The story of a moon and a shadow dog

This is called a full moon. The full moon that has hurt the boys so much in three years. He brought unconsciousness and epilepsy into his life. Niky alternates her gaze on the ceiling, where nothing is happening, on the moon, which begs him to ask questions. He connects his eyes to the moon in depth, as if he wanted to sink into it and find answers… What does he see? Not possible! The moon releases a thin silver beam into his chamber and strange creatures follow him.

The beam pushed up to Niky’s quilt (under the quilt the boy has a chest and a heart in it), and behold, the weirdos are already in front of his face. What?! The small green-brown figure spreads its arms and legs, jumps on the duvet and shouts: “Hi Niky! You didn’t expect that, did you? He laughs as he grabs his belly and adds, “I’m a President.”

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He bows and adds, “Well, that’s helplessness,” he points to a noble but sad elf girl in a dark blue dress.

“Binder,” she says, pointing to a strangely colored hair. “And our Noticek,” the spokesperson concludes, introducing five tiny creatures.

“Niky,” the boy breathed in disbelief, not realizing at all that he was introducing something that didn’t exist, “What are you doing?!” “We don’t exist? Error! So concentrate, can’t you see us? Well, you don’t really need to see us. Someone only sees us in the head, with their eyes closed. And someone doesn’t see us at all, he just feels us. Well, there are those who cannot see and feel us. Because they are completely deaf and blind. And without feelings. Yeah. And we wouldn’t come to them anyway.”

“And what are you doing to me?” asked the boy. “Damn, those are my questions, man! You didn’t want him to give you a month of answers? Well, here we are!”

“Ah,” Niky replies thoughtfully. “See. Probably like this,” Helplessness adds to the conversation. He sits down on the raised part of the duvet, pulls her fairy skirt aside, and opens it up where “it” happened to Niky. The whole group, including the boy, suddenly finds himself in the night of his three-year-old “I”.

An eight-year-old boy sees himself as a three-year-old. Niky, three years old, doesn’t see it and lives her time. In the middle of his sleep, he remembered his big dream again. Have a dog! I want a dog so much! I’ll go to the moon for him… Blik click. The full moon combined its strength with the boy’s dream. The boy suddenly finds himself on the moon… He feels like he’s been here before. He walks this planet. He sees his irradiated half, which we humans on Earth see on a full moon. However, he is curious and goes to look on the other side, where there is only a black shadow. Light and shadow. Around the two, he finds his dog: “Yeah, there you are! Where have you wandered for me? “The dog is tiny to fit in his pajama pocket.

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But when Niky takes him in her arms and caresses him, he realizes that he is strangely magical. Depending on how it moves with it in the light or dark part of the moon, the dog changes in size and beauty. In the dark, it turns into such giants as Labrador, Shepherd, Husky and others. In the light, he transforms into a cocker spaniel, a dachshund, a terrier… In the meantime, he manages to transform into an average breed such as a setter, a cocker spaniel, a spitz… Niky is playing with a strange phenomenon. He walks here and there with his dog and cuddles of all kinds. He plays and plays, cuddles and cuddles, and has completely forgotten to return to his body in the bed where he actually sleeps.

The eight-year-old boy suddenly realizes that he can have the dog of his dreams in his head whenever he wants. He can also feel it in his palms, on his face. He can feel his whole dream deeply, even if he can’t really have it, because he’s still somewhere in the hospital, in rehab.…And a living dog would suffer from loneliness. he left his body abandoned in the room for a long time. He sees mom and dad worrying. He sees their pain in his heart and fears for his son’s life.

The eight-year-old boy suddenly feels great compassion for his parents and for himself. Pojidlo enters into his feelings: “You see. Everything can be explained. Everything can be figured out if you wish. It happens sometimes. Sometimes the body doesn’t match the soul, sometimes the light doesn’t match the darkness, sometimes reality doesn’t match the dreams. Anything that is divided can be reunited. Listen, you too understood when you were three years old. He returned to his body after two hours. Since then, you work hard to make everyone understand that you want to make them happy. You want to be with them… You want to show them that you want to live. You want to walk. You want to run. But you know what? The most important thing is to do it for yourself, not for others. Then miracles happen. But you know it! That’s why you’re making more progress than the doctors say.”

Nebojsa adds, “Just accept everything. That’s the basic magic of a new life.”

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To four oaks, three willows, under a green roof – chapter 16.

“How do you agree? Niky doesn’t understand. “Simply. When something happens in your life that you don’t agree with or have weird feelings about, you have to accept it. It’s going to reconfigure your brain, your future. If you don’t step, the strange sensations and everything that happens to you are stored in your body. You stop walking, maybe you have a stomach ache, back pain, or you cannot speak, hear, see… These are all the consequences of not receiving something in time that I don’t like. Yeah, and now practice: I accept that I had a full moon seizure. Repeat until the words hurt your your head or your heart. When it calms down a bit, another přijde thought, word, feeling comes to your mind… listen to it. And accept in the same way. Then it follows: I forgive this illness. I forgive these feelings. I forgive these pains. And again: I forgive everyone for not understanding me. I forgive everyone for misunderstanding me. And also: I apologize to all those I have hurt by my behavior. No. And that’s all practical exercise. That, if you train in your head, your life will change. And the lives of people around you will change. How? ‘Or’ What? I will not tell anything. It’s secret. You’ll find out later…”

“And I’ll tell you something else,” Notička said. “Remember that you can achieve your wish to have a dog at any time. Be through the feelings, in your head and your palms. Or you can play with shadow and light like on the moon. Everything what you need is a bedside lamp or other light.Try to cross your fingers in your palm and create a shadow of a dog on the wall.Such a dog can be with you at all times.And when the legs listen to you again you can be a dog yourself, you can play with it with friends or relatives. Make obstacles with the pillows on the floor and crawl, crawl, fall and laugh over four of them. pet yourself and enjoy the role of a dog. There are also puppets and soft toys, which is another possibility of the game. And reading or talking or movies about dogs is another way to be with them. Sometimes we can’t have something to find a way to keep it in some form. and different.”

Meanwhile, Helplessness craved her skirt, and all the creatures sat quietly on the duvet near Niky’s face. The three-year-old boy is a longtime memory. Only Notička remained standing. He smiles and sings a sweet lullaby to Niky Bonsoir:

Niky, Niky, Niky, there are handles to all questions, just open the door and call thank you
Niky, you are our hero, you can do anything, you really aren’t a baby anymore, you have reason and strength, and you also have elves, hearts, fairies
Niky, Niky, Niky, there are handles for all the questions, I open the door and I call thank you
They call me a hero, I can do anything, I’m really not a baby anymore, I have the reason and the strength, and I have you too, the elves, the hearts, the fairies, and I also have the strength of you, parents.

At the end, Notička almost whispers, she still says psss, psss, just like mothers say goodnight to their children and sweet dreams. Niky has something kind, warm and pleasant about her and behind her eyelids there is already a fragrant silence and well-being. Sleeping…

A fairy tale for Niky, an eight-year-old boy who suffers from a severe combined disability and who has already undergone eight operations, was sent to us by Mrs Věra Gálová in our special Writing Fairy Tales. Nicolas has a big dream: to race alone one day… He still has a long way to go. If you want to help him realize his dream, there is a transparent collection account at 2401441762/2010 (FIO banka) The writer and poet is nicknamed Lavender. She got it in children’s camps, where, as a nurse, she treated children with natural essential oils. Lavender calms and heals, and Ms. Věra believes that fairy tales and stories that reach the hearts of children and adults also have healing powers. You can read more about Věra Galová on the web:

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