Support for households should not encourage them to increase their energy consumption. The crisis is also climatic, recalls Richter

The pirates have drawn up a proposal to mitigate the effects of the energy crisis. The government is due to discuss the issue in the coming days. What do you propose ?

So the essence of the proposal is that we want to help households. What we are talking about is a solution that will not forget that in addition to the most affected households, people who have been facing serious financial problems for a long time, we also have a number of people who belong to the middle class and, although it is hard to admit it, we simply live in a country where rising energy prices also affect the middle class. And the solutions that governments seek must combine two things.

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First, that state intervention does not in any way mean that it would further motivate significant energy consumption, even at a time when we know we have to fight the impending climate catastrophe. It is good to admit that we can still partially mitigate or avoid it in one way or another, but simply climate change is happening and precisely because of them, so that there is no there is no drought, so that we don’t run out of water, so that we as humans have a good environment or not a certain environment at all, so because of all this we try to take care of the energy and the fossil fuels. And that brings me back to those prices…

Sorry, so you have two objectives: that is to say, to save money, but also to relieve households.

And at the same time not to lose sight of the need to really address energy sources and energy savings.

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According to the president of your parliamentary club, Jakub Michálek, the area premium for cleaning should amount to 400 to 800 crowns per month. If I understand correctly, the fact is that it is calculated per capita, that is, according to the size of the household.

It was the original excavation, the original design. We simply brought the idea to the negotiations within the ruling coalition, and of course the final solution will depend on exactly how we agree. I am glad that it is already clear that the solutions have to be a kind of mosaic, that they are different pieces that fit together. I am happy that suggestions have already been made by colleagues to increase or enhance the subsistence minimum…

Sorry, we’ll get to that, that’s a topic I have here as a separate issue. I wonder how you got that amount.

It is very important to realize that each of us who pays energy bills also pays quite substantial levies in that price to the state budget. It is good to realize that when the various indirect payments are added together: what effect do the carbon quota for electricity, the CEZ dividend and the VAT have on the final energy price? In other words, the more we pay, the more we all pay on our monthly vouchers, the more the revenue of the state budget increases in this regard.

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So it’s only fair to say that it has to fall on the households, that that burden has to be factored into how we act as a government. At the same time, from my point of view, it is really very important that this is not a solution that somehow favors the biggest consumers, but really helps ordinary people, households.

Good. And how did you get that amount? Because I originally wanted to ask you where you wanted to take it, but now you’ve explained it to me, if you say the taxation is, as you say, about sixty percent. Isn’t that something you ultimately come up with?

This is why it is necessary to start from a typical household. Within the range of two to three people per household with which we submitted the negotiation proposal: if you had two people and the proposal were to be compromised at 300 crowns per person, then it would be 600 crowns per two-person household, 900 crowns per three-person household.

But I want to emphasize that it’s really important that the final solution, or the fans’ solution, that we as a government adopt – and it already does – is a real package of work, so that the main objective is to relieve households. There are of course other possibilities in the form of valuing a number of benefits, but also possible bonuses, etc., in order to simply return the money to households in one way or another .

According to the Pirates, what should the valuation of the parental allowance or the taxpayer’s rebate look like? And how does Olga Richter explain the need for the state of emergency that the government will ask the House for on Tuesday? Listen to the full interview conducted by Vladimír Kroc.

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