A Full Wolf Moon in the sign of Cancer is approaching. How can this affect you?

The January full moon, called the wolf, will be the first in 2022, and this time it will be affected by the hypersensitive sign of Cancer. When exactly will this happen and how can it affect you?

January and the full moon, the first this year, awaits us on January 18, 2022, peaking 48 minutes past midnight. If the weather is clear this could be a nice sight as the Moon is rising high in the sky at this time and it is really bright. Even so clear that it may reveal a secret…

There is a special energy associated with the full moon that can affect our moods and behaviors, and we can feel it about two to three days before and also one to two days after. During a full moon in the sign of sensitive Cancer, this energy can be very strong and will affect not only the newborn in the water signs, i.e. Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces, but this time really all. After the last full moon of December in the airy and communicative sign of Gemini, which evoked in us the desire to realize ourselves, to discover new things and new people, this month of January could surprise us with negative emotions, moods tearful, anxieties or self-pity. It’s up to each of us to let them control it.

full moon wolf

According to ancient Native American traditions, the full moon in January is called the wolf, because it was during this time that it was very cold, often very snowy, the moon shone brightly and the packs of wolves howled hungrily around the Indian towns. The wolf is a social animal, it is a symbol of unity. There is a strict hierarchy in the wolf pack, the stronger wolves protect the weaker ones and never leave them to hunters or hunger.


Full Moon under the influence of Cancer

The January full moon in the sign of Cancer will affect the energy of this relatively complicated water sign. Crayfish are very vulnerable, sensitive, shy and insecure, they are also offensive and often react inappropriately. They attach great importance to the family, to children, to partnerships, to the care of their loved ones, on whom they are often very emotionally dependent and do not hesitate to sacrifice themselves for them. They bear practically no wounds in interpersonal relationships. If they feel any pressure, they flee to their hiding place, where they seek protection and where they feel safe. Additionally, crayfish are ruled by the Moon and are very sensitive to its phases.

Do not be surprised and controlled by emotions

The January full moon will be in this spirit. It can make you feel sad, sorry, or melancholy without knowing why. You may be more receptive, moodier, moody, feel the need to lock yourself in more. You may respond inappropriately to certain things. You may be particularly vulnerable in long-term relationships, whether as a couple or at work. You have to be aware of it and deal with it a bit.

Although it won’t be easy, try not to take the various hints or accusations from your superiors or your partner too personally at the time of the full moon. Try not to bother others with your bad mood, as the full moon affects them too. Even if you don’t control your emotions, nothing happens. Feel free to crawl somewhere and cry. You are definitely entitled to it around the full moon. The weather around the full moon will certainly not be suitable for major life or business decisions.

Be with your family

And because family is so important to Cancer, it’s a good idea to realize what it means to you, how important your parents, children, grandparents, or other loved ones are to you around this full moon. . What home means to you, the background you like to come back to. But don’t just think about family. Snuggle up to your loved ones, tell them you love them, try to spend as much time as possible with them, and upgrade your home.

You can also do a little ritual to bring security to your home. You need a horseshoe for this (the magnet is ideal, but it can also be made of another material). Grab it with your writing hand and run through the entire apartment in your mind. Stop in all rooms at windows, doors, appliances, anywhere security is needed, and send your energy into a horseshoe. After the ritual, you can place the horseshoe somewhere in the apartment, for example, hang it above the door.

Pay attention to digestion

Cancer affects digestion, especially the stomach, liver, gallbladder and duodenum, female organs, breasts and uterus are also susceptible. Try not to eat anything fatty on full moon days, avoid sweets, alcohol and sugary lemonades. Make sure you have the right drinking regimen. Realize how miracles your body can do. Understand how you treat him, what you do for him. And be nice to him.

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