Even in the middle of the night, I’ll tell you what a sled or a hat

Creative producer Lenka Szántó got caught up in national handball work. Excellent actors, a screenplay by Michal Suchánek and the principles of Green Filming. Not only are these the reasons why she literally fell in love with her work on the handball miniseries. According to her, what news are we most looking forward to? And which character won his fan heart? Find out more in the exclusive interview.

What appealed to you about the theme and the scenario of the sports comedy series?

It’s simple – it was a really good idea and the design was fun. Doing a series on national handball is like doing a series on cycling. Czech athletes have excelled and excelled in these sports, which is mainly due to the fact that no one else leads them. Or just a minimum. And taking a bunch of veterans of this minority sport with bizarre rules and trying to inspire them back to their bygone fame is Dan Strejc’s wonderful idea. And Michal Suchánek can write forums where you laugh out loud. It was not a difficult decision.

Have you ever heard of national handball? Did you know this sport?

I think I knew something like this existed – nothing more. Today, if you woke me up in the middle of the night, I would be able to tell you what a “sled” or a “cap” is, on what ground in the country the players have to go around the tree and why national handball has different rules from classic handball. All thanks to the scripts of Michal Suchánek and everything that followed them.

Source: TV Nova

ForIn your opinion, how did the protagonists interpret their roles?

I can only think of many superlatives that I should answer for you now. But that would be a cliché. I would like to say about all the actors without any pleasure, that without their careful preparation and their sometimes incredible commitment to the set, we would never have put together the series. When we choose the biggest pros we have on the market for the set, it doesn’t happen that someone doesn’t know the text, that he’s lost in his speech, that he doesn’t have a well thought out role. It was a pleasure to see them all at work. I would definitely like to highlight Vaška Neužil’s performance as Pučma. Vašek simply dressed Pučma in a suit and started walking like him, speaking like him, thinking like him. Honestly, I’m a little afraid that it won’t stop there…

Did any of the characters on the show win your special sympathy?

Surprisingly, Pučma is a character that will guide you through the whole series. He’s a loser and a wake-up call in civilian life, but when it comes to the nation or friends, he’s a big heartbeat determined to work miracles. When the team is at its worst, Pučma always comes up with something. And he’s funny and touching, I think the audience will end up like me, like Pučma’s mother and her friends – you can’t not love him.

ForThe series was filmed according to the main principles of so-called Green Filming. What exactly is such a shoot?

Uff, that’s a lot of things. In general, in everything we do from time to time, we think about how we affect the environment. Concretely: we don’t use cups, PET bottles, plastic utensils for example… We don’t start the generator when it’s not absolutely necessary. We think about transport as efficiently as possible, we try to use public transport if we can. And at the end of the production phase, we can calculate the carbon footprint and find a way to compensate nature. It’s mostly a supplement for all components of work – but no one has ever spoken before. Moreover, everyone will be happy to take this step.

Source: TV Nova

ForBesides the excellent cast, what do you think audiences will appreciate the most?

Kind of humor. When Pučma, Horst, Vladěna, Hugo, Fery and Síra meet in the locker room, it feels like you’re sitting there with them, knowing them well. It’s the humor you hear in every small town, in every sports locker room. He is a prostitute, hunchback, incorrect, but never mean. The characters aren’t driven by resentment for what they do, but love – for the sport, for the friends – is essential for me at National Handball.

Which ads in the series do you think will popularize?

“Kill me, Cigo”, “Careful the circuit breaker is breaking” and “It’s never too late until it’s too late”.

Source: TV Nova

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