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The day before Nika’s cooking, she has to load the chicken. Mom carefully prepared the meat for the little chops, so Niky likes it. The boy takes sour cream from the fridge, a very large cup. He pours the cream into a bowl, adds a little salt and pepper. He soaks the individual pieces of meat in cream mixed with spices and places them next to each other in a bowl, which he then closes with a lid and leaves to rest in the fridge overnight. But what does he see? All of the creatures shattered at the waist as they leaned over the rim of the bowl of cream. The legs behind them are flying oddly through the air and their toes are buried in cream. In fact, they’re lucky they didn’t. For the first time in their lives, they taste cream. They clap loudly so you can’t even hear the tick tickle.

Well, who else but Nebojsa? He jumped into the whole cream and frolicked in it as in water. He splashes cream on his friends and they laugh and try to give it back to him. But they do not go into the cream. Can you imagine the impotence dress and the cream pad? Whoops! It would be a gift! Niky tilts her face to the bowl and laughs with her friends. And suddenly a splash of cream also hits her nose. The creatures giggle so the spokesperson ends up inadvertently getting into the cream as well. Niky must eliminate all the creatures in order to finish wrapping the meat in the delicious white. He helps them rinse the cream in the sink, he washes his nose. He puts the creatures on a dish drainer and continues to work. Phew. Ended.

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He closes the lid of the box and keeps it in the fridge. The continuation tomorrow… In the meantime, the creatures have dried up a bit and have fallen asleep in the middle of the dishes. The next day, Nika begins her work with potatoes. Dad made him a bowl of potatoes on the table, gave him another bowl of peels, a jar of peeled potatoes, and put a peeler. He emphasizes: “Niky, be careful not to cut yourself! Then I will help you with a knife to remove stains and holes from the potatoes, which you cannot clean with a scraper. You know, children don’t have a knife in their hands’

Niky obediently nods and rushes over to the table. She is sitting on a chair, her legs dangling, yet she is still high for him. His chest rests on the table, his eyes watch his work and his hands begin to peel the potatoes. The elf girls slide over peeled potatoes, and the boys, meanwhile, examine the unpeeled potatoes, their sprouts and holes, and various messes. Then they climb into a bowl with skins, build various bunkers and houses from it. They are dirty behind their ears, but happy because they are just playing and have nothing to do at all…

Dad took the potatoes, washed them, cut some of them off, and cut them all into pieces on a big wooden board. Then he left the kitchen and Niky called out to her little creatures for help. And it was already a job for them. Everyone took just one piece of potato and peeled it into the pot. Niky, meanwhile, poured water into the pot, which made it fun again. Each scoop in the pot caused potatoes to splash into the water.

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And, of course, she occasionally splashed pot on the critters. Well, it was the same as in the cream. They just never knew if the potato would really splash the water from the pot or not. He sat Nika’s wet creatures on a warm radiator to keep them dry and cool. He put the potatoes on the stove, turned the wheel, and the heat is already in the pan, after a while they begin to cook. “Yeah, mom, we don’t have any tokens ready,” exclaims a frightened Nika.

“But we have,” smiled Mom, handing Niky a box of cornflakes to wrap. So it’s very good that they’ve been gone since the last lap. Mom always mixes them up, and it’s a big mess and a mess, because it flies everywhere and falls on the kitchen counter and the floor. The creatures would probably be deaf, the boy laughs to himself. Nika takes the old cutlets out of the fridge, takes two forks and begins to wrap the white meat in breadcrumbs. Sometimes he pokes a spot with a fork to really hold the chips.

He can’t stand the heating creatures anymore and curiously flies to watch, what is he doing? Even when wrapping, chips sometimes fly across the table, and it doesn’t take long for the creatures to taste them. Yum! Niky eats too. They talk about eating, cooking and serving, and Niky loves it. The job is done in an instant. Mom is going to fry the steaks and Niky is preparing the table. He puts a place setting, cutlery, salt, a glass of water, napkins. Notička and Bezmoc help him, like the good girls, they always adjust everything, they fix everything. Holding his hands on his hips, he looks around the prepared table contentedly. Yeah, everything is fine. The speaker, Nebojsa and Pojidlo from the flower vase just look bored. They really don’t like it. It doesn’t tell them anything. Yes, and what is that noise?

My mother and Niky are already making mashed potatoes. Niky took the milk and butter out of the fridge. They warmed the milk on the stove and added everything to the boiled potatoes, which they did not drain. They left some potato water in there because they say it’s very healthy. Mom first crushed everything, then took a hand blender and mixed the fine porridge. And it’s the noise, it’s already there! Mom with boy carries food on the table. Dude, it’s the smell! But first prayer. In this family, they treat food with respect. Sometimes dad, sometimes mom, says out loud for everyone: “Divine, dear Earth, thank you for this food. We ask our body to accept what it needs and to eliminate everything it doesn’t need without any problem.”

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So, in various ways, they always thank you for everything good on your plate. The creatures nodded in praise and lowered their eyes as they prayed. The elves sat around Niky’s plate, waiting for the tastings. Chip steak, yum! It crackles so even the birds outside the window can hear it. There they have to wait for the creatures until Niky cuts them down a bit. But porridge, sir, porridge, they can still taste it with their fingers. It’s a treat, yum! After a wonderful lunch, Nika always helps clean the dishes. He and his mother put everything in the dishwasher. They put uneaten food in boxes, then cover them with a lid and put them in the refrigerator.

So it’s time to rest after eating. Niky and her critters go to the bedroom, lay on the bed, and have a movie in their head of fun cooking situations. The creatures are not only wise, but also funny and playful like children. Niky dreams that once he grows up and grows up, he wants to be like them. Wise, funny and playful. It’s very nice, he likes it. Everyone is doing very well. The world is fine. The world is love. I am love. We are all love. And when we love each other, the world is sunny, tender and warm…

All is well. Good morning, good morning, good night…

A fairy tale for Niky, an eight-year-old boy who suffers from a severe combined disability and who has already undergone eight operations, was sent to us by Mrs Věra Gálová in our special Writing Fairy Tales. Nicolas has a big dream: to race alone one day… He still has a long way to go. If you want to help him realize his dream, there is a transparent collection account at www.bojovniknicolas.cz: 2401441762/2010 (FIO banka) The writer and poet is nicknamed Lavender. She got it in children’s camps, where, as a nurse, she treated children with natural essential oils. Lavender soothes and heals, and Ms. Věra believes that fairy tales and stories that come to the hearts of children and adults also have healing power. You can read more about Věra Galová on the web: https:// levandulove-psani. cz/pribehy-na-prani/bo

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