Czech and economic rocket and siren site. After escaping the war, Daria goes to school

“Two bombs hit our station. Fortunately, no more. But planes and rockets were still flying in the sky,” Daria describes. The decision to leave was made shortly after the start of the Russian aggression. school here for two weeks. I studied management in Ukraine, first year. That’s why I started in a similar field, I’m in a business academy, ”he explains.

Several relatives are with Daria in Most. But his older brother had to stay in Ukraine. “We have news, everything is fine so far”, he hopes that the young woman will see her soon.

The biggest problem for her so far is the language barrier. “I don’t understand much yet. I understand something, I guess. But I won’t talk much yet,” smiles Daria.

The school helps him to learn the Czech language. “The girls regularly attend a Czech language course for foreigners led by our teacher,” says Věra Potužáková, deputy director of the Higher Vocational School of Economics, Social and Medical, Business Academy, School secondary educational and medical school in Most.

Daria takes a Czech language course with Julia, who attends medical school. “I try to learn at home with my mother,” adds the young Ukrainian.

We don’t even know about them, everything is fine, they agree in Chožov. 43 refugees came there

The girl has been in Most for three weeks, she started school very quickly. Just after a week in a new environment, she found her way among new classmates. “We were asked if the girls could join us. They are both going to first grade. One of them has started attending our medical school, where communication is facilitated by a teacher who speaks Russian. A nurse assistant goes to the field. The second daughter started studying at the Business Academy, she also attended a similar type of school in Ukraine. There are several classmates in the class who are from Ukraine, but who have already come to the Czech Republic. This facilitates communication, they help him,” described the deputy director of the Most secondary school, Zdeněk Païourek.

The management and teachers of the largest secondary school in the Ústí nad Labem region did not hesitate and immediately began to organize the admission of the girls, the school also created the conditions for their integration to take place as harmoniously as possible. “The main thing now is for the girls to get used to it, to join the team,” the deputy director continued. The school also provides them with lunches.

The signs are not important now. The school management is happy that classmates also help a lot. If they are interested in new students, they can continue their studies at the school in future years.

Demonstrations in favor of Ukraine.  Illustrative photo.

The authorities in the region forget Ukrainian and are also hampered by the lack of translators

Before Daria learns Czech better, her teachers and classmates help her. Because she does not yet understand much, neither in vocational subjects nor in general subjects, Daria is sitting next to a girl who is also from Ukraine, but who has been living in the Czech Republic for about a year and half. She translates for herself, she writes her notes, then rewrites them and completes them in the dormitory. Other classmates also help, there are more in the class with Ukrainian roots.

Daria likes to play sports, sometimes she plays volleyball, her favorite hobby is dancing. “But just for fun,” he says. Even after school, he sometimes hangs out with classmates, but also with friends from the hostel. “We walk around and explore the city,” he continues. “I really like it here. It’s beautiful here. Thank you very much for your welcome. I really like it here,” he confides.

And what else? So far, neither Daria nor her parents know, the war can be long. The family will probably want to stay in the Czech Republic. “We don’t have many plans yet. But I would like to continue going to school here,” he says, adding that one day she would like to study economics or business.

Preparation of temporary accommodation for refugees in Ústí nad Labem.

Ústí nad Labem region: gymnasiums for refugees are already yes, tent villages not yet

The school also anticipates that more refugee children may join next school year. Alternatively, only filled capacity can limit hosting. Candidates will be able to participate in the admissions procedure. According to the Ministry of Education, this should also be possible in English or Ukrainian. At the same time, the teachers believe that at the start of the next school year, Ukrainian children will be able to speak Czech better.

The Most school also develops other activities to help Ukraine. Collections, both financial and material, have taken place there. About 66,000 were collected from the financial sector, and five big cars full of necessities also left. The students also sang for Ukraine in front of the school.

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