Eight children were rescued in Zaporozhye, which was attacked by the Russians

Over the past ten days, the Zaporozhye Regional Children’s Hospital has become a place where young patients with gunshot wounds are brought every day. Masha, the first injured girl, was admitted here on March 13. According to hospital director Yuri Borzenko, she suffered a traumatic limb amputation. The little patient has had surgery and her condition has improved, but she has another procedure.

The stories of hurting girls and boys are intimidating. Currently, the children aged 4, 5, 13 and 15 are in serious condition. “The youngest boy has a very serious gunshot wound. He has a gut in eight places. Doctors operated on him for four hours and he is in serious condition today.” said Borzenko. When Artem is examined by doctors, he does not cry, holds a yellow tractor in his hands and stares at the ceiling. Shrapnel hit him when he and his parents and grandparents fled Mariupol. They were also affected. According to Borzenko, children who are treated for them have usually suffered from abdominal injuries. One of them is still in serious condition, even though he is conscious.

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The hospital director also drew attention to the serious mental state of the children. Some of them saw with their own eyes the death of their loved ones. “The girl is so traumatized that she didn’t eat or drink for several days. She couldn’t deal with it mentally at all. We had to hook her up to an intravenous regimen“The doctor described.

“Another boy, six years old, was hit in the head by shrapnel. He told us, without a single tear, that he saw his mother burn right in front of him in the car after their car had was hit by a bullet. He said two days later that his father had to find him a new mother, that he needed someone to take him to school.” “I hate Russia,” says Dr. Borzenko, without batting an eyelid.

Experts from the military hospital are very helpful in rescuing them, because pediatricians from the hospital in Zaporozhye have so far no experience in treating war injuries. “We operate, we bandage, we provide additional medical care, we ventilate. No one hesitates to advise and help us. At present, the hospital is fully equipped with medicines and has technical support “The only thing we are missing in the future are vacuum cleaners. It is possible that we accept children with serious injuries, infected wounds.” describes the work in the director of the war zone.

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Four seriously ill children lie in an intensive care unit at a children’s hospital in Zaporozhye. Four other young patients who are operated on are being treated for surgery at the same time. Maria Ionova, a member of the People’s Party, who drew attention to the possibility of treating injured children abroad, visited the children’s hospital and wrote a moving contribution: “I had a stressful day in Zaporozhye. I saw a lot during the war in 2014, but the stories of child suffering that I heard today at Zaporizhzhya Regional Hospital go beyond good and bad. Children shot and wounded in evacuation convoy shelling. “One of the little patients in the hospital is a boy whose mother burned herself in a car before his eyes.” she wrote.

Volodymyr Zelensky awarded the medal to 106 soldiers for the defense of the country, says the Twitter account of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. Eighteen of them received the Hero of Ukraine in memoriam award. One of the posthumous winners is Major Stepan Tarabalka, who fell on March 13 in an air battle.

As his army fights fiercely on the Ukrainian battlefields, President Volodymyr Zelensky is waging an information war in the metropolises of the Western world. In two weeks, he spoke in ten parliaments and received a standing ovation. Live from the besieged capital, in a green T-shirt and three-day beard for several days, he often says goodbye with a closed fist. He disappears to applause. After all, he is a man in a hurry and has to deal with real-life problems, writes the BBC.

“He knows how to embody the spirit of the nation”, says Jonathan Eyal of the British think tank Royal United Services Institute (RUSI). “Not only in his speech, but also in the way he plays, what kind of background is behind him when he speaks”, adds. The speeches have only one urgent objective: to gain international support. And President Zelensky goes along with the help of a series of tailored messages.

The second day of the Summit of Presidents and Prime Ministers of the Member States will continue today with a debate on how the European Union could together control high energy prices. The summit should also agree on a new strategy for the common defense of the Union, including the increase in military budgets or the constitution of rapid reaction forces.

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