Dominika Hašková: I have never been protective. Eating music is my dream

Dominika Hašková is the first (wo)manka of the group We Are Domi. This is where the public and the international jury chose to represent Czechia at this year’s Eurovision. In addition to singing, she actively composes and writes music – after all, she studied this field. Her positive attitude and her joy in being able to do what she loves are contagious.

I don’t want to start a snap, but I can’t help it. Dominika is terribly nice. His attitude Is simple no attitudeand when I tell her early on that I listened to their songs on the way to the photo shoot and the interview, she misses the spontaneous, heartfelt “awww.”

Song Lights off, who will represent the Czech Republic at this year’s Eurovision, is a pleasantly catchy electrician with a Nordic touch. It was created by Dominika and another participant in the songwriting camp workshop. There was no managerial calculation for the composition that the group will perform at the international Eurovision Song Contest in Turin in May. According to Dominika, she was also quite surprised that of the three songs they sent to the national tour, this one caught the eye. “I love the combination of positive beats and lyrics that go against it, that’s exactly the case with this song, it’s actually such a cry for help,” says Dominika. In addition to domestic fans, foreign and international juries also decided on her song’s success in the domestic tour.


Dominique came to Leeds Music School when she was 19. She studied pop, but at first she was ashamed to write lyrics. “I felt like everything I wrote was a goofy cliché. But little by little I got into it. School was a very inspiring environment.” She mentions that she wrote the first song at the age of fifteen, but adds with a laugh that it will never be able to be read to anyone. “I was on holiday with my parents by the sea in Greece at the time and I fell in love with a boy there, it was as cute as before at that age. It’s funny that we’re still in touch today.”

Eliška Sky for the heroine

Converse Run Star Motion Low shoes, Converse sweatshirt, Be Nice collection, Levi’s jeans. Photo: Eliska Sky

It was at school that she also met her teammates: Casper Hatlestad (guitar) and Benjamin Rekstad (keyboards), both Norwegians, who belong to the tradition of “Scandinavian pop” and in the music of We Are Domi is clear: “I’m very happy to be boys they met, they have a different cultural background, with different patterns, and they add some of their culture to our music. »After obtaining Upon graduation, the band planned to move from Leeds to London and continue working together.

But then Covid arrived and instead of going to London, which at the time about two years ago was under strict lockdown, Dominika suggested to the boys in the group that they could try it in the Czech Republic . But in the end they became covid themselves. “It was a pretty dense start, the boys didn’t have a place to live, plus the boys didn’t have jobs here and not a lot of money. In the end, it saved us from Being able to experience quarantine together in Pardubice, where my parents have a house, was a lifesaver. We spent 24 days in joint quarantine. It was a bit crazy, but in the end it brought us even closer.”

A song for Eurovision

The Eurovision Song Contest is an international music competition and can be the start of a great career for artists. According to the European Broadcasting Union, 183 million viewers watched last year’s edition. We Are Domi is honestly gearing up for the performance in May and also managed to record a brand new music video for the contest song. It’s a challenge and a big step that can bring them closer to a common dream: to devote themselves fully to music. Eurovision can serve as a great ski jumper for a young group that beat well-known names in the domestic round, like Emma Smetana and Jordan Haj. Proof that it is worth dreaming on a large scale around Eurovision, the Italian Maneskin, winner last year, has conquered almost the whole world since his victory.

puberty and the body

Dominika was born in the United States, where she spent her childhood and part of her puberty. Her father, hockey goalie Dominik Hašek, was engaged there. After all, a question for his father arose. “Questions about what it’s like to have dad Hašek seem weird to me. How does it feel to have your own dad?” He laughs. “I’ve known him since I was a kid, he’s like everyone else, he just did a lot and he accomplished something, and I respect that, and he’s great at inspiring others in hockey. But what he achieved has nothing to do with me, we just have the same blood, 50% of me is a bit like dad. Probably Dad’s nose: “It’s not coming for you?” But those who have known our whole family for a long time still tell me that I am a full mom, so it’s hard to say.”

Otherwise, she is happy that her family does not deal much with the media, unlike when she tried her luck as a teenager in the competition Czechoslovakia has talent. At the time, words like “protective” registered: “I was 15 or 16 and I’m really happy because I don’t think it would affect me in any way, I’m probably kind enough phlegmatic, so even though I read a few annoying reviews at the time, I was sort of unimportant. But it’s not easy to read really bad things about myself, that’s why I say I’m happy with myself in that regard. I don’t mind constructive criticism, that’s fine, but when someone writes that I’m protective or ugly, it’s just pointless. But maybe it made me stronger then.”

Dominica and Converse All Stars

Dominika Hašková is part of Czech Community “Converse All Stars”, which is located around the world and connects young talents and creatives, offering them a variety of opportunities to be seen or mentored. As part of this project, Dominika prepared for the last year pride month special song.

“I’m close to the subject, I’m definitely allied and I have a couple of friends who have dealt a lot with self-determination and identity, and I’ve been through that with them. At All Stars, I like that they give people a space to tell each other how they feel and have attitudes towards the topics they have each month, and that they don’t limit us, especially on this topic, because we know how important it is. marriage for all is currently needed in the Czech Republic, so I was delighted to be able to express my position through this project. I think it is important for the party that people love each other and do not deal with who specifically with who…I don’t understand why we’re still really talking about it today!So All Star is great in the sense that it doesn’t limit the artist, I didn’t have to deal with what I could and I can’t say, it was free!”

As a child from a sporty family, she played volleyball from an early age. When we talk about the fragile period of puberty, volleyball is there: “I was quite mature for my age and I already had breasts at 13. In fact, I liked and appreciated it, but then came the phase where I was a little older about my boobs and I still carry some of them. I also had pressed thighs and I remember a guy saying to me, “Well, you play in volleyball!” I still don’t know if he meant it negatively, but I realized that I had great legs. I still remember that moment.”

I don’t want to be trendy

We stop at the point of humiliating while talking. How an innocent remark can mark our self-confidence and our opinions about our own body for many years. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. When I was a teenager, I heard that women had to be skinny to be models in fashion shows. And I wasn’t. Yes, I I’m tall, but I have curves. Today, I feel that there is an opportunity to be anything and that’s good.”

Eliška Sky for the heroine

Converse Run Star Motion Low shoes, Converse sweatshirt, Be Nice collection, Levi’s jeans. Photo: Eliska Sky

Memories of puberty are similar to those of almost all girls, no matter where they grow up. “I’m glad I don’t care if anyone sees me without paint. When I was fifteen-sixteen, I took eyeliner at school and scribbled lines in my eyes after every hour. I always want to be beautiful, but for me, not for others,” Dominika thinks, adding that this is related to the style of dress, which she also dealt with a lot as a teenager: “It’s a time when you wonder if you should be yours, or wear what other people do.I’ve always been a confident child and teenager, but sometimes I feel like I’m holding myself back in my clothes so people around me do not slander me.”

This is the dream !

He will perform on May 12 We are Dom on Eurovision in Turin, Italy. Until then, they would like to record new songs, but Dominika realistically assesses that she doesn’t know if it will work. “It just came to our knowledge at that time. When I look in my diary, I feel like crying, but it’s the same funny thing. Just set your priorities. Besides, we don’t live of music, so it’s pretty dense.”

So can music make a living with us? Dominika is clear it is, but only at the stage where people know you, you sell out venues and go on tour. “We’re not there yet, but we’re hoping Eurovision can get us there. It may not work out at all, even if we try, but you never know. After Eurovision, we’re planning festivals in the Czech Republic we are already booking some, and we are also hoping for festivals outside the Czech Republic.” So, is it ideal for Dominika to devote herself to music full time? The answer is clear – yes, this is the dream !

Photo: Eliska Sky
Artistic director: Marek Cpin
Assistant photographer: Jakub Ra
Styling: Jan Pokorný
Make-up and hairstyle: Natalie Host
Producer: Linda Majerova

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