Fiala catches her own boomerang. His head will leave by the end of the year, says analyst Mikeš. And this is no longer the case for Babiš…


Is Petr Fiala doing well as Prime Minister?

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Since the appointment of Petr Fiala’s government on December 17, the symbolic hundred days that each new cabinet must defend have passed. What impression did the government of the five coalitions leave during this period?

I confess that at the moment I am disgusted with Czech and world politics. The world is rushing somewhere, I don’t know how this is all going to end. We are only spectators of a match played by these great players. The situation is bad everywhere you look. As far as our government is concerned, it bothers me that they cannot communicate objectively. It’s very one-sided. I’m also a bit disappointed that some ministers don’t have an office. The Prime Minister speaks well, but in a very general and academic way.

Which members of the government do you think are not enough for the job?

First, the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Secondly, I think that if Mrs Langšádlová is to be Minister for Science, Research and Innovation, then it is hopeless. Even at the Ministry of Education do not yet seem to know what to do. The problem is that the Professor would be the ideal Prime Minister in a good time if the economy is picking up, but this very turbulent time would, in my opinion, require that we say what we can do and keep our own sanity. Like it or not, I think Hungary is more sensible than us. We have relied heavily on the hawks, and small countries usually pay the price.

The first big uproar was caused by the government of Petr Fiala, which vigorously enforced the pandemic law and against the will of the Senate, which is controlled by a majority made up of the same parties as my five-party coalition. Was it a mistake to insist on him when he gave part of society the impression that this was the theft of freedoms?

I consider this a mistake. But they continue to do so, this style is promoted in particular by the Austrian Minister of the Interior. I expect they will want to push for further tightening and reduction. At the same time, it’s stupid, because this nation is a master at reading between the lines and communicating in pubs and the like. So I expect it to turn against the government, because the general public, and especially Czech television, is terrible. I can’t watch those news shows anymore because of what Mr. Moravec is doing there. He was a great journalist, but now he has changed. His Focus is very one-sided and not public at all.

When Petr Fiala and the five-party coalition were in opposition, they used the term dear to Babiš and vigorously rejected the state of emergency. In view of their previous declarations, where is the new government in the fight against the increasing high cost of the country, and is it really necessary for it to declare a state of emergency when other countries also affected do not do so? ?

In the advertising industry, we have a boomerang theory. It’s based on the fact that you can promise and promise, but if you don’t keep it, promises of error will come back to you like a boomerang. What he criticized in the current opposition of the current five-party coalition is done on an even larger scale than Babiš. They cough on the opposition, they want to roll it. But it will send back the critics of their days of opposition even more massively. People will now take care of all aspects, the standard of living will go down and Babis can’t take it anymore. It will be taken away by this government. I suspect that by the end of the year there will be such turbulence that government politicians will understand.

How did Fial’s cabinet deal with the influx of refugees before the war in Ukraine? Are there any allegations that he should pay more attention to the problems of the national population and tackle, for example, the sharp rise in energy prices?

So far, the Czech Republic is managing the wave of refugees very well. But of course it will affect the people of this country, there is nothing you can do about it. Everything will depend on how the war will continue in this unfortunate Ukraine. If it stretches, it will be horrible. Or if the great powers agree and guide Ukrainian politicians towards a compromise that would be acceptable to the Russians but which would not harm Ukraine at the same time. Be that as it may, Ukraine’s movement towards the European Union and NATO has been somewhat rushed.

President Zelensky is certainly a very good actor, he is good at creating his own public relations, he can assert himself, but I don’t know if he is a politician who could stand up to Putin. That’s the question. And why, not only during his three years in office, but also in previous years, there was a massive outflow of Ukrainians to work abroad. This indicates that they have not run the country economically or otherwise.

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In late February, the national Internet association CZ.NIC blocked eight websites after consultation with state security forces and on the recommendation of the government. Petr Fiala later said that blocking disinformation sites was bold and perhaps borderline. What do you think of the blockade and the Prime Minister’s statement?

I thought that was a mistake. It was certainly bold, but I wouldn’t say it was over the edge, but behind the edge.

Speaking of courage, I will remember the Prime Minister’s trip to kyiv. With a few exceptions, such as Magda Vašáryová, the journey of the three prime ministers has been praised. How would you rate its importance and significance?

It was supposed to give Petr Fial a strength he hadn’t worked on before. This path has certainly boosted his image as a politician, but I guess he just rode with the Poles because they are, in a way, a European powerhouse and he just agrees with them. It helped him, but if it did anything, we had to find out what they had agreed on. All we know is that they were sitting around a table and had a map in the middle showing them how the Russians moved. But why didn’t they say what it was? There is now talk that Poland has offered to send a NATO peacekeeping mission to Ukraine, a holy alliance and encouragement for the Russians. But that would not be the reality for the Czech Republic.

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According to Minister of Justice Blažek, the government is preparing a law that will allow the closure of fake servers. They are said to be websites that spread misinformation. Who should be the one to determine what misinformation is?

It’s completely absurd. I would like to see these experts. One side lies, the other too, especially journalists, who publish everything they can. People aren’t stupid enough not to be able to make up their own mind about what’s true and what isn’t. They will seek the truth among the lies that hang over them from both sides. If people are prohibited from doing so, the nation already knows English and will turn to other independent sources where there will be something different than our mainstream media. This is proof of the government’s weakness in wanting to prohibit the circulation of information. On the contrary, it should release them and refute them if it is misinformation.

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Deputy Prime Minister and Chairman of the Pirate Party, Ivan Bartoš, stressed that we must be very careful when establishing the rules for combating disinformation in order to avoid abuse. Do you believe that the Pirates, as the smallest party in the coalition, will be able to keep this?

If the Pirates have any more justice, they will revert to their “Let us go” slogan. Now is the time for someone young, smart, to think about their future. The hackers made the mistake of stepping into a government engagement, because that would be their time, now they would come out calling attention to how freedom is being curtailed. But they could go after it gets more expensive, and people would support them. But this is how they will disappear, make noise, sublimate and end.

I think the role they could have that would suit them is communicated by Tricolor, especially Professor Budil, often Petr Štěpánek and others. In my opinion, Tricolor could score points with voters and the SPD could rise in preferences.

As people watch the various discussions in the run-up to the direct presidential election, figures such as General Sandor, Professor Drulak, Analyst Keller and others who bring objectivity to the mush of lies will gain in importance and will depend on who they support, because Mr. Jakub Železný and others like him will not have the same confidence as those I have named.

On Wednesday, the government decided to fill the post of government commissioner for media and disinformation. An experienced journalist Michal Klíma became him. What is this function for, isn’t it more censorship?

It reminds me of ČÚTI, the Czech Press and Information Office, a censorship body born later. On the other hand, I knew Michal Klím when he was in the Union of Publishers, and he was treated with common sense. So maybe he hasn’t fully moved on to this one-sided stance. But I wonder if he went there at all.

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author: Jiří Hronik

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