The Love Life of the Vikings: A Short Opening and Sewing Shirts

Viking warrior.

Viking women enjoyed great freedom and also held a relatively high and important position in society. Although the man was the ‘leader’, the woman played an active role in managing her husband and the household. Viking women had full power, especially during the absence of their husbands. If the man died, his wife, who ran the family farm or business, herself took over permanently at home and beyond.

Although in historical times the Vikings often presented themselves as legendary rapists, the reality was different. The Vikings, for example, often bleached their hair with strong soap and lye to meet Norse standards of beauty – a method that killed lice easily. They wanted to love them.

The love life of the Vikings was not brutal and violent, as many believe, but in reality it was sweet, romantic and even somewhat embarrassing. Moreover, compared to the rest of Europe of this historical period, they placed much more importance on the freedom and happiness of women. Viking women could choose from a variety of suitors and end the relationship if they were not properly satisfied. Many women in the Norse Viking Age were buried with keychains that symbolized their role and power as housekeepers. But how was their love life?

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The importance of women in the colonization of new territories

Amazingly, the word Viking is still only related to men, although there is evidence that women also went on expeditions with them. Earlier historical research on the Vikings assumed that sailors only traveled in groups of men, but this has proven to be wrong. Recent studies have shown that, based on mitochondrial DNA analysis, Norse women joined their men during the Viking migration. They accompanied them to England, to the Shetland and Orkney Islands and to Iceland. Women were important actors in the processes of migration and assimilation, which took place especially in previously uninhabited areas. In Iceland, for example, Norse women were essential in establishing new colonies and helping them to prosper.

viking coprolite

A strange fossil from the Viking Age has surprised scientists. Coprolite is of great importance to them

The woman and her role

Viking society had its laws. While men engaged in hunting, fighting, trading, and farming, women’s lives focused on cooking, housekeeping, and raising children. Evidenced by numerous funerary finds, where men were usually buried with weapons and tools and women with household items, needles and jewelry. Even so, Viking women enjoyed great freedom. They could own the property, file for divorce and, if the marriage breaks down, recover their dowry.

The usual age of marriage was 12 to 15, and marriages were mostly arranged between families. If the wife wanted a divorce, she had to call witnesses to her house and to the marital bed and declare before them that she was divorcing her husband, which was determined by the subsequent division of property.

Some documents talk about Viking sex like this:

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The Vikings took great pride in the way they looked, smelled, and level of desire. The men took care to bathe at least once a week, dyeing their hair and dressing in clean, colorful clothes, jewelry and capes to show off their wealth and style. They pursued premarital relationships, even though marriage and procreation were still paramount in their society. In fact, both of these milestones were expected, and those who didn’t achieve them were often alienated.

Women may have fought in the ranks of the tough Vikings.Women may have fought in the ranks of the tough Vikings.Source: Profimedia.CZ

Love life

Precisely because of the colonization of new lands and territories, the love life of the Vikings was very important for the preservation of families and the foundation of all new cities. Although women often dressed as men, more important was their role as mothers and successors to the family. Although surviving written sources mention more female warriors than mothers, it is clear that the love life of the Vikings was very varied. Women therefore had to manage everything, from the care of home and family to war and social activities. Additionally, the warriors known as “Valkyries” were often the object of amorous desires and thus became an important part of Old Norse literature.

Women, as primarily successors to clans, sometimes had to take up arms and fight in Viking society, especially if someone threatened them, their families, or their property.

But the love life of the Vikings was not as romantic as one might have imagined. Usually there wasn’t much time for a long hug, so it usually ended with a short opening, which was again followed by homework. Not only married, but also family. So the women sewed shirts, took care of the children, cooked, but also fought. Their versatility is amazing.


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