What to put in the evacuation luggage? How does a tourniquet hurt? The children know that thanks to the soldiers

The main idea of ​​the project is to familiarize children with the obligations of citizens of the Czech Republic in the defense of the state, but also to prepare them for situations they may encounter in life. Students learned basic information about how the army of the Czech Republic works, what military service is, why the Czech Republic is part of the North Atlantic Alliance, what weapons of destruction mass can do or how to help an injured friend.

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In one of the five prepared stations, the pupils learned how to behave in the event of a leak of a toxic substance. In order to make this workplace more attractive, children could, in addition to gas masks, also try out the use of a chemical protective suit in the form of a timed competition. During the first aid and cardiac massage training, the students learned about the correct technique to perform such resuscitation and also had the opportunity to experience the tourniquet design to stop massive bleeding. The children very much appreciated the fact that two experienced soldiers showed them a practical demonstration, who did not forget to emphasize that each of them can find themselves in such a situation in everyday life, for example, saving the life of a friend.

Army weapons and equipment also attracted a lot of attention. Soldiers from the 14th Logistic Support Regiment were applauded for a display of martial arts, including self-defense. The class teachers used them as extras, during which the soldiers showed situations that every citizen can face. Students have found that using musad is also effective in defending against an armed attacker. At the end, the children got to see a new all-terrain military vehicle. “I was surprised how enthusiastically the children climbed the Toyota Hilux. I would say that the vehicle passed such a small load test,” added Captain Martin Plesl from the regional military headquarters in Pardubice with a to smile.

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“I’m glad that we could not only see a lot of things, but also try them out in training. It was very interesting to talk to the soldiers and hear their life stories,” says Viktorie, a 6th grader. .

“It was an experience for the children,” says the head teacher of one of the classes. “The kids were thrilled. They could try things they normally wouldn’t have access to. As a teacher, I really appreciate that the soldiers literally pulled the kids into action. unfolded watching and experiencing the story of a classmate, whom the soldiers made their partner, whose task was to rescue his injured friend.The children were absolutely thrilled with the hands-on demonstrations of musad and the opportunity “A visit from the Toyota Hilux. The whole class and the teacher got in this car! We thank all the soldiers very much and we think they will be happy to repeat the event with us next year.”

The whole project called POKOS “Preparing Citizens to Defend the State” has been underway for several years. It focuses not only on situations associated with threats to the state, but also on resolving non-military crisis situations. Military education has not been considered in the past. For many people, this is a thing of the past. But the time around us brings various changes, so it is not a pity to constantly remember certain things.

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“We try to convey information to primary and secondary students in a non-violent way in connection with military education. We also want to concretely prepare students for situations they may encounter in everyday life. , like treating a fracture or stopping a bleed. From my point of view, teachers are very positive about the POKOS presentation project in schools, because children are taught by someone who is closest to the problem”, said Colonel Petr Holý, director of the regional military headquarters in Pardubice.

In the Pardubice region, the Pardubice regional military headquarters also tries to improve the physical condition of children and therefore this year has prepared a defense competition for primary school students, where they can develop not only their brain cells by solving various tasks and numbers, but also their physical condition, resistance to load and teamwork.

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