Tips for a weekend in the Karlovy Vary region: Children’s entertainment, concerts and exhibitions


A musical about America’s most incredible crook Catch me if you can handle it will be seen by visitors to the West Bohemian Theater in Cheb from 10 a.m. Actors from the Cheb and Karlovy Vary dramas, accompanied by the Karlovy Vary Repre Band, will introduce audiences to the 1960s, to an environment filled with flight attendants, doctors, FBI agents and jazz and of popular music.

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A wild detective comedy about what infidelity and a corpse can cause is on the program of the Božena Němcová Theater in Františkovy Lázně. His name is Next time, I’ll kill him myself! and starts at 7:30 p.m.

Branches of Mortart, this is the name of the cycle of paintings by the painter Loket Nikolai Kozlov. He will present them from 6 p.m. in the foyer of the Alfa cinema in Sokolov. The opening of the exhibition will be accompanied by a concert by the author and his friends.

Bandaged Mňága and Žďorp heads to the People’s House in Karlovy Vary, where he will play from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m. The guest of the concert is the Kozatay group.


Monumental half-timbering farm in Milíkov in the Cheb region, it will come back to life after the winter break. It will start the tourist season here on Saturday, March 26. Visitors can expect a tour of the whole farm, where they learn about the daily necessities of the natives, the appearance of seating equipment, the culture of clothing, traditional crafts and aids to the work and the machines that people used, for example, when working in the field.

At an event for families with children called tourist walk invites the city of Nejdek. The program includes a train trip to the Ore Mountains to the Nejdek stop, a walk through the city to the Stations of the Cross, which will lead to the Kukačka restaurant and guesthouse, where the theater fairy tale for children, competitions and dance music awaits children. The meeting takes place at the lower station of Karlovy Vary, from where a train leaves for Potůčky (Nejdek) at 9 am.

A seemingly innocent meeting of apartment owners as a funny and at the same time frightening parable of our society. The comedywhich will “take you out of the comfort zone” is on the program of the West Bohemian Theater in Cheb from 7 p.m.

The Big Band Karlovy Vary will give a concert called “The Karlovy Vary City Theatre” starting at 7:30 p.m. The kings of jazz. It will be dedicated to the jazz masters who loved this type of music and proved through their work that jazz can entertain, inspire and shape us to this day. Expect timeless melodies from Glenn Miller, George Gershwin, Duke Ellington or Count Basie.

The Fine Arts Gallery of Cheb invites you to the Retromusea for an exhibition Glasses and glasses, with the subtitle eyewear design in Czechoslovakia. Visitors will see the collection of the world’s oldest glasses by collector Vilém Rudolf. Some of the models on display are linked to photos of famous personalities from our history.

Visitors to the Sokolov Museum will not only see the round buttons. The exhibition of buttons from the collection of Líza Oberdörferová Honomichlová from Černošín is located in the showroom on the 1st floor of the castle and ends this weekend.


For the youngest, the Noinoherni fairy tale about skinny ducklingswho would like to get married. In music, she dances with a mysterious stranger, the devil Marbuel, who takes her to hell.

Gallery 4 currently presents two photographers from Karlovy Vary, Stanislav Kožený and a younger generation Štěpánka Jáchymová. The first of the exhibitions is titled 1+1+1 picture planethe second then Skorosamoty.

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Retrospective exhibition Chodov author Jiří Jun will be interested in the author’s 80th birthday in Becher’s villa in Karlovy Vary. Here you can see line drawings by one of the region’s most original visual artists.

Exhibition Karlovy Vary Salon 2022 presents 46 paintings from the Karlovy Vary Art Gallery. You can see works here across generations, from post-war authors to younger artists.

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