The county championship begins. Brandysek has three foreign reinforcements, what else?

2. Are you satisfied with the winter preparation?

3. What is your goal for the spring?

Sokol Vraný, coach David Cimrman:

1. We are going in the spring with the same staff we played with in the fall.

2. Unfortunately we were hampered by injury and illness in preparation so it wasn’t ideal. We played four preparatory matches in which we had rivals from the 1st class B. We won once and lost narrowly three times… But I don’t attach much importance to the results, the number of times the training is 100% and then it doesn’t work in the season. I so firmly hope that the opposite will be the case with us.

3. Objectives? We fought our way to the top spot with a successful second half of the fall season and I have to say it was very tough, but it will be even tougher to stay there. Of course, we want to play to progress.

SK Vinařice, team leader Lubomír Sládek

1. No one came, but captain Zelenka and Matoušek left for Velká Dobra

2. There is great dissatisfaction with preparation. We created additional conditions for players and they did not use it

3. The objective is clear: save and integrate teenagers into the team

Super Cannon Jiří Jeslínek is back in Kladno!

FK Brandýsek, President Lukáš Vrána

1. During the winter break, there were several changes for the A team. Ondřej Křišťan took over as head coach, replacing Jaime Fernandez Navarro. I want to thank the whole club. He gave us a lot of his free time and gave us at least a little insight into our ways of working in professional teams and, despite the language barrier, he quickly became one of us. Another change, three newcomers: Fernando Sardiña (Spain), Salvatore Scandamare (Italy), Michael Čebotarjovs (Lithuania).

2. And the team in preparation played six matches, five of them on the artificial turf of Aritma Prague and the last on the natural grass of the home pitch, where we lost against Byšice 2: 3. Before that, we We lost 2:4 against Zvoleněvsí, we beat Buštěhrad, Kročehlavy 4:1, we lost Všestudy 1:4 and Cítoliby we lost 9:3.

3. The team goes to the spring game with the goal of finishing in three places.

Slavoj Pozdeň, secretary Oldřich Štěpánek

1. Zero arrivals and departures so far, although there is still some action. But there is a change on the bench – not yet confirmed. However, the base of the A is narrow, someone would like it. We tried on hats, but they run in Zlonice.

2. De facto zero preparation, the first training was on March 17 and then we received a treat from Mšece.

3. The goal is not to move forward, we want to play football so that we can enjoy it, and when it wins, it goes away on its own. If they avoid injury, then…

Slovan Kladno, coach Roman Střela

1. There is practically no news with us, and departures and arrivals did not take place with us. We may have a stable staff, but like in most teams, we struggle with the number of people. A crucial loss for us is Vašek Kulhánek’s decision to no longer want to actively continue, but he has promised to remain an active substitute in case of an emergency.

2. I have quite mixed feelings about winter training as we met in limited numbers due to jobs, illnesses and quarantines. However, the boys have worked honestly and I dare say we are ready for the spring season, but how hard the season itself will show us. Unfortunately, we are limited by the ailments of certain individuals until its beginning, but we will discuss with that.

3. Spring goals are simple. Hold the position in the top five and try to reach the box, for example. In addition, showing attacking football that is attractive to spectators. We also still have a stable and relatively sufficient staff, but above all to have fun with football and be happy about it, so that we can also enjoy the beer.

AFK Tuchlovice - SK Posazavan Porici v Sazavou 4:1 (1:0), KP, 19. 3. 2022

Where the weekend for football? The offer is great, the neighborhoods are also starting

Sokol Družec, coach Tomáš Blažek

1. The transfer of Luky Mačura and Radim Linz is complete, otherwise we will be in the same lineup.

2. We trained well and the turnout was pretty good. The boys ran a lot of kilometers without a ball, but we weren’t on natural grass yet. So we are all curious.

3. Red goals I always have the biggest ones, I win everything (laughs). But it depends on how you get the start. It’s the first three rounds and then we’ll see.. I don’t want to be in the middle of the table and just play thirsty. They have to fight for each other and want to win.

Viktorie Černuc, President Jiří Tymich

1. None of the key players left, on the contrary, we believe that the reinforcements will prevail, be it Novak from Slatek and Brož u Uhů.

2. I am satisfied. The boys used to play football, but they’ve been meeting regularly since the new year and I’m glad they had a good party.

3. We would like not to be unnecessarily nervous at the end of the competition.

Novo Kladno, coach Stanislav Jung

1. We have no changes, but some go very sporadically…

2. The preparation was weak. The boys played for a maximum of two, I didn’t force them to do anything bigger. We also played a friend, but it was terrible misery. I won’t even comment on us and the opponent. Today, this cannot be compared to the quality of previous district teams. But at least we played, it was useful.

3. We mainly want to play quiet center of the table. At home, mark as much as possible and sometimes bring something from outside.

Sokol Smečno, coach Jiří Vápeník

1. Nobody left, but there were quite a few of us, so we fished in Svinařov, where they met, and we asked for help from four older boys, Lébr, Kalous, Burle and Froň. It is also crucial for us to have bought Jakub Valta from Libušín, he is an excellent winger who was only a guest and now belongs to us.

2. We are not very satisfied. We used to play in the Smečno hall in the winter, but I think they closed it unnecessarily, probably because of the measurements. We were surprised, so we searched, but it was too late. In the end, we were able to go to the Stoch hall at least on Saturday evening, and sometimes we went out.

3. Above all, we want to improve our defensive activities, because sometimes with fatal errors we were deprived of a better result even in matches where we were at least a balanced opponent. We would also need to improve the ending, we will be really upset with our goals.

SK Zlonice, coach Josef Fujdiar

1. We hunted reinforcements in hats. Shooter Svoboda is said to be taking a break, but we have Honza Říčka, Radek Nauš and Ukrainian Jefimenko. I brought Jiří Chrle from Klecany, on the contrary, Kotěra went to Vraný, and young Růžička also finished. And I don’t want to play anymore either, I definitely hung my football boots on a nail. I don’t want to play the champion anymore, the goal against Černuca was my last championship, I’m 57 years old!

2. The preparation was quite correct, about ten people continued to come to see me. We also played two matches, with Hrdlíný 5:5 and Mšené-Lázně whom we beat 7:2.

3. We want to play in the middle of the table.

Sokol Lidice, coach Jaroslav Topka

1. The arrival of Patrik Levý, who was already with us and we have Adam Hloušek from Kablovka, has arrived. Departures? They are threatened by our pensioners (bitter laugh), because we are 100 years old again.

2. I’m not satisfied, few people went there. I don’t know if the boys don’t like it or what their reasons are, but it’s not good that six people are circling Sleťák. We have enough players on paper, but the reality is different, we won’t meet.

3. We don’t have goals, more like I said, to meet in good numbers and play cool football. What is not easy today, the number of players is decreasing throughout the district and other clubs will fall shortly. The old ones won’t play indefinitely and the young ones will come once, but they won’t apologize a second time.

Baník Libušín, coach Jan Kopřiva

1. Reinforcements are still being negotiated, I don’t want to specify, unless it’s final, there are two players.

2. We have completed our training at UMT Švermov and are as satisfied as possible.

3. We are going to spring to save the district championship

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