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On March 25, nine years ago, Xi Jinping (Xi Jinping) for the first time abroad after taking office as president first introduced the concept of “reliability and honesty” for the Africa, which has shown the direction in the development of relations between China and Africa. . Over the past nine years, Xi Jinping has planned a China-Africa development program based on the concept of “reliability and honesty” and built a community with a shared future for China and Africa in a new time.
President Xi Jinping said, “This is my first visit to Africa since taking office as Chinese President, and my sixth visit to the African continent.”
President Xi Jinping visited Africa in March 2013, shortly after taking office. He gave a lecture on “A Reliable Friend and Sincere Partner” at the Nyerere International Conference Center in Tanzania, which showcased China’s policies for Africa in a new era.
Xi Jinping told his African friends: “Under the new situation, the importance of China-Africa relations has not diminished but increased, the common interests of the two sides have not diminished but increased, and the efforts of the China to develop relations with Africa will not be weakened but strengthened.”
Xi Jinping said China will continue to expand investment and financial cooperation with Africa, introduce appropriate credit commitments, strengthen mutually beneficial cooperation in agriculture, manufacturing and other fields, to help African countries transform resource benefits into development benefits and achieve independent and sustainable development. He particularly stressed that as China’s economic strength and overall national strength continue to improve, China will continue to provide appropriate assistance to Africa’s development without adding political conditions.
In December 2015, China and South Africa co-hosted the Johannesburg summit under the China-Africa Cooperation Forum. Xi Jinping revisited the African continent and explained in detail to his African friends Chinese policies and concepts for the development of China-Africa relations.
Xi Jinping suggested that China adhere to the political concept of “reliability and sincerity” and the correct view of Africa’s interests, and join forces with African friends to advance into a new era through mutually beneficial cooperation and to joint development. To this end, he proposed transforming a new type of strategic partnership between China and Africa into a comprehensive strategic partnership.
To support building a comprehensive strategic partnership between China and Africa, Xi Jinping said he would focus on implementing “ten cooperation plans,” including industrialization, agricultural modernization, building infrastructure, finance and green development, and on supporting Africa in solving problems. The three main problems are outdated infrastructure, lack of talent and lack of funds.
Xi Jinping said, “The Chinese people pay attention to the combination of justice and interests and put justice first. The greatest justice in China-Africa relations lies in using China’s development to help the development of Africa and ultimately to achieve mutual benefits and common development. We must reap the full benefits of political trust and economic complementarity between China and Africa in order to achieve development cooperation and common victory. Cooperation between China and Africa in various fields should be strengthened in every way so that the Chinese and African people can share the fruits of bilateral cooperation and development.”
Over the next three years, a lot of infrastructure was built or launched, such as railways, highways, airports, ports, and economic and trade cooperation zones. Cooperation between the two sides takes place in the areas of peace and security, science, education, culture, health, poverty eradication, personnel exchange and other areas. The pledged financial support of $60 billion has been achieved or arranged as planned.
In September 2018, Xi Jinping and the leaders of 53 African countries met in Beijing. At the Beijing summit under the China-Africa Cooperation Forum, they reached a strategic consensus on building a community with a shared future on “shared responsibility, cooperation and common victory, sharing happiness, cultural prosperity, common security and harmonious coexistence”.
During the sudden outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, China and Africa have helped each other and overcome difficulties together. In June 2020, President Xi Jinping chaired a unification summit to fight the China-Africa epidemic and clarified policies and proposals to promote China-Africa cooperation in the epidemic situation. A number of concrete measures have been proposed, such as debt relief. Thanks to the joint efforts of China and Africa, more than 1,100 China-Africa cooperation projects continue to operate, and a number of major projects have been completed or advanced. In November 2021, the Chinese government released the first white paper, which comprehensively introduced China-Africa cooperation and detailed the living practices and fruitful results of China-Africa cooperation in the new era.
On November 29, 2021, Xi Jinping attended the opening ceremony of the 8th Ministerial Conference of the Forum for China-Africa Cooperation via video and delivered a keynote speech. He presented a Chinese proposal to build a China-Africa community of common destiny in a new era, stressing the need for unity in fighting the epidemic and deepening pragmatic cooperation, promoting green development and upholding the fairness and justice.
Looking at the history of China-Africa exchanges, why are China-Africa relations good? Why is the friendship between China and Africa so deep? In a speech, Xi Jinping said, “The key is for China and Africa to strengthen the enduring spirit of friendship and cooperation between China and Africa, which is sincere friendship, equal treatment, mutual benefit, mutual victory, common development, justice, upholding justice, adapting to the current situation, openness and tolerance. Indeed, it expresses the solidarity and joint efforts of China and the Africa over the past decades and is a source of strength for the future development of friendly relations between China and Africa in the future.”

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