Volunteers change empty houses in the background for Ukrainian mothers with children, but they lack equipment Company News

Until late hours, Pilsen businessman Tomáš Urbánek works with friends and volunteers on modifications to four large rooms in an old house in Dýšina in the Pilsen region. Together, they paint there and quickly move in the necessary furniture. But there are still few, especially beds. When everything is done, he will find about twenty people in the house. Likewise, 70 Ukrainian women and children have thus found a roof over their heads, for example in Nekmíra, Bolevec or Plasy. Many of them then became actively involved in helping their compatriots.

All activities to help mothers with children in Ukraine are associated with the non-profit association Farmapark u Toma, which potential candidates can contact with an offer of help.

Tomas Urbanek from Nekmír in the north of Pilsen has a wife and two young daughters. He himself cannot imagine what was happening in our country in Ukraine, and he had to send his family by train to an unknown place. That’s why he decided to help and hastily adapted the house he had bought for the reconstruction of war refugees. Through friends, he arranged temporary accommodation in other places and provided shelter for dozens of mothers with children. Its activities are quickly known to the inhabitants of Pilsen who offer their help. The young businessman’s mobile phone almost never stops ringing.

“The interest does not wane. I still have about a hundred calls a day. Yesterday we were for the first time in Dýšina, where we met about a fortnight. Since it was a weekday and after work, that’s a good number. I was pleasantly surprised. Originally we thought we were just painting and bringing in the equipment. But it’s an old house, so it had to be removed the old plaster and scratching everything off, which is quite difficult. But we were enough, so we made rapid progress and today we will continue with the painting itself, “ Urbánek describes his closest program.

Up to twenty people could find a background in the house. But they must have something to sleep. Consequently, Urbánek posted a call on his Facebook profile indicating that he was looking for beds, mattresses, blankets or pillows. “Unfortunately, I don’t have so many drivers and vans available, so if it’s in the power of donors, it’s better to bring things here to Dýšina by appointment, and if there’s no “other way, we will take it ourselves. It is best to contact us on our Facebook profile and we will arrange it.” says Urbanek.

“They want to work and be needed.”

In addition to the roof over his head, Urbánek considers it important to continue helping people, for example with authorities or schools. Moreover, he has a relatively large community of Ukrainians around him, who are also willing to help.

“I think they are doing very well. I was surprised that the vast majority of them wanted to start working as soon as possible. They don’t just want to sit and watch the news. They want to be needed. In the mobile app we have a common group where we can all write in. It was in this group that I also wrote that we were going to renovate another house and that we were looking for volunteers. They started reporting immediately. They want to help, be active and come up with other ideas. The kids are together, they understand each other and they seem happy. That was what we wanted,” describes Urbanek.

He also wants to help women find work and therefore wants to use his contacts between small and medium-sized businesses. “These small businesses can employ one or two women, for example, for cleaning and other help. I see a better way than entering a factory en masse,” think.

Among the newcomers is, for example, a landscape architect, with whom he would like to cooperate during the spring planting in Farmapark near Tom. Another woman is, for example, an experienced seamstress. “I have known for several years with the production company Goodpro (formerly Vochoc), specialized in the production of clothing for firefighters and industry, and I know that seamstresses are very often accepted. And I managed to find him a job in one day. They have a sewing workshop in Přeštice, where the lady has already joined and does what she does at home and what she likes. The company was only happy, because he there aren’t many experienced seamstresses on the market,” says Urbanek.

Humanitarian accommodation offers foreigners accommodation for three months completely free of charge. So, for example, only at the price of energy. The main objective is that mothers with children find a dignified environment and do not have to spend the night at the gym, for example. Urbánek and his friends also work closely with a number of associations, authorities or firefighters, who will bring refugees to him after processing all the documents.

“I would like to thank everyone who participated. Especially to Patrik Pavlík and Tomáš Josífek from the company Profivoda, who provided the house for Plasy and continue to take care of it and its new inhabitants. Many thanks also to the volunteers, who are very numerous, ” concludes Tomáš Urbanek.

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