9 Most Common Sex Myths That Are Ruining Your Love Life

These are general truths, things that everyone knows, because it is clear. But they have nothing to do with the truth. British relationship and sex expert Tracey Cox dispels the 9 most common myths about sex, and they can ruin your love life unnecessarily!

1. A man cannot have an orgasm without ejaculation.

This is one of the things that surprises people the most. He thinks that male orgasm and ejaculation they are one and the same. But in reality, they are two completely different processes. “Ejaculation takes place in the prostate in the urethra because muscle contractions push sperm out of the body. And orgasm takes place in the brain,” says Tracey Cox.

When a brain is scanned in men, an orgasm feels like an epileptic seizure, a sort of electrical storm that has swept through the brain. And ejaculation happens about one to three seconds later, so you can definitely have one without the other. “But it’s clear that orgasm is linked to a sense of well-being, as men who ejaculate without an orgasm report significantly lower levels of satisfaction,” adds Cox. And how many men do that? Of course, exact numbers don’t exist, but according to one study (Hartman and Fithian), about 12% of men are able to do it.

2. My partner needs to get me in the mood

Most people think their job is to spark passion and desire in the other, just their counterpart get in the mood for sex. Error! Everyone is responsible for their mood and enthusiasm. “It’s up to you. That’s why it’s not a mistake to fantasize a little before, to have sex with your partner, to touch yourself, to do something exciting, etc. Then, you have complete control over your mood,” says Cox. So don’t wait for someone else’s work, after all, women who know their bodies and can get in the mood experience sex much more intensely.

3. Men think about sex every seven seconds.

I’m sure you’ve heard that too. And you may not be surprised that no studies confirm this information. After all, if that were true, men would think about sex more than 500 times per hour, which is just not realistic. According to Tracey Cox, the conclusions of research conducted by the American psychologist Alfred Kinsey are much more realistic. In it, 54% of men admitted to thinking about sex several times a day, 43% said several times a week, and 4% less than once a month.

Then there’s the Ohio State University survey, in which students were asked the same question. The average man had 19 such thoughts a day and the average woman about 10. But keep in mind that the survey involved students, many young people who probably think about sex a little more than older people. generation.

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Who among us most often thinks about sex during the day, my dear?

4. Only men have an erection

Errors, women also have an erection, it’s just not as obvious as in men. The clitoris is made of the same erectile tissue as the penis, so it expands, bleeds, and grows when aroused.

5. Sex speeds up labor

It’s like that old grandma’s advice. If you want to call a baby, treat yourself to some fun in bed. “It just came to our knowledge at the time. According to a recent study from Ohio State University, sex not only does not induce childbirth, but it can even delay it,” warns Cox. The researchers found that women who were sexually active during the last three weeks of their pregnancy gave birth to their babies on average during the 40th week of pregnancy (39.9). gave birth earlier (39.3).

6. The more men a woman has, the bigger her vagina.

There is no greater stupidity! The vagina is simply a muscle adapted to take a lot. You need to pick up the baby and then return to the original size. So when he does that (sometimes multiple times in his life), it doesn’t really matter how many penises he lets in his doors. “The vagina is just incredibly tough and its size and shape has nothing to do with your sexual history or your present,” adds Cox. It’s a matter of genetics, predisposition and also how you fit in with your partner.

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Women who know their bodies like sex more

7. The penis cannot be broken

It is unfortunately possible! “I know this from my own experience, I broke it up with my first husband. I moved badly at the wrong time and his cock hit a wooden bed,” Cox explains. Ke penile fracture this is said to happen most often when the couple changes position and the erect penis is still “in”. All you need is bad rest, movement, slips and hard knocks, and even if it’s not a classic fracture, but a bruise or rupture of the tendons and ligaments, a very painful injury is in the world.

8. Sexual fantasies are unfulfilled secret desires

First of all, let’s say that very few people really have sexual fantasy. And then let’s say that in the world of dreams, you can really afford anything and that has nothing to do with reality in general. And people fantasize about healing, but they really don’t want to experience it. For example, rape, but they really can’t say they really want it.

9. Length depends

Most men deal a lot with the length of their penis, but the girth of their glory is more crucial to a woman’s satisfaction. “The vagina is lined with nerve endings, and the stronger the penis, the more contact it has with those points,” Cox explains. Thus, the larger the penis, the more intense the stimulation a woman receives.

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