Kristýna (39): Her husband is overtaken by a high school classmate. He’s hiding a secret from her that won’t let me sleep

Milan (40) and I have been ours for eighteen years. During this time, we have had many wonderful and sad experiences. We overcame adversity, my abortion in the seventh month of pregnancy, but also that of Milan and my infidelity. In short, our marriage got so tangled up that we thought it was over. But wonder of the world, we are still side by side. I thought we were stronger than ever. However, what kept me awake for a long time was Marcela, Milan’s classmate in high school.

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She goes to the cafe with her classmate

Milan had always been a handsome man, and he was well aware of that. He often and willingly attracted the attention of women. There was no company party where he wouldn’t be dancing in the middle of the whole floor with a beautiful colleague. I’m used to it. And until his infidelity with the charming Radka, it left me cold. Although I may feel immense resentment, I can appreciate the beauty of a woman. And she was like that. I won’t hide from you that our marriage marked it, but we overcame it. Although that block of mistrust just stayed inside me, I tended to think about what would happen if it happened again.

With the rise of social media, I noticed that Milan was commented on every photo on social media by his former classmate Marcela. It wouldn’t be terrible if I didn’t report it once. “Well, she’s a classmate, sometimes we go for coffee.” Milan shrugged.

“Why is she having coffee with her classmate?” » then I got angry with a friend. He considered it normal, I didn’t. The frequency of their meetings became more and more intense, and I began to notice it. Sometimes she called him in the evening and he hung up. I began to suspect that something was wrong.

Patricia (34 years old): Our relationship is not destroyed like infidelity or alcohol.  Friend's obsession is to blame

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Patricia (34 years old): Our relationship is not destroyed like infidelity or alcohol. Friend’s obsession is to blame

I wasn’t surprised who my new boss was

However, fate would have it that Marcella’s husband, Pavel, joined our company and became my manager. I once suggested that my husband knew his other half. “Don’t tell me where they know each other?” he asked surprised. “They went to high school together,” I answered. When I told Milan who was managing me, he was not happy at all. “Don’t tell me I sometimes go out for coffee with Marcelka. He is said to be a terrible despot, “ it started right away. “Why are you having coffee together when her husband doesn’t like it? I had an opinion on that too and you didn’t care. If you have nothing to hide, I don’t mind if I say so, do I? » I held on. Milan looked quite scared.

Paul then invited us all to a working dinner to get to know each other. As is often the case at company parties, several bottles of fine wine were opened and then a few shots landed on the table. Pavel and I met and started talking about more personal matters. “My son was born recently, James,” he said. “Do you have a baby boy? » It surprised me. He must have been at least five years older than me. “So you know, Marci and I waited a long time, but finally it worked. To be honest, we actually thought we were going to be unlucky.” he said to me, slightly enveloped. “It sometimes seems not to be mine! Blue eyes, blond hair podívej Look at me, ” Pavel burst out laughing. And it was the first time I wondered if little Jakub belonged to Milan. I don’t even know why.

sexy woman

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I’m silent as a grave, but I can’t do it anymore

I started looking, looking for Marcel’s profile on social networks. I stayed silent for many months and just watched Jakub become more and more like Milan. I don’t even know where I had the courage to meet Marcela and ask her directly. I have the conversation in the fog. I knew that if I was wrong, I would expose not only myself, but Milan, to an extremely embarrassing situation that I would not just trigger.

But she confirmed it to me with tears in her eyes. “Please don’t tell Paul. I know he works with you. It was just a robbery. I did the accounting for the Milan company and somehow it happened. Please you will ruin our whole life” she spoke in a trembling voice. She also told me that Milan didn’t know. He would have asked several questions about it, but she always denied everything. “He must know that your son is like him. I see it too. Paul has no idea? I watched with my mouth open. “We never talked about it. He was happy to finally have a baby…”

Now I am faced with the decision of whether or not to say Milan. If I tell him, will he want to see his son? How does this disrupt our marriage? And will I overcome the feeling of guilt that I still keep inside? How will I continue to work with Pavel? I have so many questions in my head that I don’t know the answer to. I’m still pissed and our marriage goes from ten to five. Milan no longer sees Marcela, he says he has no more time. “She had a baby, so she probably has other worries.” he explained the situation to me. I am silent in front of Milan and in front of Pavel. Our company organizes a day for children and Pavel has already announced that the little Cuba will come with him. That day, I’m scared as the devil…

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