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Would you replace a coach after a failed qualification?

Antonin Panenka: If they are considering firing the coach from the union, they should have another option ready. And I don’t know if anyone has an idea right now. And the performance against the Swedes was not bad, unfortunately it didn’t work out. It’s a game and one is always happy and the other sad. So I think he should continue. These guys meet several times a year after a few days and it’s not easy to breathe a system. It is not very possible to train, because there is not much time. It’s more a question of motivation. He wasn’t a loser so I don’t think he disappointed and there’s no reason to change him.

Martin Fridek: It’s a boring question. Jarda took over the team in a very difficult situation, he fought until the last minute to advance, but I think that change will probably come. I would put someone new there. Although yesterday’s match pleasantly surprised me, it was one of our best performances, comparable to the Netherlands at the Euros. It bothers me that the opportunity died out, but they played very well. If I knew it would continue in this trend, I would leave Šihlavka there. But I think he’s more cautious, and I’d probably pick someone with a more aggressive spirit.

Jan Fiala: Jarda Šilhavý worked a lot there. There was a lack of players. And, for example, Darida and Kadeřábek ended up in the national team, and yet they are not that old, I don’t see that fair from them. And then came the injuries. Especially Schick – if he played against the Swedes I’m convinced he would score the only goal we should have scored. But the fact is that the decisions were made in the previous matches and we were also able to play the qualifiers at home. But he managed the last game well, there was a bit of luck. It is customary for the trainer to change after a cycle. I’m not a Jard fan, but I would be fine with him staying there. But since he hasn’t moved forward, there will be a lot of downvotes. And I think he will eventually be traded.

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Šilhavý: I thanked the boys for their excellent performance

Vaclav Danek: Hard to say. There was no failure. Coach Šilhavý went to the national team after working in Slavia, where he was also successful. We did miss the game room, but the goal was not achieved. Someone else is probably already ready, so there’s pressure in that position. When I compare it to hockey, where it was a failure and the coach didn’t want to change, and football wasn’t so much a failure… I heard that the players are behind coach Šilhavý, which also has its weight, but of course the players are defeated Swedes, and not now to give the opinion that they wanted to continue under the same coach. But I think he should stay.

Gunter Bittengel: I think Jarda and his team and the players at his disposal have done a lot of work for the national team, and if we don’t know exactly who should do it next or if he should finish, then I don’t see any reason for which he should not Continue. Because we left Sweden, who has a strong team? Fewer and fewer of our players in foreign teams play regularly, and that is what we need above all in Europe. These guys are doing what they can. The coaching staff respects and we have to build on the options we have. And you are limited.

Should coach Šilhavý stay with the national football team?

Should coach Šilhavý stay with the national football team?

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Who would you see as coach Šilhavý?

Doll: I didn’t think about it, but Ivan Hašek, for example, is free …

Fridek: Maybe one of the youngest coaches – although the national team is more about experience, but I wouldn’t be afraid of that. For example, coach Svědík from Slovácko.

Wallflower: I read that Ivan Hašek should be free. I know them both, they are good. Ivan must end up in Lebanon and Klusáček, who has been his assistant around the world, also ended up in Bohemka. This adds to speculation that Ivan could get the national.

Suede: In the morning I heard that maybe Ivan Hasek. Coach Trpišovský’s successful career is now also on offer, but he would have to work for the national team in a completely different way, and it’s hard to say how that would suit him. It is a longer reflection. Now I dare not name anyone.

Bittengel: There are a lot of coaches, but you realize that if you lose a few players, you don’t have much to replace them with. I think everyone was playing the limit. Whoever is there may need to change the layout of something, but not the typology of players and choice. This is the biggest limit of Czech football.

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