Jitka R. (41 years old) caused the death of a police officer († 31 years old): he could receive a heavier sentence in court

The whole case was solved for much of the last year in the Prague 4 district court. However, a radical change was brought about by a new expertise, which was prepared by the family of the deceased policeman. From the start, their representative, Petr Kausta, sought to have the case decided in the city court.

The accident, which is before the court, happened on July 5, 2020 on the Prague highway near Chodov. Jitka R. then crashed into a car in which three police officers were returning from an escort in Ostrava. “She was measured at 2.13 per thousand on the breathalyzer test,” she said. He also mentions having driven at a speed of 150 km/h in places where a maximum speed of 80 km/h is authorized.

Pavol K., who was riding in the back seat, died instantly. His two colleagues who accompanied him in the car suffered serious injuries, from which they are still recovering. Jitka R. initially faced charges of negligent death, grievous bodily harm and negligence. The City Court will now assess whether she committed a particularly serious crime general threat, for which the penalty is 8 to 15 years.

The constitutional expertise, according to which the set ended up being recycled, says that it could have driven at more than 200 km / h and put 12 people in danger. However, the defendant does not agree with this legal characterization.

Has she gone mad?

Her statement was heard in court, which she provided to the court through her lawyer. “She feels guilty that, under the influence of alcohol, she was brought into a state of madness by negligence in response to a stressful situation in the family, in which she then caused the traffic accident, with unfortunately tragic consequences, ”she said in a statement that she submitted to the court through her lawyer. He considers that agreement on guilt and punishment is premature. He does not agree with the legal qualification. “She considers it indisputable that by consuming large amounts of alcohol she became insane and drove a motor vehicle,” she said.

Jitka R., who got drunk and drugged while driving and caused the death of a police officer in a traffic accident, arrived in court.  She said she combines alcohol with energy drinks.  (March 4, 2021)

She claims that after the accident her world fell apart and she could no longer function normally and had to seek professional help. The court also asked her where she actually wanted to go at that time. “I have no idea. I don’t know,” she replied.

Why did she drink so much?

She couldn’t even explain why she was so drunk. However, it turned out that the booze was definitely flowing at the time. She described the events leading up to the terrible accident in much the same way as last year. It all started with a trip to the pool, where they went with their husband and children. “My husband started flirting with a young woman there. I responded by starting to drink.” she testified. According to her, her husband communicated with the woman “more than friendly”.

According to her, it started with bottles of wine. She cannot explain why she did it herself, and so far she has not resolved the conflicts with her husband. “I don’t know why I did this” she says. But then she switched to Redbull vodkas, which she said someone had started ordering. But then she said she ordered something herself. But he doesn’t even know how many people there were and who they were. “I don’t know how many people there were, three or two,” she said.

Bill for 21 vodkas and 2 liters of wine

Jitka R.’s lawyer presented the bill paid by her husband to the court. It was issued for 4,220 crowns and contains a whole list of what he drank with other people. In addition to a few coffees, there is also water or ice on it 21 glasses of vodka. Then also 7 cans of pop, 4 times RedBull and then a total of 22 wine children.

Prague police arrested a man who set several containers on fire in four streets of Prague 3 within half an hour.

Does he remember anything?

According to her, she was so drunk that she didn’t even remember having to slap her husband on the way to the car until she fell to the ground. After they got home, she said, after a while she took the keys and left. According to her, Pavol K. does not remember the accident in which he died. All she remembers is that a policeman sat at the barriers and stood over her, ending up at the hospital and then at the police. “I consider the defendant’s defense to be intentional,” Petr Kausta, the representative of the deceased policeman’s family, said after the meeting.

One of the questions from the President of the Senate was also aimed at this. She asked what was originally stated in the medical report. He says he remembers the accident, but he doesn’t want to talk about it. However, Jitka R. said in court that she didn’t agree with that at the time and that it wasn’t true.

Alojzi P., who is said to have joined the conflict in eastern Ukraine among the separatists, faces up to 26 years in prison.  (illustrative photo)

The court also asked questions about their family relationships, in particular their property and income. Jitka R. basically said she didn’t have any expensive things or real estate. But she crashed in a relatively luxurious Mercedes and also came to court last year in a similar car. She herself could not even describe too much what her husband does, but she claims that she feeds her and the whole family. According to her, she works abroad and in the real estate sector.

“When you were detained, you were provided with a Cartier bracelet, Chanel handbag and wallet, these are relatively expensive brands.” the judge reminded him. Jitka R. replied that it was a gift from her husband.

Earlier, one of the witnesses to the accident heard in court, who communicated directly with Jirka R. that she had behaved quite strangely after the accident. “She started telling me she needed her shoes and she had a watch there and she wouldn’t go anywhere without them,” one of the witnesses said.

The family of the deceased policeman and other injured policemen are asking him for nearly three million crowns. She had already paid some of the money. The trial will continue in April and experts and some witnesses are expected to testify again.

Prague police spokeswoman Violeta Siřišťová reveals further details about the mass accident in Prague. Flash: Vaclav Buryan

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