Libor Bouček knelt in We love the Czechia in front of Vojta Kotek

Moderator Libor Bouček knelt down in front of actor Vojta Kotek on a well-known knowledge show. But there was no spiciness behind it. He didn’t even ask for her hand. He signed on as his stylist and did so while maintaining Kotka’s flawless image. Vojta again broke out that he was living in threes. Take a look at additional demos.

Right from the start of the entertaining show, moderator Libor Bouček drew attention to the early fashion of white team captain Vojta Kotka. The likeable actor, who revealed on a well-known show that Zdeněk Svěrák once approved of his famous ex, wore a waistcoat, which he complemented with a tie for the first time.

But Bouček noticed a minor flaw in his outfit and immediately began to fix it. “There’s also some inexperience in wearing a tie. I’ll clear it up a bit,” Libor gladly offered and was already standing by Vojta and fine-tuning the details. He didn’t even hesitate and even knelt down in front of the Einstein series. This created a very humorous situation, which amused not only those present in the hall, but also the audience in front of the television screens.

However, the likeable actor said it’s definitely not that he can’t tie a tie. The imperfectly modified accessory led to a fitted vest. “I apologize to the audience, this will probably happen during the show, because the vest is from last year and the body underneath is from this year,” Vojta explained with a laugh. Jakub Prachař enjoyed it on the show We Love the Czechia, which you can watch again in the archive on, the initiative of Libor. “Besides the fact that Mr. Bouček can also modernize potato digging, he is also an excellent stylist. You can already book him for your households,” Libor announced.

Dietitian Václav Noid Barta

Jakub also recalled how, under the supervision of singer Václav Noid Bárta, who is part of the musical accompaniment of a popular competition, he got back in shape and lost a lot of weight. “So that the public doesn’t think that Dr. Bárta is not a good dietician. Hooray. I followed his advice and it worked. But then I stopped following it and it stopped working”, said Prachař, who recently revealed what he screams during orgasm.

Although he doesn’t follow her instructions now, when he decides to apply them again, he knows exactly how to do it. “I found out what a Mr. Bárta bar is,” Prachař said. ” A bar ? Libor wondered. “Yeah, the bar. It’s the kind of iron thing you buy at home, it costs about fifty-five grand. It’s great, because you normally live with this bar,” Jakub described.

Libor was extremely interested in this. “Can we say that the trapeze can somehow replace the life of the partner?” Immediately thought Boučka, who had an extremely fast divorce. “Yes! It’s the trapeze, it’s okay”, Prachař is convinced of the possibility of cohabitation. His captain’s opponent Vojta Kotek also had something to add to this.

The charismatic actor has transformed his office into a small gym. “I have a treadmill, rib tables, and a crossbar. And I have to say, that was the room I sweated the most when I moved in,” Kotek said mockingly. everyone, who also said to himself that he had always had a thing for strings and ties. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. If you have odds tables and a crossbar, it means that you live in threes, “concluded Jakub Prachař with his unique humor.

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