The track is looking forward to the season. The fight for a place in the Grand Prix will begin in Slaný

The juniors also have a chance to fight for a place at the U21 Junior World Championships, while Jan Kvěch and Petr Chlupáč have some participation in the nominations there.

The final race in Slaný is scheduled for Friday April 15 from 2:00 p.m. and the Slaný organizers complied with the request of the AČR Flat Track (SK PD AČR) sports commission, with the initial date approved for Saturday April 23 . Due to the fact that some Czech riders are contractually bound by contracts in Polish competitions, a quick agreement was reached to change the date.

Friday’s sports program will be completed by the Czech Junior 125cc Championship on the classic track from 10:00.

Kladno to Liptovský Mikuláš? Last time was a cut for everything. With Jágr and Nový

Slaný has the top of the extra league

Slánský klub is a traditional member of the Extraliga team and fans can expect it this year as well. The scenario of the year is the same as last year, three Czech clubs AMK ZP Pardubice, AK Markéta Prague, AK Slaný will compete with the Polish team Aforti Start Gniezno, who will organize their home race in Liberec.

He will compete for the title of champion in four meetings on April 19 at the Marketa in Prague, August 10 in Pardubice, the next day on August 11 in Liberec, and the Extraliga will culminate in Slaný on August 31 from 5:00 p.m. “We believe that it will be on the Slaný Oval in the fourth race that the championship title will be decided”, says Anton Sla Vilde, the manager of the speedway club AK Slaný.

The season in Slaný will also have other interesting events on the programme, such as the Czech Championship / ACR Cup. It will take place on Wednesday June 1 and will be complemented by the Czech Junior 250 cc Championship, the start of the race is fixed at 17:00. Another event is the Antonin Vilde Sr. Memorial, which will take place on Saturday, June 25 and will be a double race. It will be completed by the morning competition of the Czech Junior Championship of 125 cc on small track.

In Slaný, the season will end on Saturday September 10, when the junior teams will compete for the title of international champion of the Czech Republic, and the one-day program will be completed by junior championships in the 125 cc category in classic and small tracks.

The return of Marod Krčmář

“The riders of Slaný AK last season, although the previous one was strongly affected by the covid situation, despite these unpleasant things, did relatively well. The pair Ondřej Smetana – Jakub Jamrog won the championship of the International Pairs Championship is became the Czech champion in 125 cc

on the classic and short track, he was vice-champion of the Czech Republic and Ukraine in Rovno, where the European Youth Cup was held.

According to Vilde, the equestrian staff for the coming year should be practically identical, with the difference that Ondřej Smetana has announced that he is ending his sporting activities. However, after last year’s serious injury, Eduard Krčmář is ready, the manager of the extra-league team Milan Mach can also traditionally count on Martin Málek and the pair of Poles Jakub Jamrog, Oskar Polis. He also has three juniors Bruno Belan, Milan Dobiáš, Matouš Kameník, who comes from Divišov to AK.

Junior Vojtěch Zamazal or Patrik Linhart, who have once again announced a return to the speedway oval, are also expected to feature in other competitions like the Czech Championship/ACR Cup and the Czech Junior Championship.

Winter equestrian finals in Královice.

Show jumping riders and riders. The Winter Cup final was held in Královice

The youngsters have the green light in the club

The Slánský club devotes its efforts to the education of young people, and Karel Průša, Tony Katra and the only girl in the Czech Republic who is dedicated to this sport – Štěpánka Nyklová – will play in the championships of the Czech Republic up to 125 cc in short and classic tracks. For these younger followers, the Slaný club has again prepared a number of events such as the Czech championship on classic and short tracks, as well as Speedway Mini Cup practice races, and the OMA CZ prize, which traditionally takes place within the framework of the A. Vilde Memorial, is not excluded.

For the next sports season, Autoklub Slaný is once again granted the status of ACR Youth Sports Center, which offers training to representatives of the youngest equestrian generation for the 125cc Youth European and World Cups .

Slánský Circuit Calendar 2022

friday april 15 – Final N°1 of the Individual and Senior Championships 2 p.m.

Junior Championship 125 cc classic track 10h00

Wednesday May 4 – Speedway Mini Cup 125 cc short track 5:00 p.m.

Wednesday, June 1 – Přebor ČR / Pohár AČR + MČR 250 ccm 17:00

Wednesday, June 8 – Speedway Mini Cup 125 cc short track 5:00 p.m.

Saturday June 25 – PRO – Memorial TEC Antonin Vilde 16:00

Junior Championship 125 cc short track 10h00

Wednesday August 31 – M MČR – Team Extraliga – IV. around 5:00 p.m.

Saturday September 10 – M MČR juniorských družstev 14:00 hod.

Junior Championship 125 cc classic track 2:00 p.m.

Junior Championship 125 cc short track 10h00

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