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03/07/2022 Shares of Occidental Petroleum (OXY.US) in the pre-market rose sharply after a recent regulatory filing showed Berkshire Hathaway had recently increased its stake in the company. Warren Buffett’s conglomerate acquired more than 61 million shares of the oil giant from Wednesday to Friday at prices ranging from $47.07 to $56.45. Berkshire said it owns 91.2 million shares of Occidental, or nearly 10% of those outstanding.


13.07.2009 Trading conditions of sro


05/10/2019 Yesterday, the United States published the results of the trade balance, whose deficit reached 50 billion dollars in March. Deficits above this limit have not been unusual lately, and especially compared to previous years, it is another piece of evidence that the US economy is doing relatively well. It’s no secret that the U.S. economy is heavily consumer-driven, so deficits increase during booms, while we see them shrink, especially during deeper downturns or recessions.


20/11/2020 Many traders spend a lot of time determining when and how to enter the market, but unfortunately they put much less effort into determining production levels and the amount of capital they are risking in their trades. Hitting stop losses naturally makes the trader sorry. There follows a stream of thoughts about what a trader might have bought for lost money, etc. Such a thought pattern is a clear indication that your positions are too large relative to your personal risk tolerance.


03/21/2022 Chinese Ambassador to the United States Qin Kang called news that China was going to supply arms and ammunition to Russia to support it in the war in Ukraine as disinformation. In an interview with US broadcaster CBS Qin, he also said that Beijing would do everything possible to help ease the crisis.


13/12/2019 The European Union’s partnership with Great Britain after Brexit must be based on a balance of rights and obligations and guarantee a level playing field. The heads of state and government of the union affirmed this today in the conclusions of the Brussels summit. According to the President of the European Council, Charles Michel, the Union is ready to start negotiations on the future relationship as soon as possible, while protecting the interests of the Member States.


06/15/2015 We are very happy to announce that the first professional broker with revolutionary technology…


06/15/2015 Financial market revolution: Axiory – our country’s first professional broker with revolutionary trading conditions is coming! We are very happy to announce that the first professional broker with revolutionary trading conditions is coming to the financial market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia! The financial market is thus experiencing a revolution similar to the recent banking market. It was time too!


03/12/2020 As expected, industrial production in the Czech Republic fell in January, and its year-on-year decline – also in line with expectations – was not as deep as that of October or November of last year. This indicates a certain beginning of stabilization of the situation, which was marked by the beginning of stabilization of German industrial production. The stabilization of German industry is due to the sub-trade agreement between the United States and China, negotiated at the end of 2019 and signed in January this year. It has created tensions and uncertainties in the markets and in international trade relations.


09/14/2015 At Axiory, we are well aware that naming our services as a revolution in the financial market in the Czech Republic and Slovakia requires not only words but also deeds. Axiory’s mission is to bring a revolution to the financial market, for every trader without compromise, therefore Axiory provides genuine STP/DMA and ECN trading accounts with direct connection to the interbank market, a wide range of up to 35 000 instruments or last but not least state-of-the-art technology at lightning speed orders and business transactions.

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