The Pardubice horse was already beating in southern Bohemia. Will he spread Budweiser at home?

On paper, the score is 0-2 for matches. But you know better how the forces are distributed on the ice. So is Dynamo’s chance to turn around?

Budějovice had the advantage of the home environment, which they took full advantage of. We have it now, so we’ll try to answer with the same piece. We are certainly not a worse opponent, so we can approach Game 3 with confidence. Win it, follow it into the fourth and then turn the series on our side.

HC Dynamo Pardubice –
HC Motor Ceske Budejovice

Friday 7 p.m. and Saturday 5 p.m., entera arena

You would think that you will be mentally responsible for the unhappy ending of the second encounter. Aren’t you saying he didn’t signal to the team?

If it was a game of the base game, it would be more vague with the team. In the playoffs, however, only the result counts. It doesn’t matter if you score five goals, one goal, decide in the first half or score a goal in the last second. Every game is new. It is decided on the victory, not on the score, nor on what the match looked like. We immediately forgot about it and quickly focused on the next game.

The conclusion was really unfortunate, or you were to blame. What should have been done differently? I can think of your expulsion on a prohibited exit…

You can always make a better decision. We have done more harm. I don’t think that would be a shame. They played well and scored two goals. We have to be even better and win at home.

As a Budějovice specialist, Blümel signals a comeback. Dynamo’s firepower will intensify

In hockey, if we omit the NHL, the vast majority of goals by opponents on the power play are shot rather than received. But Pardubice has already collected several times this season. Does this just seem like a coincidence to you?

I don’t know if it’s a coincidence. In my opinion, the NHL cannot be compared to the extra league. Overseas, on the power play, in an effort to make a final decision, they shoot, for example, all the way. On the contrary, our teams are trying to defend their tight lead. They don’t want to throw pucks on the ice, so they don’t try much of the defensive zone. I don’t know if it’s that we are impatiently defending the result.

Couldn’t the lead lost in the match without the opposing goalkeeper enter your mind?

I do not think so. There is no time to think about it in the game. It turned out that way, and we have to be smarter about it next time.

Charts before the quarter-finalsCalendar chartsSource: Denik / Jakub Rusek

Five-thirds of the six were better in Budějovice, but it wasn’t enough for a single win. How do you explain that?

The playoffs don’t matter who had more play, who had more shots, who got more chances. I would be four games worse, especially to win them.

Journalists don’t like to work with the concept of happiness. However, what bad luck she did to you in the second game. Have you ever experienced a similar game in the playoffs, where every goal is more needed than in the base game…

In the guard opposite. In 2012, we settled with Vítkovice half a minute from the end in the seventh quarter-final of the playoffs, and we turned things around in the first minute of extra time. It was a much bigger game. Now, that only happened in Game 2, while the streak can still grow one way or another. We have a lot of time and above all a family environment to win us over now.

You lost to Budejovice four times in a row. The word complex is no longer proposed?

I wouldn’t compare the last two games in the base game and now in the playoffs. They caught us in a gambling slump when we failed. We didn’t even change the most obvious chances and, on the contrary, the opponent used almost everyone. In the playoffs, our game is much better.

The playoffs are hard, there the penalties always fall

Your opponent tries to derail you, either with open or hidden faults, or fights. Does he feel like he’s losing the game?

This is a question for the coaches of České Budějovice. We don’t think about it. We want to play our game, play hockey. We believe we are a better team and we will face them at the hockey level.

Your opponent and experts point the finger at the foul play of your teammate Camara. But what about such a Stich in the opponent’s jersey?

Let them report. We don’t want to comment on that. We really only want to play hockey. If the adversary has other plans, let him carry them out…

You argued with him too. How come he challenged the half-wounded fighter?

I don’t know if he didn’t notice it at the time. He has homework on the ice. But I’m not going to complain. It’s not his problem that I wear the blanket after the injury. He just fought, like everyone else.

If you didn’t have full face protection, would you confront him?

I do not know. I did not think about it. I want to play hockey. Wearing the cover, there is no need to wash with it.

The goalkeeper must also be the cornerstone of success.  Pardubice can count on Dominic Frodel.

Frodl before the playoffs: home archives like Franta Mrázek are no good at shooting

I ask because Pardubice doesn’t want to fight much, however, the result is the same in the final, both go to the penalty. What about the Czech tendency to collective guilt?

One side will always think it’s right and the other will be wrong. The judges so judge it and we will not change their verdicts.

The judges have a special counter at all. He knocks Pea out when he covers the puck in front of the oncoming opponent, then lets Blümel sew up his lip after a foul with a high stick…

As for the intervention of Hrachoviny, the rules are that the goalkeeper must not indicate a pass, then cover the puck and play again. It was his fault and he was rightly expelled. If the judges did not see any other faults, then unfortunately.

Added to this is the fact that Ondráček was not punished for a foul on you in a game, but only afterwards.

It happens. A lot of guys get punished after the game. We are just people and each of us makes mistakes.

Jan Kolář argued with Štich.  The referee had to reassure both players.Jan Kolář argued with Štich. The referee had to reassure both players.Source: Ladislav Adamek

Our big fans will delete us for the win

Power stations are a big nuisance. You only used one. The engine gave you the option of the power play twelve times. Are you surprised by this number?

It’s a playoff, it’s always difficult to play there. I don’t think that’s a dizzying number.

So different. You only used one. That’s not enough, do you agree?

We need to help each other more with power. If we used more than one, we had at least one match. I hope we do much better in them at home.

You must find something in Budějovice. Will you still play your hockey, or will you toughen up too?

Let yourself be surprised.

Pardubice hockey players conquered Hradec Králové.

Košťálek: The boys joke that if they put me on the striker, they’ll start defending themselves more

The opponent has the highest average age in the league. Can you go to even higher skating speeds and kill him?

We can do anything. We will see what tactics the coaches give us.

Are you going to play in front of a full house, you lose 0:2, you eliminate the nervousness and can the spectators push the judges?

I don’t know if they can put pressure on the judges. They will definitely want us to win. I hope he will decide normally. Otherwise. That only hockey will be played.

At Dynamo, they announced a medal attack. Don’t you feel increased pressure from the threat of exclusion?

Furt Budějovice has two points and needs two more. We have to win four times. But we have the advantage in the middle and big fans at the back who are going to put us down.

Your colleague in defense Jan Košťálek signed a five-year contract before the end of the season. It’s like the NHL. What do you think?

He likes it here and management is happy with his performance. This was reflected in the duration of the contract. We are happy that he is with us and we wish him to continue playing.

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