Špindír Věra and you hug my snake: do you remember the greatest quirks of wife swapping?

The popular reality show The Exchange of Wives has been appearing on television screens for over 15 years, during which time viewers have met many families who signed up for the show for fairy tale fees. However, some episodes are still more remembered by television enthusiasts than others. Which swap wives impressed the audience the most?

Perhaps no other reality show has aired in the Czech Republic for as long as The Wife Exchange. The simple concept, in which two women change homes for ten days, has won many fans and each episode attracts hundreds of thousands of viewers to television screens. It usually happens that the exchange wives sit perfectly with their temporary families and that their ten-day stay in a totally unfamiliar environment ends without major problems or complications. Every once in a while, however, episodes come along and stick in viewers’ memories for a very long time.

“You’re squeezing my snake, damn it!”

Probably the most mythical work of The Exchange of Women remains the episode in which the tattooed Jana and the young mother Sabina exchanged their houses for ten days. Jana was famous for her love of snakes and she wasn’t afraid to take one with her to her surrogate family. The reptile lover enjoyed her stay with her temporary partner. May be too much. After the shooting, it emerged that Jana and her surrogate husband Tomáš went to bed on the third day of the wife swap.

“We caught each other’s attention, and just after three days I told him he didn’t have to sleep on that awful couch and half the bed was free. So he came to me and snuggled up, he was cold. Well, and the snake hissed on the duvet”, Jana hinted to eXtra.cz after the shooting. It is said that she even established a relationship with Tomáš, who eventually ended. Jana memorized the audience mainly with her performance in an eight-eyed conversation. There, with a snake around her neck, she screamed all over the place and called out to young Sabina with all kinds of expressions. When her partner Roman tried to clean her up, he accidentally touched his darling. “You’re squeezing my snake, deb*le!” Jana shouted and the legendary message was born.

Spindír Věra

Another swap wife who viewers still remember is her young mother Věra. Since her TV appearance, maybe no one will say anything but “Spirer Vera.” Vera and her husband and their two children lived in a 1+kk apartment. She and her husband smoked in the apartment, they didn’t care about hygiene, they kept old-fashioned foods in the fridge, and they served their children chips for breakfast. The biggest drama happened, as usual, in eight eyes. There, Věra tried in vain to explain her behavior and her relationship to hygiene, as she realized that she didn’t brush her teeth because it hurt.

Spindira Sona

Soňa became Věra’s successor a few years later. At first glance, the kind mother didn’t even try to clean up before the staff arrived, so Milad’s surrogate was in for a real shock when she arrived. Soňa also failed to impress her temporary husband. She definitely didn’t fall for it. Throughout the exchange, Pavel complained that Soňa was lazy and smelly. “I finally won’t feel sour!” he breathed as Soňa left. Like Věra, Soňa claimed that she could not brush her teeth because her gums were bleeding. During the conversation between the eight eyes, she could not bear the criticism and ran away.

Priestess of Love Vera

The second Vera in a row that she couldn’t clean up. Moreover, Věra did not hide the fact that she and her husband have debts in the amount of several hundred thousand crowns, which they do not pay or resolve. At first glance, his family did not have much money. Interestingly, her husband always found a crown on cigarettes and alcohol. The family must have been in a really difficult situation for a while. The editorial staff of the eXtra.cz website found out a few days after the episode aired that Věra occasionally earns extra money from her body.

Bread dumplings do not include buns

At first glance, the silent mother of several children, Lucie, also took care of the animation a year ago. From the start, she seemed a bit clumsy, didn’t introduce herself, and practically only spoke when someone asked her something. Like many others, Lucie probably forgot to clean up before filming. So when his surrogate wife Alena arrived home, she burst into tears and despair. However, Lucie was horrified by the public on several occasions. Maybe when she was arguing with her temporary hubby over how to make dumplings, and she insisted that buns definitely had no place. But the real “rosambo” came back during the conversation between the eight eyes. The otherwise quiet Lucie exploded almost as soon as she sat down at the table, shouting various expressions at Alena, and then, without letting anyone else speak, she then got up and ran. At that time, maybe no one understood what was going on. After filming, she left her partner and married a convicted murderer.

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