance to go to the Olympics. I’m in my prime now.”

You are from Pardubice. Do you follow your parent club?
I watch! They did well, it was good. The ending didn’t work for them, but they moved on. It was then a shame for the second match, which they lost in the end (Dynamo falls with Motor 2:3 and loses 0:2 in the series – editor’s note). Maybe they’ll win two games at home and bounce back.

Can you watch their games?
It’s more complicated. If I can and find it somewhere, I’ll be happy to look. I have the club in my heart.

Dynamo are again very ambitious when the club is taken over by Petr Dědek.
I met Mr. Dědek, I’m happy that Pardubice took over and pointed them in the right direction. I hope this continues, I’m glad we have a strong owner again.

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